The Age of Strife

Star Wars: Age of Strife is the third incarnation of a unique science fiction community two decades in the making. Our story is currently set 21 years after the Battle of Yavin from the original Star Wars (Episode IV: A New Hope). While steeped in the history and politics from the original trilogy and beyond our canon diverges from the official Lucas sanctioned Star Wars after the Battle of Endor (Episode VI: Return of the Jedi). We have 17 years worth of unique in character stories trace through our origins from the original Star Wars MUSH (4 ABY to 18 ABY), the spin off into Star Wars: New Worlds (18 ABY to 20 ABY), and now our own continuation of the story (20 ABY onward). Age of Strife officially went IC on 1 July 2010 at start of 21 ABY (New Worlds having ended the month before near the beginning of the previous IC year) and we have been going strong ever since.

The game centres around five factions with a variety of different organisations in between. The New Republic struggles to gain strength and support after a failed attempt at advancing into a Galactic Alliance. The Empire is left trying to find their way after the disaster of an alliance with the Sith and a revolving door of Emperors. The Corporate Sector Authority has re-emerged trying to ensure it is never again at the mercy of bigger fisher. And the Systems Confederation has been formed by an eclectic assortment of beings wishing to ensure that their destiny is final in their own hands.

Finally there is the Independent faction made up of everyone from the kid leaving his homeworld for the first time to the smuggler who has carved out his own fief, to mercenaries looking for their own seat at their table, and the evil that lurks in the shadows. The galaxy is bursting at the seams with possibilities. Republic fighter pilot, Imperial stormtrooper, Corporate executive, Confederation entertainer, and Independent spacer, the character concepts available are nearly endless.