Darth Anathema
Darth Anathema
n/a as Anathema
Name: Anathema
Alias: Erah'lien
Species: Twi'lek
Planet: Byss
Features: n/a
Rank: Darth
Faction: The Brotherhood
Position: Regent


THIS CHARACTER HAS BEEN RETIRED. Contact player through WikiDOT if necessary.

Not much information is publicly available about the Twi'lek woman. What would be relatively easy to discover is that she is currently one of the two leaders of Byss, the other being Darth Maleficus.

Recent Events


Active Characters

  • Darth Maleficus: Once known as Emperor Maelstrom, the relationship she has with her Master is predictably complex. Some days she hates him to her very core. Other days, she looks up to and admires him. There is no doubt, however, that she is loyal to him. For now.
  • Sholian Toal: Their interactions are complicated, at best. She respects the Mirialan, but something in their past has a bit of a wary wedge placed between them.

Inactive Characters

  • Riley: Formerly a senator from the Galactic Alliance, he and Erah had been seen spending time together in official and unofficial capacities. It's unclear what their exact relationship was, but they seem to have be closer than simple business acquaintances.
  • Arali: Erah's mechanic. The orange Twi'lek can usually be found either with Erah, at their ship, or somewhere nearby.
  • Nighman: Xenoarchaeologist and friend, these two have a relationship that can only be described as 'unique,' and are as often arguing with each other as they are getting along quietly and amiably.
  • Sarius: A new friend who she met while still in the Maffi. When things began to fall apart in the crime family, he was one who chose to go with her. A coworker and friend, he's one that she trusts.

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