Arrays and Dates
Arrays and Dates
Summary: Members of the Iron Aegis meet with their Republic Contact
Date: 14/03/2011
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Herald Ian Tyren Zebulon 
Cafe Chandrila
Cafe along the waters on Chandrila
21 (last few months)

The setting couldn't be any farther from an urban setting of spaceships and cold hard steel in this pristine environment. It's a small gathering spot on a lake, the town here quiet and the buildings are small single level; most have a view of the lake as the afternoon sun sits high in the sky. There's a gentle breeze and smells of various foods and breads is on the air; in all it's about as perfect as a day can get. Ian looks to Zebulon and Eirian, a smile on his face. He's wearing his cargo pants and casual green shirt this day, it's a bit of business mixed with some time to relax. As they approach a small cafe he says to them, "Food and drinks are on me today."

The green female gives a tug of the high necked blouse and smiles brilliantly. "How generous of you, sir." She does not falter and forgoes her usual title for Ian before she casts a look over at Zebulon. Her head swivels and she is quick to look about before she pulls out a palm sensor array - short range. "Nothing is picked up and no bugs in the area…Ian." She clears her throat. "It seems safe enough." She closes her fingers around and pockets it away much like a little mirror or compact. The twi'lek slows, waiting with the other two men as she touches her small recorder on the inside of her lace collar.
Zebulon looks up from the small device he brought out upon emerging from the ship- keen eyes will note a sensor pack, which the lean spacer has just completed operating. "Are poisons extra, or included in the ticket price?" he queries deadpan to Ian's generosity. A nod to the twi'lek's words. "Confirmed clear." A nod as the double check does as much to satisfy him of the security as can be done.

A shaggy beast of an alien, scarred heavily on the body as he wears only a loin cloth, makes his way to the same cafe that Ian and his compatriots have arrived at. Herald is currently hauling a small fishing net and a fishing pole in one hand and a tackle box in another. In a sack that ties around his torso, are about a dozen fish of generally excellent size and quality.

Chuckling at hearing what Zebulon says Ian moves to take a seat, letting the others follow. He looks to Eirian and says, "Please, have a seat. Thank you for the scan." He gives her a nod; it was something he didn't always think about, but they were being cautious - an extremely important trait. Once seated he looks over to Zebulon and says, "A small pack is appropriate, It'll be on me as well." It was just about that time that he sees their companion and he notes the fish at his hip, "Ahh, good sir, it seems you've found quite the catch out there today." He clasps his hands on the table and leans back a bit, just like a casual gathering of people.

A now is given to Ian as she moves to slide into a chair beside him, reaching down to the doubled buttoned pants to click something in her pocket. Starting the recorder, she then sighs and adjusts the mic up near the lace of her shirt, making sure it’s working by tapping upon it lightly. Eirian smiles at at Zebulon, giving him an appraising look at his own move to scan the area as well. She nods to him and taps the top button of her shirt as if to silently indicate the mic and then graceful folds her legs. It is the net toting Herald not far off that catches her eye a moment, violet hues dismissing him before she smiles warmly as if enjoying an outing with friends, "I think some Tarisian Ale would be nice. Always good on a beautiful day like today."

Zebulon settles into a seat in the pastoral setting. Not that he ever looks comfortable, but the stiff necked spacer looks visibly out of his element presently, relaxing only slightly as he takes sidelong note of Eirian's preparations with the mic. "Hmm." A short nod, and a slow exhale, before is eyes also shift to the approaching alien.

The Shistavanen waves at Ian briefly and with a broad smile. "Indeed. The spirits have been quite kind today as far as the generosity of its bounty." Herald does not stop at the table however, as Ian might expect, continuing to play his 'role' as a fisher and makes his way toward the rear of the cafe where the food is prepared. He seems to enter into a discussion with the owner over the price of the catch and tomorrow's weather report.

Smiling to the two with him Ian says to them, "I'll go ahead and order us up something up front… maybe some of that fresh catch the other man brought it." Getting up for a moment to move away to let Eirian and Zebulon talk Ian walks up to Herald and asks of him, "How much for the fish sir?" and then to the man at the counter, "And how much for you all to cook it up with some of the local fare here?" Ian smiles and adds, "Would love for you to join us, the meal would be on me as well."

As Ian takes the directive, Eirian tries not to frown but her mouth twitches down. She herself is a bit more at ease here then her counterpart and she looks across the table at him. "Enjoy the breeze, Zebulon." She says, addressing informally. "Its not like we get views like this everday." Her lekku shift down her back but a look over her shoulder is given to Ian, a soft smile remaining as her finger brushes near the top button of her collar, pulling at it from her neck.

Zebulon's expression doesn't alter as Ian rises and strikes up a conversation near the bar. Turning an even eye to Eirian at her comment, he sniffs dryly once, before returning, "True. I suggest looking into the distance. Optical precision deteriorates when limited to close quarters for too long." His regard flicks briefly to the mic at the twi'lek's collar (or perhaps her cleavage), before going silent, to avoid cluttering the recording.

"Considering the quality I am bringing you and it was caught less than an hour ago… I will take no less than ten credits a peice for them. However, if you are paying for them to be cooked and allowing me to join… eight seems quite fair with the other two credits going to the cook?" Herald goes about some minor amount of bartering that seems to actually have three players - Herald, Ian, and the owner. The owner of the cafe seems the pricing relatively fair cause he does not have to purchase the fish, only cook it and provide some inexpensive sides to go with them.

"Is that your sophisticated way of saying 'I don't want to socialize'?" She asks with a smirk. It curls her green lips and as she reaches down to her hip, she leans back in her chair and changes frequencies, giving a squint of her eyes. As the sound of the conversation further away heights in the inside of her headdress near her earnub, she says faintly, "Sounds like are going to be staying for a while…hope you have enough to stare at distantly." As the waiter passes by, a slender finger raises and she says, "Two Tarisian ales.." She motions to Zebulon as well. "You will thank me later."

Ian smiles to Herald and then says to him, "You have yourself a deal." He looks to the cook and then says, "Here's what you are looking for…" He passes the amont for the fish and then a bit extra. Looking back to Herald he says, "Please, join us for a meal. It's our pleasure." He can smell the food cooking and it is so good here! Coming to after taking a moment to savor the smells here he adds, "In addition to the fish, I'm wondering if there are any other creatures of the sea I might be able to buy off of you?" He can hear through the comm they've setup the other conversation, finding they're getting along in a manner he'd rather expected.

"No, my genial manner and warm perosnality is my sophisticated way of saying 'I dont want to socialize'," Zebulon returns, dryly. "Optical exercises are my way of expressing discomfort in a rural setting," he adds, with a wry tick tugging at the corner of his lip as he returns a sidelong glance to the twi'lek as she orders a drink. "Hmm. When offworld, remind me to introduce you to a Tion Sour."

"It depends on the type of vastness or expanse you wish to discuss, for I only have fish from the sea today. I had not intended to collect crustaceans or mollusks today as our meeting was a bit earlier than expected." Herald responds to Ian as he glances toward the other two that had been in the group for a few moments before back to Ian. "However, I might go about more work if an amicable trade can be arranged." The lecherous alien indicates the female Twi'lek at the table with a nod of his head.

Ian chuckles and then says to him, "Well, I suppose you'll have to talk to her yourself, but I can tell you I am not willing to give her up. However, she can grace you with her company." He motions for him to come with them and adds, "Her name is Eirian, my other associate is Zebulon." If Herald walks over to the table Ian would make proper introductions, pointing each person out. Though in the meantime he adds, "Ahh, nonetheless we've still business to attend to. It's a pleasure to see you again in any case."

"I don't know how I possibly could have missed that. With your smile and everything.." Eirian says and then gives a tilt of her head and a raised brow. "Oh, I think I shall…tell me about this drink." Their ales don't take long in coming and are set down and that is when she catches part of the conversation from afar and she twitches faintly, her lekku stilling. She shifts in her seat and her gaze goes distant much to Zebulon's first suggestions. Finally she grabs up her ale and nods, "Enjoy…" She will. Its got a distinctive spicey flavor with a smokey aftertaste and the veridian female hmmms after, letting the cool drink add to the ruffle of the breeze around them. "We need to get you away from durasteel more often. You might actually warm up." She says in jest.

"Hmm. It is a mystery," Zeb notes to the talk of 'smiles and everything'. "Warming up is hardly the most delicate choice of words, in light of nearby conversation," Zebulon returns with signature deadpan humor, as he regards the newly arrived ales. An instant passes after he picks the thing up, before taking a drink. Then Ian and the wolfish fisherman approach, and Zeb sets the mug back down, not yet tasted.

"I thought you were dating the Commodore… or was I mistaken about that?" Herald inquires to Ian before grinning a bit. "A romantic challenge? It is not exactly on fair terms considering you work with her every day and I… well, I do not." The Shistavanen shrugs his shoulders before starting to make his way toward the table with the other two currently sitting upon it. "It seems I will be joining you for our meal," he announces.

Ian says to the group as they approach, "Zebulon, Eirian, this is Herald." He gestures for a place that Herald can sit at and takes a seat himself. As he does he says, "No, she's not a romantic contest, but rather she's one of my people. I'm very protective of the group, if you will." He smiles a bit and looks to the two there before, "Seems you two are enjoying the local ale." He chuckles as he heard every word of it, motioning to Zebulon that he should drink up.

"Hmmm" Eirian says in regards to Zebulon's observation. She does so from over the top of her mug and she takes another short sip of the ale before she turns her head towards the joining of the other two. The veridian female gets a faint nod of her head to them both and she smiles slowly. "I figured as much, it seems that Ian here knows you fairly well…" She may very well know who he is but first introductions! She extends her hand to him after releasing her ale, sitting up a bit to do so and turning in her seat. "Eirian." She supplies again and lifts a brow at Ian's words. "Certaintly not, sir." she is quick to supply.

"So long as the generosity of your accounts isnt strained by a fourth," Zebulon begins to Ian, "Then welcome," the last two words being turned to Herald. He dips his head curtly as Ian gives the guest his name. As the encouragement to sample the drink is given anew, he exhales and draws a first taste. "Hmm." Hre makes no comment whatsoever on the subject of romance.

The Shistavanen slyly takes the opportunity to slip into whichever seat next to Eirian is open. It seems he is putting 'dibs' on her for at least the meal with a wolfish smile on his muzzle. He takes the offered hand and plants a kiss atop her knuckles. "A pleasure to meet you Eirian." The Wolfman does not focus completely on the Twi'lek as he looks to Zebulon. "Good to meet you as well Zebulon."

Looking at the assembled group and the small feat to get to this point Ian smiles and notes the interesting dynamic they have. Not perfect, but it would definately work. Flagging a waiter he orders up his favorite drink from this world and then turns to them all saying, "Ahh it is quite the day that we can all sit here and relax. A true pleasure." Before his drink comes he sits up, leaning into the table a bit, "So, on to business… our combined group is getting larger and we're working through the setup phase, though we're still lacking a bit of hardware that we'll be able to use, especially to get our people around." He puts this out there, open for Eirian or Zebulon to comment on it as well.

A glance is cast over to Zebulon for a moment as the shistavanen slides into a seat next to her. The kiss to her hand gets a warm smile. "Chivalrous, a very rare quality in the galaxy as of late." She observes and then shifts in her seat, drawing her hand back to take up her mug of ale. "Would you care to join us in our Tarisian Ale pursuit? Its a good flavor for a meal." A meal all its own if she could say as she lift a brow at Herald. "Enjoying it?" She asks Zebulon for confirmation. It seems her position in this meal has changed a little and she offers a warm smile to the sentient at her side. Business. Ian speaks and slowly Eirian removes a small chit from a side pocket at her hip, hooking it between her fingers. "On this are a few of the things we are looking for, but personally I would like some highly modified comlinks for extended range as well as some updated portable scanners. We are a little behind the times there. A few wireless mics and frequency detectors wouldn't be turned away either." She passes the chit with their list over to the Shistavanen.

"Often rumored to be dead," Zebulon comments evenly on the subject of chivalry. Inquiries after his enjoyment of the delightfully spiced ale are answered with a nod and vocalized, "Hmm." As Eirian elaborates upon several of the desirables that are going on the wish list, Zebulon holds his piece for the moment, giving Herald time to answer the standing points.

Herald raises a brow at Ian as he gets right to business and acts the buzz-kill. Indeed… protective of his people. "I would love to have an ale. Feel free to order me one as I take care of my pack." The Shistavanen reaches back to his kit and opens it up briefly. If anyone checks, the recording devices in the five meter radius are scrambled and garbled. It seems Herald has put a scrambler in his tackle-box. The Shistavanen looks back to the rest of the group with a smile. "Now.. business…" He shakes his head a moment before looking back to Eirian. "Do you need the comlinks hand-held or headset?" Herald inquires for greater specifics. "And you need a handful of 'snooper' sets?"

Ian smiles as Eirian is taken care of. There was that matter of things they needed, but that was to be expected. He looks to Zebulon and wonders if he was going to ask about more things on data access, he was sure to want a great deal more than what he had currently. When Herald is done Ian asks his own question. "In addition to that, we're looking at making a purchase from REC for four XJ X-Wings… need to get established with some fighters and hardware that isn't going to draw all the eyes of the galaxy upon us, but we'll be able to keep a low profile in the process." He smiles again and adds, "Eirian is very capable when it comes to anything communications related."

Zebulon gets a look for his comment about chivarly and she bolsters back, "Probably because most men are too distinctly distant.." Eirian turns back slightly touching her headdress and wincing some. His scrambling was not a nice thing for her hidden earpiece. She slides a finger into the pocket of her pants at her hip and clicks the recorder off to save herself from a headache. That faint twitch is just that and then she eyes his tacklebox with an accusing violet gaze before it lifts to Herald. "Right.." She says and wetting her lips as she gets comfortable once more. "Headset..several and then a couple of handhelds for field missions and to hide. The smaller the better." She says and then considers the snooper sets and nods her head. "I hope the snoopers are updated and kitted out to be hidden during scans?" She asks, tilting her head. "I would hate to have the insulated line be flipped off due to other electronics in the area…pain to dampen that in a scan field." She says, knowing the faults some models have. As Ian talks, she throws her boss and appreciative smile. "I try sir, its my job."

"Personal scrambler devices, for one," Zebulon begins, one eye twitching slightly as he raises a hand to his ear, switching off the very sort of device Herald is scrambling. Eirian gets a flat look at her accusation of distance, but when Ian looks to him, the business nature of the conversation makes the man more vocal. "Closed circuit surveillance devices, with monitors. Subspace communication jamming machinery, suitable for installation in a transport scale vessel. Shielded circuitry apparatus suitable for a terrestrial networked communications array, with encryption software for a focused subspace data stream, capable of at least Epsilon-level calculation."

"Maybe I should have brought a datapad with me…" Herald comments as the list becomes really large before glancing at Zebulon. "Why would I give you software with Epsilon-level calculation? You could decrypt low-security Republic intelligence communications with it…" The Shistavanen seems a bit confused at the request a moment before shaking his head a bit. He turns to look over at Ian. "It is a mercenary group… maybe I should just give you guys the location of an Imperial station with those supplies and let you collect them."

At Herald's reluctance, Eirian looks over at Zebulon and then smiles a bit more and further lets her smile grow. As she places the datachit on the table before Herald so he can view it later, she leans a little closer to the Shistavanen and her lekku twine behind her and then slightly towards him. "Because, as Ian said, we are just getting started. We realize some of our wishes you can not fulfill, but some of them at least?" She asks him, violet eyes looking up at him through her thick lashes. "See, we need to have some of this to actually get anywhere to do what you suggest…" She tilts her head at him, leaning over the arm of her chair slightly towards him. It gives him a nice view.

Chuckling Ian lets his people do their pitches for what they need, but for him he speaks up saying, "Yes, there's quite a bit that would be helpful. An imperial station would be nice, and it would greatly help all of us, though I think a few things are still in order. And, if it helps, we're willing to pay for everything we're asking for. There are many facets to what we are doing and I don't want to put you and those you represent at a disadvantage. However, due to the nature of security reasons, I am sure you can understand our needing to make sure our information and location stay a closely guarded secret."

"Because anything below Epsilon-level encryptions can be scrambled and sliced by any military grade programming in capable hands," Zebulon answers simply. "It's a simple question of security," the stiff-necked human echoes Ian's words. The suggestion of a suitable imperial station with the necessary hardware, he turns an eye to Ian, but doesn't comment aloud on the proposition.

Herald starts to glance about as he needs to start making various decisions. "Where is our food?" he inquires as he finally takes his ale and gets a drink. It was like he was being asked to equip a team of his own, but for Ian instead! He glances back at Ian. "I am sure we can work on th XJ3 and most of the equipment you have suggested. I am sure if you can pay me for it, you can buy the software from a non-governmental source that will be able to do as much or more than an epsilon-level encryption. I can give you a few suggestions."

Ian smiles as he looks about, and just on cue the local staff brings out their food. Ian says to Herald, "Whatever you can do to help, at least give the right connections that would be amazing. It's just a bit of startup gear and in the future I am sure we'll be more than able to help in various aspects." As the food is placed on the table he says to them all, "Enough about business though, that can wait for another time. I am sure there are plenty of ways to get the gear, and we do have our friend's holoterminal address." He smiles and says to a waiter, "Another round of drinks too for everyone."

As the advance is not replied to as she likes and exclaims about food, slowly Eirian slides back to her seat and waves over a waiter to order that Tarisian ale for Herald finally. Shifting back into her chair, she lifts a hand to claim her own mug and lets her violet gaze shift over to Zebulon, as if daring him to say anything as she lifts the ale and takes a long pull from it. Sipping at her drink, she lets her gaze flit over to Ian as he lets the talk of business die! She sighs, still wondering if Herald will get to -everything- she wants. She even highlighted the more important things. Meaning comsys gear.

"Less one," Zebulon notes on the notion of a fresh round of drinks- his own ale still almost untouched as he picks it back up and samples another taste. He nods once to Herald as the other makes mention of his suggestions. As business is taken off the table, he regards Eirian's daring look without response, taking his own taste. He contributes nothing immediately to the social exchange.

"When do you plan to get this little group up to action-ready status?" Herald inquires to Ian as the food arrives. "I would definitely suggest the catfish and the trout," he tells them. "They are a little rarer for this world than the others as a live-caught." The Shistavanen reaches over with his furry hand to grab at it without using utensils. It is not really his style afterall, using utensils and all. He glances over at the Twi'lek and gives her a smile. "Other than communications, what personal interests do you have?" he inquires as politely as possible.

Ian takes the trout to eat, sitting down to a peaceful meal. He takes the purplish drink and takes a long draw; it perhaps is his all favorite drink and it isn't even alcoholic. Taking a bite of his meal he savors the flavor saying to Herald, "it truly is amazing, that's quite the catch." As he eats he says after a little bit, "Once we get the equipment we'll be ready for full scale implementation after a few drills, and then we're ready to go. We have a few missions to undertake as you're probably well aware, but other than that we're starting small and working up from there."

Her own plate set before her, Eirian its up a bit more and sets aside her drink with a muted thank you and smile. It is when the Shistavanen asks her of hobbies that her violet eyes settle back on him once more. A friendly turn of her lips occurs. "Well not much time for anything else, but I do like to play shockball. Sabacc is good fun with the right people." People she can fleece. She grins a bit more. "Always up for a game." She taps her foot to the ground.

"You enjoy playing games than," Herald responds with a bit of a smile. The Shistavanen thinks for a few moments. "Do you like wagers of chance based on action versus simple credit?" he inquires as he turns to look over at Ian. "A little survival training can go a long way if you have a hobby as well. I love fish and thus got a taste for fishing in all its various forms."

Grinning Ian continues to eat, after a moment he remarks, "Yes, I think you're absolutely correct. Though, I'll be sure to relay to you when we're combat ready via holoterminal. There's much to be said for the secure system." He chuckles and eats a bit more, letting Eirian and Zebulon enjoy a good meal for the short time they are out. "However, if you have anything pressing don't let us hold you up; we just had the request and we can meet you anytime andn anywhere you'd like."

The mention of a wager has Eirian interested and she studies the Shistavanen closely. Amused at least, there is a faint curled smirk painted to her lips. "I do…risk is what makes life interesting." She admits. Looking then to Ian, she lifts a brow and looks back once more, finally nodding her head to Herald, "What did you have in mind?" Her food is forgotten her fork caught in the act of spearing herself a bit rests loosely between her slender fingers.

Zebulon glances up, expression stoic, from the half consumed fish as Harald and Eirian banter back and forth. A knowing look goes to Ian, sidelong, before the human takes a discreet look around and returns his eye (and fork) to the fish

Herald thinks for a few moments. "I am not sure it would be fair for either of us to set any terms for ourselves or the others. We both lack the knowledge of each others skills or talents to make a cohesive wager." The Shistavanen glances over at Ian and Zebulon. "Maybe you could both come up with an interesting wager that would be equitable and we can set our terms?" The Shistavanen seems to be more talkative when around this experience than talking business.

Ian watches the small bet on the side with some curiosity as Herald talks about the two of them knowing each other… then he thinks a bit on it more and realizes that he may mean they need to get to know each other better… that could be trouble. He watches to see how she handles it, knowing she could more than defend herself. He pipes up then with, "Perhaps you should wager who can setup a secure communications array faster?"

Looking from Herald to the other two, Zebulon gets a measured gaze for his wordless exchange with Ian. Clearing her throat, she nods her head at the chosen option. "I think that would be perfect!" Eirian at the very least seems more self-assured in this area than anywhere else. "I would quite say that fits it then." She taps a finger to the table and then with her food half way lifted to her lips, she sends a look back towards Herald. "And what are you wagering?" She asks him.

Zebulon looks up from his fish once again at Harald's suggestion. "Hmm. Perhaps if I'd been able to learn more about your capabilities, previously.." Ian gets a pointed sidelong look at the words, and the other man's own suggestion. Idly, he takes another small taste of the ale as he looks to Harald. Eirian's measured gaze has no visible effect on the man.
Herald glances over at Eirian as she jumps all over Ian's suggestion with a smirk. "She seems a bit over-zealous about that suggestion. I am guessing that is her specialty and that you want me to lose whatever wager I might suggest?" he inquires to Ian with a chuckle. The Shistavanen shrugs his shoulders a bit. "Fine. I desire an evening of your company. What might you desire from me in return?"

Ian chuckles and then says to Herald, "A comm network isn't just about setup, it's getting the intel and such to make it secure. I think you have quite the upper hand there, but she's better with the hardware. The two might balance nicely, and you both will get something practical out of it." He chuckles a bit more and wonders what Eirian is thinking. Looking to Zebulon Ian says to him, "It seems you may have a little help setting up an intel network with this wager, I bet."

Her lips part and Eirian eyes Herald at his wager. She hmmms and then closes her lips. "You give Zebulon the encryption software for a focused subspace data stream…and you have a deal." She would see if the Shistavanen had the upper hand, her food turning on her fork as she measures his gaze with her own. Her chin lifts and she smiles softly at him. "It sounds like Ian pegs you to win, so what do you have to lose?" she asks, lekku twining down her back before she casts a look over at Zebulon and then back once more.
Zebulon's eyes tick briefly more narrow- or perhaps his brows have risen ever so slightly, at Eirian's proposed stakes. "Hmm," he comments eloquently. Glancing between the twi'lek and the shistavanen, he voices, "Are the terms acceptable to both parties?" Clearly, there are rules governing impulsive bets.

"Cause the software he wants is insanely expensive and Ian makes out with everything if you win and I lose, but he ultimately makes out either way…" Herald responds as Eirian gives a little more conjoling. The Shistavanen takes a few moments to let his annoyance sink in as he scratches his muzzle. "I suppose we have a bet. Though next time, we find a complete stranger to come up with the wager and not Ian. He is starting to think Ian is becoming a Sith rather than a Jedi, manipulator!

Ian chuckles a bit as he can see that Herald is stuck in a hard place. He offers a moment later, "If there's something we can do for you in the future Herald, please let us know. We'd be more than happy to accept; you never know what little things that need to be done time to time without anyone knowing." He finishes up his food and then says to the group, "It's a beautiful day and we're enjoying things. I'd say relax, drink up, and enjoy what we do have."

As he agrees, Eirian takes her first bite of the fish and then mmmmmmms. Swallowing, she drags her ale to her and sips it. Turning her violet eyes back on Herald, she nods, "Deal…you should come aboard the ship and we will settle this there in the training room." Its an invite back. She hooks a leg up underneath her, bending it to prop herself up more. She looks rather happy to say the least, taking another bite as she gives a grin at Zebulon almost like 'I told you so'.

"Indeed," Zebulon comments evenly to the bet's terms and conditions. Sounds all sewn up, and the spacer is finally enjoying the day. Then Ian is talking again, and Ze returns, "Yes, indeed, very good.." Sun? Breeze? Drink? "..Fish."

Herald nods his head as he thinks for a few moments and smiles to himself. He takes some of the food as he nods to the Twi'lek. The canine continues to use his hands when he eats. He glances over at Zebulon. "She is the communication expert and he is the security guy?" Herald inquires as he attempts to determine the dynamics of the team as it is currently composed.

Having finished his meal Ian politely says to the group, "It has been an excellent meal, thank you very much Herald for joining us; I look forward to seeing you in the future, if not on the holoterminal." Reaching inot a pocket Ian puts enough money on the table to cover the meal, the tip, and a bit more. It was indeed a great meal! "We do need to be going though, thank you again for the amazing catch Herald, hopefully you can get some more!" With that said he motions for Zeb and Eirian to come with.

Sensor and communciations," Eirian answers for Herald. She works on finishing her food and then pushes the empty plate forward. As Ian gives the call to go, she saddens at her unfinished Tarisian ale but promises to get more. Slowly She rises and uncoils her leg from beneath her as she nods to Herald. "I will see yo soon to settle this wager." She gives a slow grin before walking around his chair and giving a push of her foot to his tackle box to close it. "Won't be needing that anymore." She says to him and then waits for the others to join her.

"I consider security less a specialty, and more a matter of common sense," Zebulon answers Herald's estimation of his role. Regarding Ian and Eirian as the team's departure is announced, Zeb too rises. His eye goes to Herald, to ehom, the stiff necked human nods. "Good day."