Homeworld: Unknown
Language: Baragwinian
Average Height: 1.5-2.2 meters
Skin Color: drab green to dark olive
Eye Color: grey, yellow, green
Hair Color: none
Distinctions: Hunchback, large head
Lifespan: unknown

Biology and Appearance

Baragwin were easily recognized by their hunched backs, wrinkled skin, and large heads mounted on thick necks. There were no obvious differences between male and female Baragwin.[4] Physically, Baragwin were noted for their thick skin which could resist most physical attacks, and their shuffing gait. This made them powerful, but slow, warriors. Baragwin also had an acute sense of smell, sensitive enough to detect a person's mood. This led some of them into careers as big-game hunters, or even as bounty hunters.[3] Due to their ponderous movement, many non-Baragwin believed the Baragwin to be a dull-witted people. Baragwin were, in fact, quite intelligent, but they frequently kept this hidden, using the misperceptions of others to their own advantage.

Special Abilities

Smell: Baragwin have a remarkable sense of smell and get a +1D to scent-based search and +1D to Perception checks to determine the moods of others within five meters.

Weapons Knowledge: Because of their great technical aptitude, Baragwin get an extra 1D at the time of character creation only which must be placed in blaster repair, capital starship weapon repair, firearms repair, melee weapon repair, starship weapon repair or an equivalent weapon repair skill.

Armor: Baragwins’ dense skin provides +1D protection against physical attacks only.