Battle Of Galenx II

The Battle of Galenx II was a rather minor battle waged during the Post-Endor Imperial power struggle. The focus of the battle was to capture Galenx II and acquire its vast natural resources and industrial facilities for the ever-waning Imperial war effort. The battle was planned and executed by Imperial Admiral Russel Canis and was the first military engagement that General Maximilian Veers took part in since his return to active duty.

The battle was a quick victory for the Empire; the world was sparsely defended and far enough away from the bulk of the New Republic Navy. However, upon arrival, Canis soon discovered that Princess Leia Organa Solo, hero and diplomat of the Republic, was visiting the world for a diplomatic mission. Veers' ground assault broke through local defenses and was able to capture Solo after laying siege to the government district. Solo was brought before Canis. However she did not remain in Imperial captivity; for reasons unknown, Canis let Leia go. After plundering what they could, Canis ordered the Imperial fleet to withdraw and return to Dreven. Republic forces soon arrived to fortify the planet and attend to Leia.