Battle Of Mutanda

In the wake of Palpatine's defeat at Venixun, the rebel forces were driven across the galaxy, effectively bringing an end to the Imperial Civil War.

With the threat now over and resources freed up to continue the campaign against the Griffons, the Empire launched an assault on the homeworld of the Horansi, Mutanda, which was under Griffon control.

The Griffons were unable to properly defend Mutanda, as it was lightyears away from their main base and they were already assisting the New Republic in the liberation of Mon Calamari, which was occuring simultaneously.
Initally, fighting was heavy as General Kizuka's Army fought the Griffons and Horansai allies in savage open battles. Late in the Campaign, Emperor Valak arrived with a several hundred Royal Guard. He droped his forces from orbit straight into the middle of the fight. Tribune Vassily Korolov lead the crimson armored warriors straight into the heart of the Griffon's command and control, butchering the mostly unarmed officers there, While Kizuka's cavalry flanked the defending force and pushed them straight into the main attack divisions. It was a rout, and after that Mutanda fell quickly. The Empire would retain control over the planet for several months before handing it over to the Corporate Sector Authority.