The Bitthævrians were warlike, bipedal sapients native to Guiteica, in the Kadok Regions.

Biology and Appearance

The Bitthævrians were tall creatures with a muscled body. They had a leather-like skin protecting them from physical damage. The color of that hide was typically sandy pink or a rusty brown, but variations were wide, including tan-colored Bitthævrians living in equatorial areas and dark brown- or black-colored Bitthævrians living in the north.

A Bitthævrian also featured one row of six sharp fangs embedded in the flesh, which can be used in personal combat.

The knees and elbows of Bitthævrians were covered with sharp quills used in personal combat as piercing weapons. The quills were not particularly hard, and they were often broken or lost, but they were constantly replaced. As the Bitthævrian aged, those quills became more resilient and larger. Bitthævrians vision ranged into the infrared allowing them to see heat sources (such as living beings or recently fired sidearms) in complete darkness.

Society and Culture

Bitthævrian culture was based on personal combat and fighting readiness. The status of a Bitthævrian was based on his or her personal skill as a fighter, with the greatest warrior becoming the leader of their people. The leader was absolutely respected. People dishonoring a leader would be chased by Bitthævrians even if they leave Guiteica. Being highly isolationist, Bitthævrians tended to leave only to pursue the most serious offenders.

The personal weapon of a Bitthævrian was commonly the dematoil, a customized morningstar with Bitthævrian joint quills attached to the ball. Every time a Bitthævrian is defeated by another in personal combat, the winner was allowed to take the loser's biggest quill from his arm and attach it to his dematoil.

Naming Conventions

Bitthævrian naming convention was atypical, with a Bitthævrian having three or four names.

The first name of a Bitthævrian was the season when he or she was born. There are seven seasons in Guiteica: Giil, Quul, Aul, Zuol, Tweil, Jael and Quaal.

The second name is the family name, which was inherited from the mother's maternal surname.

A male Bitthævrian adopted a third name when married: His wife's surname. The fourth name (third in females and single males) was the Bitthævrian's personal name, used normally only as a form of familiar address, by friends, family, and cohorts.

Special Abilities

  • Vision: Bitthaevrians can see infrared radiation, giving them the ability to see in complete darkness, provided there are heat differentials in the environment.
  • Natural Body Armor: The thick hide of the Bitthaevrians give them a +2 bonus against physical attacks.
  • Fangs: The Bitthaevrians’ row of six teeth include six pairs of long fangs which do STR+2 damage.
  • Quills: The quills of a Bitthaevrians’ arms and legs do STR+1D+2 when brawling.

Story Factors

  • Isolation: A Bitthaevrian is seldom encountered off of Guiteica. The species generally holds the rest of the galaxy in low opinion, and individuals almost never venture beyond their homeworld.
Skill Min. Max
Dexterity 1D+2 4D+0
Knowledge 1D+2 4D+2
Mechanical 1D+2 3D+2
Perception 1D+0 4D+2
Strength 2D+0 4D+2
Technical 1D+0 3D+1
Attribute Points 12D+0
Skill Points 7D+0
Movement 9/12