The Brotherhood
The Brotherhood
Name: The Brotherhood
Type: Government / Military
Parent Org: None
Leader: Darth Maleficus
Size: Unknown
Objectives: Unknown
Active Areas: Byss
Allies: Unknown


Founded by Emperor Maleficus, former Emperor of the Imperial Empire, The Brotherhood was formed from those who had come to view the Empire as weak and complacent, a former shadow of what it should be. Based off of Palpatine's throne world, Byss, Emperor Maleficus has tasked The Brotherhood to operate under a banner of freedom with a mandate of freeing the Empire from the tyrannical and slave-driven rule of the Moffs and Admiral who currently vie for supreme power. While the organization and government is ruled by a Master of the Dark Arts, slaverly has been abolished, women rise to ranks of power and freedom of choice is encouraged.

Darth Anathema servers as Emperor Maleficus' Regent and assist in ruling The Brotherhood and the planet Byss.



This group of people maintain control and order of the planet. While it is a sort of dictatorship, it appears to be a fairly benevolent one, and the people seem to be happy.


They are tasked with policing Byss to ensure its safety, manning and operating the orbital station, as well as defending the space around the planet.


The people that provide the entertainment and industry on the planet. There is an almost open-door policy between these people and the government, and many things are in place to allow the people to bring their concerns to the Emperor and Regent should they feel it necessary.


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