Age of Strife was launched July 1, 2010. Thusly the beginning of each IC year will begin in the OOC month of July. That being said, the months would line up as follows, using something akin to a stardate.

Real Life In-Character
July 01
August 02
September 03
October 04
November 05
December 06
January 07
February 08
March 09
April 10
May 11
June 12

The way to list the date according to IC would be in the following syntax using real life dates.

RL date is March 28 during the IC year of 21 ABY:

RL date is September 3 during the IC year of 22 ABY:

Keeping an accurate idea of when scenes have happened - especially in logs allows for better judgement of passing of IC information. If you are backscening you may wish to write down approximately when the scene was and make notation that the date is not extremely accurate.