Corellia FIRST!
Corellia FIRST!
Corellia FIRST!
Name: Corellia FIRST!
Type: Political Movement
Parent Org: None
Leader: Pieter Zann
Size: Unknown
Objectives: Corellia for the Corellians
Active Areas: Coronet City, Corellia
Allies: None


This faction is involved with the ongoing Corellia TP. Please contact Meridian or Rayya if you would like to get involved.

Corellia FIRST! is a small but growing political movement in Coronet City. It counts as members a significant number of poor to lower-middle-class humans, mostly concentrated in the slums, but draws legitimacy from a smattering of wealthy intellectuals and bankrollers sympathetic to its grievances. Its current size is unknown.

As its name suggests, Corellia FIRST! pursues a deeply nativist agenda (as evinced by its motto: "Corellia for the Corellians"). It demands the revocation of the current government's "pro-alien" refugee policy, better benefits for veterans and the unemployed, high employment quotas for native Corellians at all large corporations, and the resignation of Acting High Justice A'estshy Nubiari. Its leader and public face is Pieter Zann, a disabled war hero who served alongside the heroes of the Rebellion during the Galactic Civil War.

Though Corellia FIRST!'s leadership officially advocates non-violent protests and condemns xenophobia, its many detractors — and CorSec — paint a far different picture of the organization. The fact that some of its members have been linked to brutal attacks on alien refugees doesn't count in its favor. Neither does the fact that a small but growing number of frustrated fire-breathers within its ranks have started to advocate violent resistance in the face of recent CorSec attempts to crack down on its activity by imposing restrictions on public gatherings and by placing its leaders under house arrest. Rumors that Corellia FIRST! has been attempting to acquire military-grade hardware only lend fuel to the fire.

Its symbol is a pentagon divided into five triangles, one for each of the original Five Brothers.

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