Corellian Riots
Corellian Riots
Summary: Log Summary
Date: 20-03-2011
Bboard Post: Bboard 10/1


The newscaster turns from his previous talk of a new bounty on the rise to then lead into the next topic.

"It seems that bounties are not the only thing on the rise. Unrest has been triggered as well and it seems that Corellia and its Brothers are finding trouble at their heart. A rather large protest against the influx of refugees to the planet. Tensions rose and despite CorSecs attempts to subdue the violence, it grew to a firefight. We estimate a good eight people dead and many more than that injured. The holding cells are packed with bystanders and protesters alike. It is said that the disagreements started with two men to the outside of the group and it carried inward. CorSec was eventually able to put out the fire."

"When approached, the acting High Justice gave only the promise of calming things down. There is also word of the refugees being layered out and taken to Coruscant. The Republic is teaming up with the Big Brothers to help relocate those in need."