Professional Cox P. Stone
Steven R. Hart
Steven R. Hart as Cox P. Stone
Name: Cox P. Stone
Alias: Mr. Stone, Esq.
Species: Muun
Planet: Muunilist
Age: 25(2 BBY)
Features: bald, flat voice
Rank: Professional
Faction: Himself
Position: attorney at law, p.i., etc.


Cox. P. Stone is a freelance investigator, attorney at law, intermediary and independent business man who offers his services to anyone willing to pay for them for as long as the business contract is limited in duration.

Recent Events

Working on a large case.(to be disclosed)
Hunting several sentients.
Being unwanted on Bespin.
Working as security at a wedding where he had an epiphany.
Getting his NR licenses.

OOC Blurb:
This character sells his services to the highest bidder.
He is available as attorney, private investigator, solicitor, intermediary, big game hunter, merchant, independent bounty hunter and assassin.

Service Record, Medals & Achievements

Three year service ribbon of the Muunilist Army.
Two minor engagement ribbons.
Bachelor equivalents in societal studies(law), civilization development(economics) and wordiness(linguistics).

Recent Logs


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