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One of the plot arcs we will be developing on Star Wars: Age of Strife is the war between the Empire and Republic. So important is this particular conflict in the game that it is officially known as The War. In our time-line The War began shortly after the end of New Worlds. It was at this point that the Galactic Alliance and Sith Imperium began an epic struggle which is the primary cause of the thematic changes in the galaxy in the interim between the two games.

The War itself will resume at the start of the game in 21 ABY and be one of three conflict plot arcs that the game will begin with. As we move along the other conflicts will eventually resolve and other plot lines will be pursued but The War will be with us indefinitely. This is not to say that participation in The War is necessary to full enjoyment of ones characters, nor does it prevent the possibilities of other organizations taking sides in the conflict or the conflict itself end at some point. However, this is Star Wars and the fight between these two sides is a quintessential part of the character of the universe.

The following is going to be a more detailed description of the war to date that has been posted up thus far. It is my hope that we eventually have this conflicted detailed enough to provide all the characters that choose to the opportunity to latch onto it for their own RP. To that end as I work with the Empire and Republic Faction Heads to established the organization of their militaries as it stands at the beginning of the game, we will be looking to explore how this structure developed in the interim and players will be given the opportunity later to volunteer their characters for reference inclusion in this write up. I may even invite players to volunteer to take charge of describe the major battles of the conflict themselves in a more full way than I personally intend to.

The conflict started in the Empress Teta system with the bold effort by the Sith Imperium to launch an invasion at the heart of Galactic Alliance territory. Many key leaders of both the Empire and Sith were present with ego and pride overflowing on both sides, sure they would be bringing Galactic Alliance to their knees. The scope of this plan, however, did not escape the notice of the Galactic Alliance, two Galactic Alliance agents were able to infiltrate and Imperial command, ultimately shocked to find that a key Imperial meeting they were spying on was as filled with Sith as it was Imperials.

The spies were able to get word back the Galactic Alliance of the planned invasion, and with unusual swiftness, the GA was able to bring a sizable force to bear in the Empress Teta system. The Sith Imperium was caught off guard and the differences between Empire and Sith quickly manifested which each half of the Imperium line focused inwardly on their own defense to the exclusion of the other. The Galactic Alliance was able to use this to their advantage and a strike force was able to break through the line to get to the planet itself. As the Galactic Alliance fleet mopped up in space, GA Ground Forces along with several members of the Jedi Order landed on Empress Teta determined to stop the invasion force from ever being able to be brought to bear against the GA.

As destructive as the battle in space was, on the ground the casualties mounted in epic proportions on both sides, especially hard hit were the force users with several being killed in battle. What proved of greatest significance, however, was the work of Galactic Alliance Intelligence, specifically Alpha Blue who destroyed a research laboratory in Cinnagar. The debate still rages on as to what exactly it was that was destroyed in the lab, but the consequences were massive, the city of Cinnagar was leveled and it was rumored that the blast causes some Jedi and Sith to lose their connetion to the force, though this claim could never be substantiated.

Both Darth Malign and the Empress disappeared after this battle, the rumors as to what happened to each of them serving as the great fodder for gossip in the months since. They were both rumored killed, and also rumoured to be stripped of the force, most experts, however, agree that in the face of defeat they returned to the shadows to wait out the conclusion of the war, though if anyone knows the truth they aren't saying it.

For the majority of surviving Sith, the Imperial performance in battle was disgusting, and in part to distance themselves from any feeling of blame in the lost most Sith fleets with drew from alliance with the Empire after this battle. These fleets, however, went in many different directions, some trying to build up new fiefdoms, some searching for new organizations to build up their power in, and other still returning to the shadows. There retreat from Imperial involvement would lead to some clashes, with the Empire, with the Galactic Alliance, and amongst themselves, but for the most part they were too busy looking out for themselves to take many more casualties. Ultimately though a rump Sith fleet remained with the Imperial line at Empress Teta and ultimately incorporated themselves into the Empire, believing continuation of the war and the values it represented.

The destructiveness of the battle was not without its consequences in the Galactic Alliance. The Jedi Order was horrified with the ultimate result and withdrew their official ties with the Galactic Alliance, though some Jedi continued to serve closely with the government and military. Many worlds who had only marginal interest in the Galactic Alliance originally now began talking of withdrawing from it. Serious talk began in the Corporate Sector of reclaiming their independence and supplying both sides.

With the Empress gone, power would be seized by a Council of Moffs who would transition the Sith Imperium back into the core Empire that its citizens had grown attached to. The losses at Empress Teta, along with the loss of the alliance with the Sith, cause Imperial control of a number of other systems to become tenuous. Resistance formed on many worlds with Bakura eventually becoming a key world in the Imperial struggle to maintain order. Tenuous loyalty to the Empire power access to reinforcements would see the liberation of the world become a top priority of the Galactic Alliance.

The Battle of Bakura did not play out how anyone expect it going in. With neither surprise nor internal squabbling on their side the Galactic Alliance completely failed to gain an advantage over the Empire. After suffering serious casualties that almost rivaled the losses at Empress Teta, they were forced to withdraw. The casualties on the Imperial, however, we so bad that no one could pretend that is was a victory on their side either. Within a month the Empire was force to withdraw from Bakura anyway, and the battle was recorded as draw.

The War's turning against the Galactic Alliance would have many repercussions this time around. The Corporate Sector Authority did reassert their independence after the battle, and the movements on many other worlds to detach their fate from the Galactic Alliance began in earnest then. Those who had masterminded the Galactic Alliance to begin with were forced to admit defeat, and the GA quietly reverted back to the moniker Republic.

As the Empire and Republic continued to work of redefining themselves in this new Age of Strife, their forces clashed once more, with the Republic trying to reclaim the upper hand by attacking the Empire's home territory, engaging them at the Battle of Muunilinst. While the Republic was able to inflict enough damage to seriously effect the Imperial economy enough that the Moff Council agreed to a cease-fire, the battle was a resounding blown to the Republic's war effort. Taking advantage of the new cease-fire the Republic's Senate force a new election for Chief of State, though few believe the cease-fire will last long.

The Battle of Muunilinst would also prove to have an effect on the Corporate Sector Authority. With the Empire's key financial world being damage, the CSA saw an immediate stock rebound which was led by the Bank of the Core who benefit from having significant banking interests not based at Muunilinst. The comparative drop in power of both the Empire and Republic also provided the real opportunity for the work to form the Confederation to begin in earnest as its future member worlds found themselves able to join together in common defense with the Empire and Republic to battered to object.

As we approach the start of the game, rumors abound all over the galaxy that the Empire is going to break the cease-fire. With an Imperial invasion attempt expect at any moment a Republic force gathers on Chandrila expecting the worst. The Empire for that part is make little efforts to deny their plans as the prepare to confront the force on Chandrila, confident they can defeat. So stay tuned for the clash of the ages, the Battle of Chandrila, on all networks.

-Taken from +bbposts 1/14-1/16