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Summary: Log Summary
Date: 11/April/2011
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Nabima, Lance, Lelath
Bridge - Truth and Reconciliation

Several stations are situated in various parts of the bridge. On the starboard side reside the gunnery officers stations. Several monitor screens depicting the view from the gunnery wells as well as the status of the gunnery batteries are easily recognized. Several consoles showing the target status and position of the gun batteries can also be seen. Towards the port side, the communications station - with its myriad of consoles, terminals, and screens - monitors several incoming transmission at various frequencies, signal strengths as well scanning the area around and aboard the ship for any and all types of communications. Towards the fore of the bridge reside the navigational and helmsman stations. All around these posts are numerous consoles, filled with all sorts of equipment, indicators, and monitors. Prominently displayed at these stations is the current system with all known planets and spatial bodies; the ships current vector, locations, and speed; and the results of both a near and far range scan, illustrating the positions of vessels or celestial entities picked up by the scans.
At the center of the bridge, slightly elevated from the rest of the stations, is the Commanding Officers station. All about this station are monitors displaying the current status of all the major systems on the ship. Towards the aft section of the bridge, the engineering station can be seen. There, several monitors show the energy and power status of the engines and of various aspects of the ship.

3 Days after Space battle at Chandrila

Once more, when Lelath links up to the airlock, the crew awaits. The same ensign has been assigned to escort the two of you and of course arrangements were made. One does not just dock to an Imperial Warship and walk aboard all friendlylike. So, since they were expecting you, things are all formal and courteous. "Captain, Major." offers the Ensign with a salute. "If you would follow me, the Commander is expecting you in her office." And that said, he leads you towards the turbolift a few meters away. It's fortunate that the shuttle bay and airlock are in the nose section of the ship, as is the Commander's Suite. And so the turbolift lets out and Ensign Landrum leads you out and down the hallway where a Navy Trooper stands watch outside the office door.
"Captain Williams, Major Corbet, to see the commander." announces Landrum, even though what he said is plainly obvious. Gotta love military courtesies and traditions. The trooper nods and says into his comm: "Captain Williams and Major Corbet to see you Commander."… the reply is brief but immediate, "Of course, send them in please."

Lelath should remember the setup, the office hasn't changed in a day. Nabima stands behind her desk, hands behind her back as the door opens. "Welcome back Captain, and welcome aboard the Truth and Reconciliation Major. Please, have a seat." she offers with a nod to the two chairs in front of her desk. As she says that, and as you enter (assuming you do!), the door will shut behind you and the trooper is still at attention while Ensign Landrum simply waits for the meeting to conclude so he can do his next duty.

It had been a long time since he had been aboard an Imperial vessel, and Lance prefered it that way. But not, he had to come aboard the Truth and Reconciliation, and thus arrangements were made and they made their way towards the Marauder craft. Once within the hangar bay, Lance had descended the boarding ramp to be greeted by a lowly Ensign. Looking mildly irritated, Lance remained calm and nodded to the boy, following after him to the Captain's Quarters.

Met by a Navy Trooper, Lance's gaze shifts towards his Executive Officer for a moment, but as they're allowed to enter, he steps through the threshold, taking in the layout of the office with a sweep of his dark indigo orbs. Then, he's focused upon the Captain, and shakes his head slowly, hands shifting behind his back, one grasping the other to keep them there. "No, thank you." he states after a moment, heedless to whether Lelath had been moving to a chair or not. "We will not be staying long."

Lelath nods as he keeps a few paces behind the major. "Thanks again.." He did remember the set up, as nothing much has really changed, and this time he was prepared to enter her office as he had a full morning's rest and was ready to go. Perhaps now there will be no interruptions as they easily have a full staff on shift during these hours. " As they enter the room, his superior changes the atmosphere from the last time as the Captain had a brief chat with the Commander. Lance on the other hand wanted to keep in strictly business and even more brief. Following his lead, Lelath stands next to Major and slightly nods to the woman without speaking much. "Commander…"

"Very well." offers Nabima. She sits down herself and places her elbows on her desktop while her black gloved hands come together to let her fingers steeple before her face. "Well, if you will not sit, would you care for any refreshments? My steward can make arrangements if you like." She's being diplomatic, and extending full military courtesies to mercenaries to say the least. "But… no, I highly doubt you would want that." she continues. "You are just here for your money I suppose."
She gives a minute shrug of her shoulders and moves her left hand away from her right and presses a comm stud on her desk. "Corporal Mattingly, would you please send in Ensign Landrum?" she asks. And of course, the reply is succint and affirmative just before the door opens. Nabima reaches into the shoulder pocket of her uniform and withdraws a code cylinder. "Ensign, the Corporal will escort you to my quarters where you will use this to open the ship's vault and withdraw the single credit chip within. You will then bring that back here immediately." And the code cylinder is held out towards the Ensign, who accepts it with a nod and a parade ground salute. "Yes ma'am." he says as he turns around and marches out.
"Now, that will take but a moment. Perhaps you might regale me with the tale of how it is you got ahold of a craft that to the best of my knowledge, is built custom for the Sabaoth Mercenaries.." she says towards Lance. "Unless you would rather not speak of it Major." Hey, she's trying to be friendly here.

"I do appreciate the offer of refreshments, but they are not required at this time. Perhaps sometime in the future we may share refreshments, but this is neither the place, nor the time, Commander." Eyes narrow a trace as he listens to Nabima call for the Ensign, and the instructions given to the boy. As he leaves, Lance turns his gaze upon the Commander and shakes his head slowly. "Frankly, that is none of your business. Suffice to say, I am the Commander of a Saboath Destroyer. Commander." He gives a slight dip of his head, perhaps a sign of respect after the words passed his lips. "Perhaps if you are wishing to discuss more private details, you might wish to give me the story of how you attained the command of a Marauder Corvette." He smiles towards the woman calmly, yet standing erect with hands clasped behind his back.

Lelath doesn't really chime in until the offer of refreshments. A simple wave of his hand as he declines is good enough as Lance has expressed his intentions. As the Major expresses his lack of will to explain the history of his ship, Lelath finds it might be worth finding out on his own at a later time. A half smile is given to the woman as if he feels bad for her. He wasn't as stern as his Major, but he felt no need to interrupt the flow of business. Something told him that these two were going to make fifteen minutes seem like an hour…

"How I attained such a command?" inquires Nabima as she returns her hands to their steepled position. "Well, that is a relatively simple tale. I requested a return to active shipboard duty, and the Admiralty ordered me to take command of the Truth and Reconciliation. Rear Admiral Delamont then ordered me to take the Truth and to seek you out to give you your reward." Her hands come apart in a sort of sweeping gesture. "As you see, orders are orders. The previous commander of this vessel was.. shall we say he attempted to halt the passage of a bulkhead after a concussion missile scored a direct hit on the bridge… needless to say, he was less than successful at this endeavor. The ship has just finished its repairs and was then assigned to me."
A tiny hint of a smirk creeps onto her face then, and Nabima asks, "Have I earned -your- tale then?"
But of course, she's interrupted by the comm on her desk, "The Ensign has returned." says Corporal Mattingly outside. "Ah, send him in please." she replies into the comm before looking up to the two of you and standing. "Perhaps we will have to discuss this another time then." she offers as the Ensign enters. The kid looks a bit winded. After all, as soon as he was out of sight, he went into full sprint the whole way there and back. He steps between you two, right up to the commander's desk and launches into another parade ground quality salute. "The credit chip ma'am, and your code cylinder." he offers, holding them out in his other hand.
Nabima returns the salute and nods a bit. "Thank you Ensign. That will be all." she says as she reaches to take the items. The ensign withdraws ASAP, and Nabima takes the time to properly afix her code cylinder back into place before she holds the credit chip out towards Lance. "Major, your payment. Your services to the Empire are much appreciated. I do hope that we can do business again in the future."

"No." Lance replies simply to Nabima's question concerning earning his tale. Lips curl upwards faintly, and Lance falls silent as they are again interrupted by the Trooper without. As the Ensign parts them, Lance remains in place, making the boy either squeeze through, or move Lelath from his path. As the boy departs once again, leaving the two mercenaries in the room with the Imperiald Commander, Lance smiles further. "I do not believe we will discuss this particular subject again, but perhaps we shall see one another again in the future." Smiling fully now, he continues. "I have little doubt we will be doing business in the future. However, next time you should have business with me… do not summon me as you do one of your crewmen. Next time, you may come to me, and view the Banshee for yourself." He gives a deep nod of his head as he adds, "A pleasure to meet you, and I look forward to our next meeting."

As Lelath's strong suit was creating bonds, Lance was even better at breaking them. A simple nod is given to the woman as he waits for her goodbye, or Lance's departure. The environment was changed from last night, but with the Major in the room, it was clearly his show to run diplomatic measures, not his. Lelath chuckled to himself as the idea of grabbing the money last night would have been a better option for both parties, as he felt uncomfortable for leaving an friendly atmosphere, leaving the Commander prone to such hostility on their second meeting.

Her face schooled to give away nothing, Nabima simply stands there as Lance speaks. "Who can say what the future holds?" she asks before gesturing towards the door and pressing her comm stud again. "Coproral, the Major and Captain are departing. Please ask Ensign Landrum to escort them to the airlock."… "Aye Ma'am." comes the reply. And Nabima sits back down to steeple her hands before her once more. Had this not been concluding her business with the two of you, she might have more to say, for she is not dictated to on her ship by those outside her chain of command. But… there are times when it's better to just keep her mouth shut and be rid of the refuse more quickly. "Safe spaceways gentlemen." she offers from her seat as the door opens and the Ensign is there, gesturing.. "If you will follow me please." the kid says, polite and diplomatic despite anything done or said by the ship's guests.
Only once the Ensign reports that the guests have left the ship entirely, does she press her comm stud and say, "Security, you may end your recording now." To which the voice on the comm replies, "Aye ma'am, recording devices halting immediately." And then Nabima stands and heads to the bridge where she says, "Helm, set course out system. Comms… raise Admiral Delamont on the hyperwave."….