Dressed To Impress
Dressed to Impress
Summary: Ian and Taija hit up the Corellian High Justice for some greenbacks.
Date: 07/03/2011
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Hotel Corellia
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The care given the secrecy and location of the acting High Justice of Corellia is rather high. The guards waiting outside the room do not let the two pass at first. Ian and Taija are allowed to stand outside, waiting in the private corridor to one of the top levels of the hotel. The lift is behind them and is also manned by one guard too. They are not a talkative bunch and stand in their green grey uniforms of Corellian make. Assigned to their leader, they seem to take the job rather seriously.

One shifts and he watches Ian, nodding to him as he seems to get some information through his earcom. "Knight, Miss." He knows them, at least knows Ian and addresses them properly. "The Justice will see you now." He keys in a code next to the door and it opens, sliding with a whoosh as the wall just forward into the room blocks direct view of the entire lounge of the penthouse. A small flower arrangement rests there and a u-shaped corridor around the wall to each side will allow them into the vaulted ceilings and sunken central sitting area. The tall windows let in the light of the fading sun and A'estshy stands with her folders in her grasp and several datapads being set out by her aide.

In his black business suit with forest green shirt underneath Ian awaits for their meeting with the high justice. It's been a while since they were last able to meet but the time had finally come and he was here again. With Taija now with him many of the meetings and contacts he had needed to be introduced to her so that she could better run the operations. Command worked like that, but there was also the fact Ian was only one man. He needed help and support; the bigger the network the better. Nodding silently to the guards Ian moves into the room with Taija, glancing over to make sure she was following. Once inside he greets with, "It's been a little while, but it's an honor once again to meet with you."

Taija isn't far behind Ian. In fact, she walks precisely one step behind him as she would have when in uniform. Its an air of professionalism that surrounds her despite the knots in her stomach. Meeting someone this high of a rank? She's been sleeping in seedy hotels and under ship ramps for two years. To say this is a 'change' would be like trying to compare sweatpants and a thousand-credit evening gown - which she isn't wearing. Scraping her last creds together, she's managed to assemble a deep navy blue pantsuit and white blouse. Its obviously been tailored on one side for the jacket to conceal a long-confiscated blaster. A better tailor would have done a better job but you do what you can. At least the black mop on her head got a passable trim, too. She squints against the fading sun and has to resist reaching for the aviators inside her jacket and opts to face back towards the High Justice fully. She stands 'at ease'. There's no hiding the military in this one. Taija just dips her head in greeting but keeps her trap shut for right now. She's never been the best politiker. She knows it.

As the two come within site, golden eyes center on them and the yellow twi'lek smiles all the more. SHe motions to her aide and says something softly. He moves off and leaves her with the information. "Knight Inrokana…Miss Havilland." Her eyes drift between them as she moves past the table with the information and up outward of the sunken sitting area. She extends her hand to Ian first, a familiar face. "I am so glad you could make it. Also, I must ask forgiveness." Once done, she passes her hand then to Taija, her grip gentle but a firmness to it. Her lekku are scarred and a deep brand of a cross is at the base of her right one. Its as if she has seen some rough days at the hands of others. "I was captured on the Wheel, I think due to the bounties put out by the Hutt and then attacked once I returned. I have taken to an anonymous site to keep from further disruptions happening." She stands back then and motions for them to take seats. "I can dim the plaswindows if the sunset is too strong. I chose this room for its view.." The beach and sea are not far from it and the view is rather expansive.

Taking her hand with a smile Ian listens to what she says briefly and then says, "I'd like for you to meet my director of operations, Miss Havilland." It's just before she reaches out to shake Taija's hand and he listens further about her plight. Frowning he says, "I'm sorry to hear about all that… it's troubling to say the least. That you can't walk around anywhere. Really troublesome, but I see you're well madam justice." With a smile returning to his face he moves to take a seat, motioning for Taija to do the same. "I brought Miss Havilland here to meet you in hopes for a greater discussion and dialogue between yourself and our organization. Perhaps we can prevent unfortunate attacks in the future of your person?" Ian turns to Taija and nods to her, indicating she's free to speak if she would like. Her professionalism truly reflected well upon him.

Taija reaches out to takes the woman's hand and gives it a firm shake. Warrior's hands. Miss Havilland has obviously not served very much time on the front lines of paperwork. She even looks the High Justice right in the eye as if sizing her up. Its not aggression. Taija just needs to know who she is dealing with. "High Justice," she returns quickly. Those hands quickly fall to clasp behind her back and she catches the nod from Ian and looks back towards the politician. Taija is probably one of those people who will speak when spoken to. At least by someone like this.

"A pleasure, Miss Havilland. You move in good company and I trust Knight Inrokana's tastes. I am sure you are a woman of great character. I look forward to learning more of you during our talks." There is an assumption of more than a one time meeting. "Please, let us relax. My health is well, thank you, Knight. It is unfortunate that a bounty hunter attacked me while on the Wheel." SHe frowns some, "I lost two of my three men. All loyal and of good standing. That is my truest regret." She says, a long breath drawn as she looks to business, taking a seat. Entri returns, her aide and she smiles up at the young man. "Entri Vermes. He is my aide and learning more about politics as he interns. He is here to assist in your need of refreshments and my need to keep organized." She smiles warmly and smooths her dress. All official and business with a touch of warmth.

The young man looks to the two, offering a faint smile, "Sir, Madam, we have a choice of any of Corellias fine drinks including Wyvren's Reserve. THere is also tea, water and caf. Blue milk is available as well as the Justice likes to have it with her caf. What can I interest you two in?" He finally asks. As the aide goes about his question, Shy is setting datapads and folders in order, pulling one to her marked CEC. (speaking in Basic)

Speaking to shy first Ian replies, "I fully understand your regret madam justice. I have lost more than I have cared to under my command; people are always the number one priority. The leaders that fail to recognize that fail to understand them, and thus fail at being a leader." He hears the aide now and smiles warmly to him saying, "I'll have a spice cider, the local stuff is best." A drink he's not had in many years… memories come back of his childhood here on Corellia, but the moment passes and he looks to Shy again saying, "It is good we're able to meet again. My director, miss Havilland is skilled in a great deal of operations. As we get started I want you to know that if you can't get a hold of my for whatever reason you can contact her; her word carries my full authority."

"My character is likely relative, sir." It hangs for just a moment before the edges of her face flash a hint of a smile. Probably not the best thing to say in polite society buuut? Maybe she'll remember in time. Until then she'll be kicking herself. "I look forward to it as well, High Justice." Taija doesn't sit yet. Her hands remain clasped behind her back and there is a respectful nod to the new arrival. "Nothing for me, thank you." She's turning her gaze back towards Ian when he mentions the part about his full weight. Taija tries not to show it but there is just the hint of surprise there. She's got Jedi Knight Cred with the High Justice of Corellia? Her face turns a bit red. She has to bite her tongue just to keep from looking bashful about it.

"Well then.." Shy says as she Enteri backs off and goes to fulfill the order. "If that is so," A'estshy continues, "Then please, sit and be at ease, Miss Havilland." She motions once more with her golden hand and she runs a finger then up to smooth a hand over her lekku as they flit and twine together down her back. "There is much to talk about and I do remember well our last meeting, Knight Inrokana. I wish you to tell me more about this force of yours and who you have manning your posts." She sits back, falling to a serious business-like latitude as a leg crosses the other. Her gaze narrows on Ian then, tilting her head as she nods to him to start.

Smiling Ian says to her as he sits with his hands folded in his lap. "Yes, of course. As you know Miss Havilland is my director of operations, namely for the military wing of the organization. We're still building that force up but namely we have an entire air wing. Most of the pilots and personnell saw Imperial service under my command that have no love for what the Empire is or does; they were merely forced into it all. They all are excellent and top notch people." He pauses for a moment for a glance to Taija and then he continues, "As for who we are - we are a mercenary force by definition by philosophy wise we exist to preserve order and justice in the galaxy. Our aim is to fight the darkside and those that seek to dominate others. As much as we are noble in intent and action, we still need funding to pay the bills and keep the lights running, if you will. We're rebuilding and pulling back in old members to increase our strength. Most notibly we're working on operations to interdict Zorbo."

Ahem. Well then, indeed. Taj dips her head in thanks to the Twi'lek and takes the seat offered. Settling down, she crosses her legs and sits back a bit. Her eyes drift over the room for a moment as if allowing herself to ease. When Ian looks to her, she turns her attention back to the man. Whatever she may be thinking she has learned to hide quite well - for better or worse.

There are slow nods during his explanation and she leans forward once more to take up a datapad and begin to take down information as he speaks. A'estshy looks then towards Taija, considering her and then clearing her throat. "Your Air-wing..director. I would like to know numbers, what ships and what you yet need for at least that portion." It seems the Zorbo bit has drawn her interest and her golden finger taps on the edge of the pad. This request is to Taija, it seems that the Justice is weighing the woman, seeing the knowledge she carires.

Sitting there quietly Ian turns to look at Taija, awaiting her reply. It was his turn to be quiet, and protocal dictated that she would be the most informed person to give those sorts of numbers. Always go to the source… of course, Ian knew that whatever they talked about they shouldn't reveal too much of their true capability - that was a major security risk they couldn't afford to take, especially with the bounties they all had on their heads.

"I was a Group Captain in my prior life, High Justice. I'll be handling the Air Wing, yes." Taija's eyes settle on the woman across from her. "The standard wing for the Starfighter Corps has six squadrons. I am looking to re-organize this into five overstrength squadrons to maintain numerical superiority in a straight fight. Imperial fleet tactics use fighters for harassment operations and mostly just throw away lives to buy time." There is plain distaste for that fact. "I don't plan to follow their doctrine, High Justice. We'll need at minimum for now two squadrons of fighters and one of bombers. In the end I hope to run four fighter squadrons and one bomber. If we have the funding, we can expand to a sixth squadron that will consist of another bomber formation. We're looking at about seventy-five aircraft total."

Looking from Taija then to Ian, she pauses, pressing a finger to her lips and then nodding as she listens. She is not a pilot, but she can understand. The file to CEC is opened and she looks over something as she listens. When done, the female twi'lek draws her hand away from her mouth. "So majority of your forces are air." She says. "And you will need to be able to pay your people. Jedi, as far as I remember don't have much money." Nor do pantsuits not tailored correctly. SHe does not talk about the fashion in the room but instead is weighing to what degree she will need to contribute. "I understand your needs, but it will be a great stride for us to make to fund you. I am funding some of Bespin's repairs in order to gain the best Tibianna gas available from the planet. I need to know what I offer you will be kept quiet. But further more…that when and if the time comes, you will be available for defensive measure of Corellia."

Ian nods his head in agreement, "Indeed, what we are looking for is any support Corellia can offer and perhaps it's influence in order to help us obtain fighter aircraft. What we need at first is the hardware to effectively enact our mission, from there we can push forward into other areas. There's plenty of room to expand, but without the hardware it is difficult to help anyone." With a smile he pauses for Taija to enter in, but just before he adds, "Miss Havilland can tell you about our capability to defend Corellia; you can be assured that we will by all means. She has a few tactical measures that we can use to stay in contact in order to be ready should that day come."

"Majority, yes. We'll also be employing a hand-picked Marine contingent to act as security and a terra-bound strike force should the need arise." Taija falls quiet once more, keeping her eyes focused on either Ian or Shy depending on who is speaking. When Ian defers to her she nods. "Yes, sir. The vast majority of our pilots are some of the best that the Starfighter Corps had to offer. Seasoned Squadron commanders down to the brightest up and comers. Your planet produces some of the finest Naval traditions around but the combined combat experience of the wing that we can bring to bare, using our tactics, I believe we could be of an incredible aid. We may not be able to be the decisive factor, I won't lie. But we will most certainly be noticed. Bar none, High Justice, I know of no better small force capable of providing quick-action defense on the fly." One could probably insert a tap into her head and it would dispense icy cool confidence.

"You are most definitely a mercernary force." A'estshy clears her throat and Enteri brings in the drinks and sets them down. SHe thanks him softly and he smiles to the Justice before backing up and moving to gather a datapad that she motions to. He gives it to her and sets everything else down as she speaks, "Humble yet confident. That is a true warrior and I can see that is what you have dedicated your life to, Miss Havilland." She lifts her caf up and blows across the steaming liquid to sip at it. "Corellia is doing well in sense of funds. I know that we can make this deal with you on certain terms." She pauses, and then turns the datapad over to them both. "Enteri, get Miss Havilland her own datapad." SHe says and she hooks up to a chit once it is given to her, downloading the information to it and then handing it over to Taija. "This here outlines a contract…a job if you will. Ongoing as long as we fund you. First and foremost, should Corellia come under attack in any form, your forces will aid us in every way possible." She pauses, letting them read over the legal mumbo jumbo as she translates to them. "Furthermore…the contract also states that should we be in dire need and call upon you, you will at least respond to the call. The situation will be discussed and if you feel you can help, there will be action taken on your part." She waits, levelling her eyes on them. "Also, I am funding you. I want to know exactly where the money is going…if its payrolls or buying goods. I would like to be kept informed." (speaking in Basic)

Nodding Ian says to Shy in reply, that pleasant smile unwavering in his expression, "Our thanks, as well as my personal gratitude to you madam Justice. With the concurrance of my director over the legal information needed and the specific terms, I'd like to accept your contract. There are many benefits I believe each of us can reap in this arrangement, and I am looking forward to a long term relationship." He nods his head and adds, "I'd also like to add that if you need a personal security escort that we are able to assist as well." He looks to Taija as there's more information to be had, the high level stuff now complete - it's a matter of working the details, something he knew Taija was extremely good at. There were other matters to consider, but that would come in time. This was the first major step for the fledgling org.
(speaking in Basic)

"I'll take that as a compliment, High Justice. Thank you." Taija keeps her eyes on the woman. When the datapad is handed over, she begins perusing it. There doesn't seem to be any problem on her end but then again she isn't a lawyer. "I see nothing wrong with these terms as they're written." She seems like she has more to say on the subject but its not in direct reply to the terms, more to something the High Justice has said. "We can provide personal security to cover your losses, sir. You may think us a merc organization but you could not offer me enoug hcredits in the galaxy to pay one lick of respect to the idea of it being done for a Sith or any of their cronies."

"I thank both of you for your concern of my well being. It is already trouble being a twi'lek on a human based world, no matter how mixed the sentients have become. I keep my people as true corellians. A merc force may be looked down on. For now, my retinue will stand as is, but I will keep your offer in mind. I must foster a good reputation with the people I am in charge of. I am sure you both know how that goes." A'estshy smiles warmly and then wave at the datapad. "There is a pad where you can place your thumbprint if you agree to these terms. If so, I will have another datapad given outlining how you can access your funds. I will keep an account for you and feed into it slowly. But for your first funding, it shall be in a lump sum to make sure that your…needs are seen to." She holds her caf, waiting for them to accept. (speaking in Basic)

Nodding one final time Ian chuckles and says, "Well, if corellia is for corellians, then you can say you have a Corellian Jedi to help escort you, Miss Havilland and others can assist in the shadows. Though, for the deal we accept." He looks to Taija and then rises, moving over to the desk to place his print where it is indicated. He smiles and nods to Taija, allowing her to do the same. "Today marks an important occasion, one that should be remembered for years to come."

"As you need, High Justice." Taija doesn't seem to have more to say on the idea of her needing protection. Hey, Important Lady knows what is best, right? She's Kuati so there's nothing for her to add about personal duty. The Ops Officer rises from the chair and moves to the pad at the table, giving the Twi'lek a meaningful look and glance towards Ian before she moves to the pad. There's something she wishes to discuss. Its subtle, but apparently private. Her thumb is pressed to the pad without anything else to add - even to Ian's words. Hands clasp behind her back once more as she looks to the High Justice.

Taija is deeply considered as A'estshy hands over the datapad that carries the transferrable credits. She brings up a new one and begins to correct some information and log into her accounts. Her eyes lift back and the woman looks as if she wishes to speak, "Miss Havilland, is there any questions that you may have, I do hope that everything has been outlined to the degree you find acceptable?" The Justice starts to sit forward, unfolding her legs as she tilts her head, lekku shifting down her back in that characteristic movement. (speaking in Basic)

Taija follows the woman back to the desk and settles in a farther chair so that she could speak more quietly. "No, High Justice. I have no questions to the contract. Though I have amendments and assurances that go beyond the terms from my end if you might be amenable to hear them? I can put my thumbprint on a contract and its coldly placed into a lock-up somewhere in an office. You can look me in the eye, though, when I can say my terms, though." If she is willing to hear them.

"That you can…" A'estshy says in consideration and then sets down what she is working on currently. Turning to face Taija more directly, she gives her the full attention she deserves. "Do go on." She motions with her hand to make it so. Business agian, but there is an understanding in that golden gaze of her's and the Justice seems willing to listen to it all. "I do not know what ammendants you will make, but please." She says again. Her hand rests on her desk lighly and her lekku shift, giving hints that she is listening very carefully.

Taija might as well be in uniform for all her posturing. Its aggressive but not towards the Twi'lek. She carries a lot of fight in her, that much is obvious. "High Justice, the Forc- Knight can make his promises and assurances. As per my signed terms, I will do my best to make sure we follow-through. But there is something very important you need to be aware of." Her voice is as cold as a meat locker. "We left postings as some of the most respected fighter jocks in the business." Probably not the language Shy is used to but Taija is going to lay it out like -she- knows it. "We left because we wanted to hit back. We were sick of the hypocrisy. The killing of innocent people. We wanted to make the Empire pay. Then the Knight faked his death. Given the situation, we paniced. I ordered the entire force to scatter. We had no idea what was going to happen and I was afraid we had someone inside ready to hit us as well." Her hands unclasp and reclasp. She's fidgety but lacks the desperation of a person who is nervous. "You should know, High Justice, that if he goes dead or missing again, that contract holds. My pilots are angry but they understand. They want to know they've got a place. We're looking at this as our last posting. We're all willing to take this fight to any doorstep. If the Knight departs, that fight doesn't stop. I'll still order my people in where we are needed to make a difference. If we're engaged in an action and I have to steal a scow with a machine gun on it to come to your aid if you need us, I will do exactly that. Are we in understanding, High Justice?" She's no Jedi. But there is no denying that dedication.

Lekku twine and flick, nerve reactions from her thoughts meandering through her head as her golden eyes linger on the woman. A'estshy flows into that same stance, as if mimicing Taija to give her some familiar ground to present to. Politics. But it is default and she is a business woman first and foremost - she knows loyalty. Once done with, she is given due time in silence to process everything. "Miss Havilland, I knew from the moment you presented yourself you were a woman of duty." SHe pauses, reaching back for her datapad. "You are loyal to your people and you do not balk at what is requested. You have ideals and you have found a way to work them into mercenary work - which is not easy to do." Her voice is accented, thickly so and it hints at her being a late learner of basic. "I understand where you are coming from and I must say, you impress me more each moment. But I must make myself clear as well. I do not expect you to be here all the time. Corellia must attempt to stand on her own, but know what waits out there…we will need you. Of that I am certain. I can only hope our funding will aid in making sure you are as prepared as we hope to be." Slowly the datapad is gone over and finalized. She extends it to the woman. "This is for you, and the elite few you choose. Funding, as little as it may be. But it will get you custome items..and a suit that will actually hide your weapon." She smiles a bit more. "Should you need anything..overly customized, I have contacts. I will get it for you. But his funding is to be used for you and your close team. I can see you hold some of them dear. It is not hard to note." She straightens then and nods to her. "Are you in understanding? If you are to protect this world and it's interests..then we shall reward you handsomely. THe few who stand are the proud ones. Corellia is part of a dawning of a new age for this galaxy…I plan to make sure she shines." (speaking in Basic)

Taija listens to the first part with barely a reaction on her face. Its a simple "Thank you, sir," given back to the High Justice. "But in counter, this group doesn't babysit. Liberate where we can, defend when we have to, always stand for those who can't do either one for themselves." She doesn't even blink. "Like you, I expect Corellia to stand on its own. But I also expect you are correct about needing a group like this. You have our support. The fact alone that you're willing to give us the creds, not the actual act, says a lot. We aren't whoring ourselves to the highest bidder, nor are we looking to see who can give us the best terms. I'd rather go back to sleeping in gutters than work for some of the beings out there." She takes a slow breath. "Its not about the money, High Justice. Myself of the Knight will take it. But its about standing for something. I can't deflect blaster rounds with a cool sword or move minds with a swipe of my hand. But my word is my bond, High Justice. When you call, you'll get the cav."

"It may not be about the money." A'estshy quickly states, "But it is about the right equipment, and unfortunately…money is needed to get that." She offers the datapad still. "Take it, or the deal is off." She informs the other woman. Politics. Hard straight and forward. "When you do have to defend my people here, you will be prepared and if you are not, then that is my fault. I am going to do my part, you do yours and accept what I am givingyou to make certain that my people are taken care of." She lifts her chin slowly and then adds, "THere are poor, good, bad, and mediocre leaders. Corellia needs a strong leader and even if this means transferring funds around to make sure people are safe, I will do it. We can forgo certain things versus protection. But you can not go without equipment." She stats, trying to put the terms of her offering the pay in a way that Taija can accept and understand. It is not a hand out - it is preparation. (speaking in Basic)

Taija stares back at the woman, even as she prepares with withdrawl the money. There's something to be said for a person who went as high as she did. What all she saw and with what it must have taken for her to turn so harshly against the Empire that defined so much of her life. "I'm glad we understand each other, High Justice." She reaches out carefully and takes the datapad. "Thank you for your belief and leadership." There's no move to rise. Her eyes drop to the datapad to look it over before rising once more to the sun moving towards a set in the distance.

"No, thank you. Commander." It seems Shy has done her research. She smile faintly and then motions out the window. "I suggest you both stay, I will fund the rooms. Corellia is beautiful. Besides, if you are to defend us, you should see the sights. We are no CHandrila…but there is a truth in the natural sights. The beach..at this time of year is perfect." She pauses, and says in understanding as her face is warmed by the last rays of the sun. "Besides, it is said that one must recharge to made whole…you must relax some time, Commander." Her hands fold before her and the petite twi'lek draws a long - appreciative breath.

Taija looks back from the window and she's older. Just the idea of a vacation seems to make her age. "Heh. I appreciate the sentiment, High Justice. I don't have a rank unless he decides I do, though. My pilots know who their boss is. I haven't help a rank since I quit my last steady job." Her smile is wry but genuine. "But I appreciate it. Thank you. Can't say I would turn down a day or so on a beach. Sip a few drinks and listen to the kids. That sounds fair divine, actually."