Evac Battle And Aftermath
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Date: 17/April/2011
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Nabima, Sesten, Zoya, Ona, Venelav, Akane, Alaculus, briefly Enth, Later briefly Sergei
Space Over Chandrila
Evac Day for Chandrila

On the bridge of her ship, Zoya Duann watches the viewscreens, instead of looking out the view ports - the computer-generated data will give her a better tactical view of the battlespace than the naked eye, after all. "Grav-well generators to full power. All weapons fire on my order. Keep our Avengers with us, to catch any fighters that come our way, but attach the scimitars to an attack squadron", she says, making the last of her orders more vague than the others, allowing her subordinate officer, the one in charge of handling the scimitar bombers, to find the best attack squadron into which include the fighter-bombers.
The enemy ships get caught in the Interdictor's gravity-well trap, just as they were expected to. "Line us up on a bearing and follow the Tormentor in, match her speed. Weapons: Gravity wells - maintain full power, let's keep them /here/. Laser batteries - support fire for Tormentor. Fighters: CAP engage at will to protect Unwaking. Attack squadron - on fighter Lead's orders. Shields: full forward, balance as necessary. Troopers on standby.", Zoya calls out to her bridge officers.
The Unwaking starts forward, lining up 'below and behind' the Tormantor to follow the larger, better-armed ship into the fray, fighters circling the ship to screen her from other 'bugs', while her sensors pick out and lock onto enemy targets.

<SPACE|SF-9643 Corak 3|Akane> With a warm welcome to the fray, green lasers light up the starry void as a lone TIE decides to engage Akane and her tardy X-wing. She had been expecting some notice being all alone, so her response was text book as she nosed the fighter up and the leasers flew harmlessly wide. She didn't even need her astromech to warn her, not that that fact had stopped him from doing it. Still, she was getting to know the new fighter, she her motions with it were a bit more timid and controlled.
Entering into a S maneuver, Akane brought her craft not behind the TIE targeting her, but towards the side. She was trying to use the squint's own solar panel as a natural scene from her approach. Sure, the ploy would play out on the HUD, but only if the other pilot was looking. Liking her fire, and easing the trigger, Akane answer her new friend's challenge.

<SPACE|CS-1718 Tormentor|Sesten>
"Lord Venelav, congratulations on your marriage. I am sorry I could not attend the ceremony, but you're right I've been quite busy." The Imperial Admiral drolls in an almost pleasant voice over his comlink. "Lieutenant Yal and I send you our regards, and I pray you survive the day to make it home to your wife. Good hunting, old friend." With that said, Sesten ceases to banter with his foe.
"Commander Duann, move into attack position beneath the Revanchist, and stay out of the Liberator's firing solution. I will take the fire from them for the moment." With this said, the HIMS Tormentor turns hard to starboard, and moves to place the Revanchist between itself and the Liberator — opening fire on the Revanchist with its forward batteries.
You paged Sesten and Zoya with 'unless the Admiral wanted them here already to give better density'
From afar (to Nabima and Zoya), Sesten has them here for density atm. ;)
Zoya pages Nabima and Sesten: … it'd not be wise to have the Truth show upw ithout fighters with her… she'd be showing up 'naked' to fighter-assault.

<SPACE|SF-4818 Prowler 1|Alaculus>
The Manuever was quite ingenius of the Republic Pilot, pulling her X-wing out of sight in her S swivel of the snub nose, Alac turned to get visual confirmation of her location. Although the HUD did throw up a warning, it was a fraction late, as he lost her in that long loop at the top of her turn. Responding, he jerks hard on the flight stick, but the red linked lasers slide through regardless, peppering his TIE in furious red lines that die out almost as soon as they form. Readouts indicate it is light, but there's a little extra wiggle in his Yolk, not that he lets that stop him.
"Prowler Zeta, this is lead, report." Never losing his composure, never stalling as he awaits the replies of his Flight, he tucks his foot down hard into the right pedal and yanks out of his wide corkscrew in a whirling dive down back towards the X-wing, pulling hard on his fire controls, as he tugs back on the stick to level himself out and pull away again in a quick pass of green lasers.
The Squadron begins to call targets, one does not report having taken a shot to the comm system, she pulled out of the fight to return to the Tormentor. The Scimitars, are moving with their rockets to fire off shots of opportunity on the smaller support crafts attached to the Republic Fleet. Then tucking away back to the safety of their Fighter accompaniment which are engaging to keep them protected.

<SPACE|CS-4899 Unwaking|Zoya>
"Helm: negative on Z-axis relative to system-plane, maximum thrust", Zoya calls to her piloting team, even as she reaches to a console and inputs some data. "Make for the coordinates I've given you, nose-on to the enemy. Laser batteries - target Revanchist, full barrage, fire upon achieving targeting and range solution", she adds.
The Interdictor's crew responds, and the ship arcs about through space, putting the Revanchist between itself and the Liberator, her forward laser batteries opening fire on the enemy ship as range closes.

<SPACE|CS-4940 Revanchist|Venelav> Though his opponents would not see it the Lord of The Wheel makes a solemn salute to his enemies as he looks out the forward view port of the vessel. His gesture completed he takes his seating the command chair and shouts orders, "Evasive actions, lets see just how big of a target the Revanchist makes. Return fire on the Tormentor forward Heavy Turbolasers.

<SPACE|CS-9891 Liberator|Ona>
Swinging about, as the Tormentor opens on her allies, Ona leads the Libertor onward. Full front turbolasers aligning and opening up on the Imperial ship. She narrows her gaze and feels the ship shudder with the response of the main batteries. "Report please, I want them recharged and ready to fire again." Comes the command before contacting Venelav, "Lord Venelav, how are you holding up?"

<SPACE OOC> From Nabima on CS-3588:
Watching the timing display on her tactical repeater, Lieutenant Commander Nabima Heltris didn't want to be left behind or out of the fight but she follows orders. At the thirty second mark, she gestures to astrogation. "Doublecheck your plot." she remarks before saying to helm, "Prepare to be pulled uncomfortably out of hyperspace…. and I want you to maneuver to face the launch bay away from the enemy and bring our turbolasers to bear." And then she brings up the All Hands intercom.
"All hands. The Truth and Reconciliation is about to jump into the fray. I know I can count on you all to perform your duties to the utmost. Prepare for a bit of discomfort." And then she calls the hangar, "CAG. Prepare for rapid launch, all fighters the -moment- we revert to normal space….." and then it's time… three… two… one… and the universe twists into a tunnel of hyperspace that's so brief… it lasts maybe a second or two for the microjump until the ship runs smack dab into the Gravity wells put out by the Unwaking.
Alarms wail at the crew of the small Marauder Corvette and the ship crashes down into normal space…. exactly as planned. Aboard the ship, the crew fights nausea with a singular will, and TIE Avengers spill from the ventral launch bay like they were grains of salt and pepper falling out of a shaker. The ship is brought about and the helmsman angles to get the angle so that the forward and port turbolasers can fire. It's a lot easier to do that when your ship is 1/8 the length of your target. Double Turbolaser Cannons speak, sending fire towards the rear of the Revanchist. On the bridge, Nabima Heltris sits and projects an air of calm serenity in the face of battle against so large a foe.

<SPACE|CS-1718 Tormentor|Sesten>
Sesten watches as the HIMS Tormentor's turbolaser's blaze away against the Revanchist, and with terrifying effect. The Admiral's lips press into a grim line here, and then he looks away from the Confederate Star Destroyer. "Commander Duann, Commander Heltris. Engage and destroy the Revanchist. I am going to engage the Liberator, and keep her fire off of you. Good hunting." With that said, Sesten glances over to his navigations officer and calls out. "Take evasive manuevers, and bring us around to fire at the Liberator."
Moments later the HIMS Tormentor is rolling away from the incoming fire, and is only struck once — a glancing blow to the bottom of the ship. Soon, the massive star destroyer is swinging about, and pointing her guns towards the Liberator — though doesn't open fire just yet as the turbolaser batteries are still acquiring a lock.

<SPACE|CS-4899 Unwaking|Zoya>
Zoya replies into her comm, "Aye, Admiral", then takes a few seconds, as her ship's weapons blaze away at the Revanchist to study the tactical data that's coming in. "Helm: cut main drives. Fire bow-ventral, bow-starboard, aft-dorsal, and aft-port maneuver-thrusters. Prepare to cut thrusters and counter-thrust to end rotation on my mark. Foward batteries: continue fire on Revanchist. Shields: maintain full forward."
The Interdictor's main ion drives cut out, leaving the capital ship drifting on momentum alone, as her maneuvering thrusters cause her to rotate on that line of motion, keeping her nose pointed at the enemy Star Destroyer, her guns blazing away. "Mark!", calls out the Unwaking's captain, and the maneuver thrusters cease firing, with their opposites now firing to make the rotation stop… so that the ship's drifting along her previous course with her nose lined up for continued fire on her target, while also keeping the target ship between herself and the Liberator.

<SPACE|CS-4940 Revanchist|Venelav> Opening communications again with the Commodore, Lord Venelav remarks as the Revanchist rocks, "When they have developed Imperator 3, or Imperator 4 class Star Destroyer and I am sitting in one of them….then I will be happier. But we are holding on. Just do me a favour and blast your brother for me. We will to do what we can with the others." Standing he turns to his crew, "Rear Heavy Turbolaser Canons fire at the Marauder at our back. Let them know we don't appreciate weapons at our choobies." Wathcing the sensor displays of what the Unwaking is doing he moves towards one of the readouts and says, "Given me whatever arc you can with the Unwaking too. Let use share and share alike." He looks to the helmsman, "Try to see if we can not embarrass ourselves too much."

<SPACE|SF-9643 Corak 3|Akane> She had scored a hit, but not enough damage to push the Squint and its pilot from the fight. As the larger battle raged around them, she was only vaguely aware of the larger picture. Akane could not move on until this small hurtle was leaped. As the TIE's fired again, the rolled hard right and then cut the thrusters, letting the faster fighter zoom past. As the TIE started its own evasive maneuvers, the X-wing fired again.

<SPACE|CS-9891 Liberator|Ona> "One battery is not functioning, Commodore." Comes the reply to her request and Ona nods her head. "Keep our locks with her first three then, don't relent. Load a missile and fire as well. WE need to punch a hole." She says. The Commodore leaves the com open to Venelav and adds, "Well we will see if we can not make that so at one point." She smiles and then nods her head to her weapons officer. "Fire." That said he gives the order as well, "Fire on mark two for the missile." He pauses, "One, mark two.." That said, releasing the missil, as it streaks with hope towards the Tormentor.
Ona steps up close to the edge of the raised platform. "Come dear brother, let us determine who succeeds."

<SPACE|SF-4818 Prowler 1|Alaculus>
Prowler Lead flies past the X-wing and immediately dives down in a rolling hurtle of speed, perhaps ancipating the manuever, or simply relying on his experiences with Republic fighter pilots. Behind the black helmet of his flight suit, his dark eyes look over the HUD that overlays his vision. As the comms continue to errupt with both successful engagements with the enemy contacts, there are several losses of note. Nearly half of Flight Beta is destroyed, and the flight lead vaporized. Within his own Flight, one pilot was limping back to the Tormentor and another was dead in space. Alaculus, however, continues to fight. Turning his stick towards his left knee, he release pressure on his left pedal and pushes down hard on the right, sending the TIE into a cork screw dive out of the line of red that barks out from the snub nose fighter on his tail.
As calm as a breeze, dispite the situation in which he's finding himself, his cool voice calls out over the comsys, "Flight Lead to Prowler Zeta flight. Harbinger bombers in route to assist with contacts at zero oh seven sero two nine, sector alpha. Break and run screen as they approach to lend support to the Truth and Reconciliation." Orders given, confirmations recieved, having lept deliberately out ahead of the Republic fighter behind him to distance himself with his own faster craft, he tucks the stick back in and comes around wide, thruttling down swiftly to cut in tight at the appex of his looping turn and squeezes off on the fire controls.

<SPACE|SF-9643 Corak 3|Akane> The Squint pilot was good, Akane had to admit, but she had also rushed her shot. Something the very vocal Astromech behind her was busy chastising her about it. With all the twisting and turning, she now found herself stuck in a hard loop with the TIE. Both were trying to gain on the other as to get the advantage, both trading off shots. Gritting her teeth, and pushing her new X-wing as hard as she could, the young woman barely waited for the HUD to tone a lock before firing. In would be milliseconds before the enemy fighter was out of her sight again and he was eating up her time. Maybe she could lure him closer to the larger fight and someone else would pick the pest off.

<SPACE|CS-3588 Truth and Reconciliation|Nabima>
"Helm, ev.." but Nabima is a bit too late. The heavy turbolasers strike the 195 meter Corvette and the shields do their best, they really do. But there's only so much they can do to blunt that sort of shot. The bridge takes a hit, and the helmsman never even knows what hits him…. in fact it's like a repeat of what happened to the last commander. A piece of a bulkhead rips free and tears the helmsman in half. "Engineering, Damage Control. Medical Emergency on the bridge!" calls Nabima into her comm, but she's already out of her chair and racing to the helm station. The comms officer has pulled the body of the helmsman out of the seat already and the ship drifts for a few moments before the engines fire again. Its commander is at the controls now. "Taking us in close. Hopefully too close for their weapons to track. Let's see if we can sting them to death before they hammer us." She turns her head just a bit, "Comms, transmit our condition to the rest of the fleet, let them know we're still in this." And she turns the ship, firing thrusters to bring undamaged weapons to bear. "Guns, fire as she bears!" she announces.

<SPACE|SF-4818 Prowler 1|Alaculus>
The TIE continues to whirl tight in on that hard turning corkscrew with the agile X-wing. While he would never admit it outloud, he was getting a grudging respect for their pilots. Having engaged them multiple times now over Chandrila, they had never proved fragile. Pushing both pedals down, he pulled back on his control yolk and shoots forward in a tight 'virtial' look along his fighters plain, pulls into the stick to bring him in a diving roll out to port of the x-wing, he tugs on his linked weapons fire control and sails straight forward off to her starboard side.
The Scimitars move in swiftly, flanked by TIEs that screen the bombers run, releasing their volley of torpedoes then peeling away from the fray for another trio to come in. Mini explosions lace across an unidentified support craft, as the fighter compliment engage the screen in red and green exchange.

<SPACE|CS-1718 Tormentor|Sesten> The HIMS Tormentor turns into the fire coming from the Liberator, and takes the brunt of it on the nose. Newly placed armor plates are ripped off, and holes are torn into the hull of the ship. Fires rage on several decks, and damage control crews are already on their way to assess the damage. "Hell of a shot little Sister." The Admiral murmurs under his breath, but only after taking a moment to steady himself. "All forward batteries, concentrate all of your fire on the Liberator." A moment later every forward turbolaser battery opens up, and massive green bolts of energy scream across the sky.

<SPACE|CS-4899 Unwaking|Zoya>
Zoya watches what goes on. "Helm: On my mark, one-tenth foward thrust and resume rotation thrusters as before, both for two-thirds duration of previous rotation burn. All foward batteries, continue fire on Revenchist", she says… then waits for a few heartbeats, before calling out, "Mark!" A moment later, she turns to speak to her technical officers, saying, "Ready damage control teams." Then, thumbing a control at her own station, she says into the intercom for all members of her ship's crew to hear: "All hands, prepare for impact - we're about to be taking fire." Switching the intercom off, she calls out, "Communications: relay our projected course to Truth, let her know we'll screen her for a bit.
The Unwaking keeps her nose pointed at her target, forward laser batteries raining fire up into the Revanchist's underbelly, along its ventral line towards its aft end. When her maneuver thrusters and main drives fire again, it turns her straight-line drifting into an arcing course that brings the capital ship up and around into the Revanchist's rear fire-arc… and directly between that ship and the suddenly-battered Truth and Reconciliation.
You paged Sesten with 'how do you mean? Not that I disagree, just curious'
Sesten pages: Yes. We can shoot a shit ton of stuff at each other, but if we blow up in two rounds. Is that fun?

<SPACE|SF-9643 Corak 3|Akane> Enough of this, it was getting no where and her solo dog fight with the Squint was doing nothing for the larger picture. The Caps were getting blasted, and the fighter squadrons were busy mixing it up with valuable targets. And what was Akane doing? Going mono y mono with one dogged Imp pilot. So, instead of following through with the next rotation and continuing to get on his 6, she changes tactics. Snapping her flight yoke hard in the other direction and increasing her yaw, the X-wing's thrusters flare to full bore. Using an the approach of a hulking corvette, Corak 3 breaks from this engagement and seeks out another. But she would be looking for that one Squint, and hopefully next time, the would do more than trade misses.

<SPACE|CS-4940 Revanchist|Venelav> As the Unwaking moves into the way of the Revanchists firing arc on the Truth and Reconciliation, the Lord of The Wheel can not help but to grin, between shots against the poorly maneuvering target. "Now we have the Unwaking just where we want them. Fire everything you can at them. We need the evacuation ships to be able to jump out of this graveyard even if we are not able to." Peering over the man at the sensor console Venelav says, "Keep an eye on that Marauder I do not want to find them trying to feel us up while we are bashing their friends. Opening communications with the mission commander again "How are you doing Commodore, are we keeping ahead in the eternal struggle between the Delamonts?"

<SPACE|CS-9891 Liberator|Ona> As each strike hits upon the Tormentor, Ona narrows her gaze as the claxons sound that there are multiple locks, "Execute evasion five one alpha.." She intones calmly. Her foots fall shifting as they go to try to get another track on the Tormentor. "Lock two missiles on and release on my mark." As they align and get them set ahead to where they are moving to ere on the side of hopeful for being missed, the Libertor is a slow lazy swing about, the large Nebulon taking its time. It i has yet to see damage this battle but this might very well prove to be undone very shortly.

<SPACE|CS-3588 Truth and Reconciliation|Nabima>
Those Double Turbolasers on the Marauder seem to be doing well here. At least the surving weapons on board the ship. Nabima's display frazzled a bit, but she saw the Unwaking moving her way and then she focuses her sensor display on the Revanchist. Noting the damage and the atmosphere leaking from the vessel, she attempts something here. "Comms, give me the Revanchist." she announces…. and then the comm officer says, "Live mic."
"Attention Lord Venelav aboard the Revanchist. This is Lietenant Commander Nabima Heltris of the Imperial Navy. You have fought well, but there are likely hundreds if not thousands of casualties on your ship. I give you one chance to stand down and surrender your vessel. This will save the lives of the remaining crew. You will be treated with military courtesies. Please reply immediately." And she cuts off the transmission there before having it switch to fleet channel. "I have offered him a chance to surrender. My recommendation is that we do not fire until he has decided… but be prepared for full evasive maneuvers in case he decides to say no… violently. Admiral, do you require aid?" she asks. Yes, the commander of the smallest ship here, beat to hell, is asking if the big boy needs help.

<SPACE|SF-4818 Prowler 1|Alaculus>
Inside the heavier combat engagement, there is the buzzing of smaller crafts engaged in smaller scale battles of their own. Republic and Imperial fighters, with those accompanying the Revanchist, whirl about one another in the midst of, and sometimes dodging through, the massive turbolaser batteries provided by the larger Capital Ships of the Fleet. Bombers continue to make runs against smaller targets of opportunities on both sides of the engagement, as fighters twisted and dodge in defense screen patterns protecting the smaller vessels.

<SPACE|CS-1718 Tormentor|Sesten>
The HIMS Tormentor is struck by two more missles, and they blow large holes into the hull of the ship. Fires rage across all decks, and the ship takes evasive manuevers. "Truth and Unwaking. The HIMS Tormentor has taken heavy damage, and is withdrawing from the fight. Unwaking, cut your gravwells immediately, and both of you move to engage the Liberator. I need you to cover our withdrawl." With that said, the HIMS Tormentor breaks away from combat, and heads towards open space — manuevering so that the other two ships can cover his withdrawl.

<SPACE|CS-4899 Unwaking|Zoya>
"Helm: stay on our lateral line of movement, let range to Revanchist increase, angle our nose to Liberator and close distance to new target. Shields: balance. Forward batteries: full fire on Liberator - let Revanchist go. Gravwells: immediate shutdown", Zoya calls out. Then, turning to speak over one shoulder, she calls out for a damage report from the return-fire her ship just took. "Light damage along ventral line. No weapons lost, no loss of maneuverability or shield strength", is the damage report.
The Unwaking, coming around Revanchist, engages her primary drives and accelrates past the battered Star Destroyer, her port laser batteries raking Venelav's ship as the Interdictor flies past, while her forward weapons open up in an 'get their attention' sort of way on Liberator. The artificial gravity well ceases to exist, too, making hyperdrives all go 'green' for the ships in the area.
"Send out orders to all fighter squadrons: regroup, prepare to withdraw. All without hypedrives are to immediately withdraw to Unwaking, those with, cover that action", Zoya adds, directing that to her communications officer.

<SPACE|CS-4940 Revanchist|Venelav> The Confederation's flagships continues to take damage from the two smaller ships. The smile that has been on the Lord of The Wheel's face is replaced by a look of deep worry. Open communications with the Liberator, "I am sorry Commodore but we are going to have to pull out. Their skill has out classed my hardware." As the last few shots shake the heavily damaged ship. The Revanchist slowly tries to pull out, he offers in final communication to the enemy as the ships prepares for hyperjump, "I promise I will give you a chance to kill the rest of my crew later."

<SPACE|CS-9891 Liberator|Ona> As the Tormentor unengages and the other ships swing around, the COmmodore narrows her gaze. Wetting her lips, she motions to her forward battries as they take one glancing blow, the other missing. "Good good, I want two on that ship now." She motions to the Unwakening and then I want to bring up a shot against the other. We need this hole punched!" She declares, waiting for the engineers on her deck to get her other front battery aligned. "I understand, Lord Venelav, get your people out of here …" With a report of her other battery coming up, she quickly aims the fourth upon Nabima's ship. "Bring us about!" She intones loudly.

<SPACE|CS-9891 Liberator|Enth>
"I hate combat. I swear to all the gods, I hate combat. I— son of a— THEY'RE SHOOTING MY SHIP, for gods' sake!" As the Liberator is pummeled by enemy fire, Enth Sang is present with a team of technicians and engineers working in the immense vessel's prow." Since not long after the battle began, his hands have been busy trying to fix early damage to the forward batteries. Closing a panel and giving it a hard twist to secure it shut, the boy reaches up with greasy fingers and slaps the main control on his headset comlink. "Hey, Bridge!" he yells over the din of racket where all the battle's real action is taking place. Thankfully, the dampeners in the communications system turn his voice down to a reasonable volume, if not so much on the pitch. "I've got batteries one-twelve through one-thirty back online on the mid-decks. Turrets are ready for orders!"

<SPACE|SF-4818 Prowler 1|Alaculus>
The TIE Squadrons being more or less tit for tat with the Republic's fighters, it is not without it's share of casualties. The engagement having raged for a short time, but fiercely, there are a growing number of red contacts to replace the green, "Prowler Squadron, this is Zeta Lead. There has been a withdrawal order from the Tormentor." The calm voice of the pilot is heavily metalic in the comsys and flight helmet, "Move to position Alpha oh one oh five two, disengage and go into evasive retreat for the Unwaking as able or regroup with the Imperial fleet night side of Chandrila." Tucking his own fighter into a loop, he rolls into a loose formation with his two remaining flight of Avengers and rolls towards the Intradictor Unwaking, keying to her fighter comm frequency "Commander, this is Prowler lead. Docking at Bay zero oh two zero." To fighter tactical, with a flick of his fingers along the comsys board, "Cover the Harbingers on docking." Always in that calm, slightly detached, voice. Dispite the damage to his own fighter. A calming sound to the squadron that's sustained fairly heavily losses in the short skirmish.

<SPACE|CS-4899 Unwaking|Zoya>
"Unwaking hangar bay, clear for fast combat landing", comes teh reply from Unwaking's hangar control communications.

<SPACE|CS-3588 Truth and Reconciliation|Nabima>
Okay, this is a cluster*bleeep!* Nabima's flying her ship herself, and the internal comms are going haywire. She hears Lord Venelav's message and scowls, "I don't -want- to kill his men. I want the killing to -stop-." she mutters, mostly to herself. "Comms, acknowledge the Admiral's orders." She brings the ship about and then lasers flare everywhere. She weaves the little corvette through some of the fire and then comes the serious hit. She's hit amidships, and the sublight engines almost cut out. "Astro, plot a…" Nabima says as she looks over and sees a fused mass of electronics where her astrogator used to sit. She programs in evasive courses and then switches her console to astrogation duty and starts plotting a course. "Comms, signal the Tormentoer, let them know we have suffered heavy damage, our weapon runs are offline, shields are out. We are attempting to jump to rendezvous coordinates." And she starts plotting the jump, hoping against hope that she has the time to get some of her people to safety.

<SPACE|CS-1718 Tormentor|Sesten>
The HIMS Tormentor breaks away into open space. The Hyperdrives come online, and the ship prepares to jump. "Alright, we've done our job. Everyone jump immediately back to Bastion." The Admiral orders, and then the HIMS Tormentor disapears into light speed.

<SPACE|CS-4899 Unwaking|Zoya>
"The Tormentor is clear", reports Zoya's operations officer, getting a report from sensor operators. "All starfighters in need of berthing are landed", reports another officer on her bridge. With a nod of her head, Zoya says, "Communications: sound general retreat to nav-point Delta for re-group to return to Bastion. Weapons: hold fire. Helm: break away, full evasive - make calculations for hyperjump, being spooling the drive."
The Interdictor's done its job, drawing fire off the flagship - and she's paid the price, a couple of her weapons batteries disabled, her shields weakened, and her hull open, flames visible, in a few places. From how the ship maneuvers, it's clear that her captain's ordered withdrawal, and sensors can pick up the build-up of energy in her hyperdrives.

<SPACE|CS-9891 Liberator|Ona> As they start to wheel about, Ona's eyes narrow upon the Unwaking and nods her head, "Fix our batteries on that ship, bring it down. This is for our people on the ground, for the Chandrilans, for the destruction of there piece in a vain attempt to once offer peace. They have failed." She stands there, gripping the railing that separates half the bridge. She gives the call, a loud bark that fills the bridge, "Fire!" As two forward batteries aline, they let loose a volley, laser pings streaking through the abyss of space to the last ship to withdraw. "We have our hole, deploy the shuttles and corvette. Get our people off the ground, now. The bridge is yours Commander Hayes." She turns, striding for the lift and for her own shuttle she will take to the surface.

<SPACE|CS-3588 Truth and Reconciliation|Nabima>
And then the little Corvette which is so much wreckage, somehow manages to twist to an orientation to withdraw. "If we survive the jump… -that- will be the true victory today." mutters Nabima on the bridge as she reaches for the hyperdrive controls and murmurs, "Jenner.. Borta… I might see you sooner than expected… " and then she activates the hyperdrive and flees….

The Unwaking takes more damage, her main propulsion losing half its thrusters at the volley of fire from the Liberator. "Hyperdrive calcuations complete, drive spooled", reports Zoya's helm operations officer. "Engage hyperdrive", orders the Unwaking's captain.

HYPERDRIVE Nabima activates the hyperdrive. Travel time is 5m 53s
Truth and Reconciliation engages its hyperdrive and departs the system.

<SPACE|CS-4899 Unwaking|Zoya>
Unwaking comes out of hyperspace, battered pretty badly after covering the rest of the task force's withdrawal against Liberator, even after having taken so little damage in forcing Revanchist's retreat. She's got fires visible in several holes in her hull, and she /limps/ into orbit about Bastion, half her main drive thrusters gone.

NAV: Autopilot coordinates set to 31|41|30, Bastion
NAV: The ship will be moving a distance of 807 units for 40s.
NAV: The ship has reached its destination of 31 41 30.
NAV: Truth and Reconciliation has landed on Bastion.

Tlaknot Dakar Memorial Starport, Landing Pad Alpha (Public)

The landing pad of the Tlaknot Dakar Memorial Starport is the scene of organized chaos as precise Imperial efficiency keeps the flow of ships taking off and landing constant, guided by the spaceport's traffic controllers. Beneath the clear sky, the smell of fuel, oil, and exhaust mingles with the noise associated with machines, engines, droids, and, over it all, loud voices. Here in the starport a wide variety of races and creeds intermingle and conduct business under the sharp eyes of armored Imperial Storm Troopers. As ships land and crew debark, they and their cargo are guided towards Customs by armed Starport personnel. A loudspeaker announces in a pleasant female voice as each ship lands, "Welcome to Imperial Bastion! Please disembark and load your cargo onto the provided trams. You and your cargo will be conducted through the scanners into Customs. All weapons not left on your ship will be confiscated. Thank you."

After Evac Battle

Somehow… the Truth and Reconciliation makes it to the surface of Bastion. Must be due to the two tug ships tractoring the thing down. Half of one of the wings is missing, all of the weapons bays are … well, there's a meter or two of hull missing at those locations… the hangar is junk, and the bridge's windows are blackened from laser scorchmarks. Medics are frantically digging into areas of the hull to get at wounded trapped behind cut off bulkheads and the like.
Lieutenant Commander Nabima Heltris manages to emerge from a dorsal airlock and is trying to direct rescue crews even as a medic is following after her, trying to get her to lie down. A gash across her forhead is patched up with some gauze, but that's about all she's taken time for at this point… her people are in trouble, possibly dying, and she won't stand idly by.

Alac came down the second the Unwaking reverted to real space and is literally running across the tarmac from his fighter. Along with several of his squadron, all of them in their flight suits sans helmets, they're at least willing volunteering to help with the injured crew as much as they possibly can. Sweat still beads along the fighter pilots brow, smudges from dirt and the quick jump from the space engagement, there's a growing contengiency of emergency response personale.. and those who were just around, trying to find a way to be helpful.
"Commander Heltris!" Alac shouts, spying the Lieutenant Commander shouting directives towards a group of Port crew works, he jaunts up to her, his posture not nearly as rigid, though his tone is every bit as icy. "Commander, are you alright? How can I assist?" Glancing at the ship, he is quite clearly, more concerned with her crew than the machinery.

Standing at attention in the massive hanger he was amazed to see the ship being tugged in, being a ground tropper he doesn't spend much time on ships preferring to go hand in hand with his enemies or blaster to blaster to be precise.
Looking on to the mass of people frantically rushing to assist him being one, rushing to the commander Saluting and standing at attention "Second Lietenant Sergai Zang reporting, how can I assist ma'am?"
Not wanting to be doing nothing with the crisis taking place in full force before him.

"I'm fine." remarks the stoic Tapani noble. "My -men- however… have seen better days." She gestures to an engineering crew muscling a plasma cutter into place. "Sick bay took an indirect hit, and I can't communicate with anyone inside. We're trying to cut through the hull to get to'em… anything you can do to help would be welcome." she offers as she steps over. "What we need now, is elbow grease." she looks towards the trooper, "Lieutenant Zang, your armor should stand you in good stead with a plasma cutter. Would you man the tool?" she asks as the battered engineers come out of the airlock, lugging the device along with'em.

In Reply to her request Zang gave off the salute and said "Yes ma'am."
Heading up to the device the two engineers were lugging out with them and he would try and designate them so he is able to man the plasma cutter asking "Which area do I need to be cutting in, I'm not familliar with this ships layout Ma'am?"

Seeing that the Lieutenant Commander is, infact, okay, Alaculus moves a few steps away from her and begins shouting at a group of dock workers, grabbing hold of one rushing past by the uniform in one balled fist, "You heard the Commander, get your crews over to the starboard hatches and start cutting through the plates. If the Medbay was locked down, the wounded are trapped in there. Double time." The younger members of Prowler Squadron stalk after Alac as he takes a direct path towards one of the side hatches, he begins snapping his fingers and calling back towards Zang wigh a glance over his shoulder. "Second Lieutenant, grab this plasma torch and get this hatch open.." His cool voice is both calm, dispite the situation, and distinctly regal, dispite the dirty TIE life suit he's wearing.

The engineer gestures to the rough area they're trying to cut through and Nabima handles a portable sensor pack. "Okay, no life signs RIGHT beyond the wall. Good… you may start cutting now Lieutenant." she says as her comms officer comes out with a handcom and her arm in a sling. "Ma'am… it's Commander Zoya for you." she offers before Nabima nods and takes the comm headset, placing it on her head. "Heltris." she remarks… then listens for a few moments and nods to herself. "Understood… no we're down already and I have crews cutting the worst damaged sections open to get to trapped crewmen. The officer is appreciated. If you want to send down medical teams, that would be most welcome but I think there ought to be plenty of.." and as she finishes saying… "rescue personnel…" emergency speeders pull up alongside the wreck, ambulances and firefighting vehicles pouring into the mix.
Doing as ordered he rushed towards the hatch with the plasma cutter despite never being properly trained with one he remembered his father using one quite often.

Activating it and using his armor and helm to sheild him from the worst of the cutter as he began focusing on cutting through that hatch knowing that many imperial personel lay down their injured or worst.

Alac turns his eyes away and moves off in another direction, pointing to two of his squadron, "Lutcha, Royoah stay with the Second Lieutenant. When the hatch opens move in to find another route into Medical and comm myself or Commander Heltris on your progress." Like the eye of a storm, the Imperial pilot moves off in another direction. Now that he's not running, he moves with a measured calm that could easily be soothing in such a situation, if it weren't for the hard lines of his eyes. Glancing up towards one side of the downed capital ship, he moves beyond the workers to where Nabima stands speaking to Commander Zoya. "We will be inside the ship momentarily, ma'am." He assures her in that ever to quiet, unflappable voice. His back is straight, though the over disciplined edge has melted away, leaving only a noble sort of seriousness to his dark eyes and posture.

A nod is given to Alac as Nabima signs off on the comm. She looks at the rescue personnel and just stands there for a moment as broken and wounded people are pulled from other sections of the hull. Then she shakes her head and snaps out of it before walking over just as the torch burns through the hull into a corridor. "Alright. Move like you have a purpose people." she instructs calmly. "Let's not let anyone die because we were too slow."

Zang focusing his cutting as he begins to get a better grasp on the tools usage continued to slide the tool around the hatch, now all it needed to open the door was time as he moved the tool along the hatches lines.
Soon he had cut his way through looking over his shoulder turning off the plasma cutter as he said "Hatch is breached Ma'am."
Standing up he prepared to follow her through asking "Where is the med bay now we can hopefully try and get there with minimal casualties."

Alac steps over towards where Zang has finished the work of cutting through the hatch. The two pilots grab at the seems with gloved hands and Alac adds a third pair as he steps up into a slice in the hull plating to yank downward and pull the chunk of durasteel cleanly off it's hinges down onto the tarmac. "Aft down this corridor, if the breach sealed off the wing, we will still need to cut through at least two blast doors.. bring that torch with you." A light comes off his belt and shines into the dark interior of the vessel, hand sweeping away hanging wiring as he slides in. "Ma'am, we will be on comm." Then the Kauti Imperial disappears into the corridor along with the pair of pilots in tow.

It's grueling and tiring, backbreaking work, but eventually the rescue teams reach medical… and sickbay is just… well it's gone. The damage that hit the hangar just beneath sickbay blew upwards and turned the entire floor into shrapnel. Shrapnel that ripped through the room like paper.
Nabima waits outside to hear anything, and just as Alac's about to describe the situation, one of the mangled bodies twitches, and a hand reaches out from underneath. Someone must've been shielded from the deadly shards.
Alac was about to bring up his comm and report, in the calmest voice imaginable, that sick bay was gone… then there's that shining glimmer of hope and his hand instead goes down into it. He does not jerk the person up out of the rubble, but holds fast to it, squeezing in a reassuringly strong grip. The comm finally does come up, keyed to the emergency relief channel, "Wounded found, send medical team immediately." kneeling there, the Lieutenant holds fast to the personnel's hand and grips at the forearm with another, "Hold tight, crewman. Help is here."

Letting out a breath that she'd not realized she'd been holding, Nabima gestures to the speeder coming alongside the ship. "Hurry, we have wounded!" she announces. It's not long before paramedics arrive at your location. The only survivor of the charnel house in there is a single lone Ensign who has shrapnel in his arms and legs, but not the trunk of his body. He was sitting in a chair when the floor exploded, and the metal chair saved his life. He was there for a head wound though, and that shows as well. The rest of the sickbay is just… well it's indescribable. "Did we… did I…" murmurs the ensign who obviously has a concussion as well as a lot of blood lost.

Alac takes a final look at the location where there was once a medbay and breaths a single sigh. It's as much of a crack in his expressionless armor as anything, however. As the paramedics are moving the wounded out on an hover cart, the Lieutenant walks along beside the Ensign, still holding fast to the man's hand. Careful not to exaserbate the injuries in his arms, "Yes. You are going to be alright, crewman. You preformed admirably and I have no doubt that Commander Heltris is going to be very proud of you. You served the Empire well tonight." Dispite the cool nature of his voice, there is a genuine sort of regard in it, as well. Ontop of that gratiatingly soothing calm.

And outside, the Commander's waving off medics and gesturing towards her more critically wounded people. Finally though, someone managed to appeal to her sense of duty. When you get outside, she's sitting on the ground, not on top of the ship any longer. Well, not exactly on the ground, but at the back of a medical speeder, imagine a pickup's tailgate. She looks up as she sees you emerge into the sunlight, the Ensign's eyes trying to adjust to the brightness. Even on the stretcher with medics everywhere, that Ensign's latched on to your hand. It's Ensign Landrum, the kid who's basically been the Commander's aide… greeted visitors in the hangar, led'em around and such.
As the medics get to the repulsorsled at the edge of the ship, Nabima's on her feet again and waiting at the ground level where the sled will lower to, and where the medics are waiting to receive the kid.

Alac remembers him well enough, having been recieved by the young man on his first forray onto the Truth and Reconciliation. He also does not seem at all concerned by the death grip on his black gloved hand, it may even be thought that he's pleased by it. Comforted that the wounded crewman is able to grip at all. Dispite the calm of his eyes and tone, the Kuati did not have a great deal of experience with death or dying.. Not on this personal a level. TIE pilots have a fairly short life expectancy, though that has dramatically increased over the years, but they rarely 'see' the dying as anything more than implosions in space. And yet, he carries himself as if this is something he does every single day. As if it the nature of it is just naturally ingrained in him, and his place is to offer as much comfort as he possibly can, as much support as he can possibly muster.

When they make it to the medical vehicle upon which the Commander herself is seated, Alac glances up at her with his dark eyes, "Ensign, the Commander has come by to see you off to the hospital." Holding out the mans hand towards the Senior Officer, with a brisk nod to the woman.

"Indeed." offers Nabima, exasperating her medical attendant by moving again. "You did good work Ensign." She looks back to the ship and shakes her head, "I think that if the Truth goes back into service, it will be weeks if not months before she's ready. So you take your time healing, that's an order Ensign." She offers an almost motherly smile before giving the ensign a gentle touch and then the kid's loaded onto the ambulance, and whisked off. When all is said and done, of one hundred thirty three total crew, herself included… there are twenty three unwounded, nineteen wounded, and eighty one dead. Once the wounded are gone, and most of the others have left, Nabima has had her head wound treated. It was really just a small thing and syntheflesh took care of it right away. … anyhow, once that's done, she commandiers a speeder and says, "Thank you Lieutenant. I will ask the Admiral to give you a commendation for your actions today. I need to go report in…" she adds softly, almost hesitantly before closing the door of the speeder. It's all she can do to get the door shut before she finds herself unable to hold that calm face any longer. Before starting up the speeder, she lifts her hands to her face and holds them there for a moment… her first command… the first but not the last, but the first KIA crewmen that will be haunting her dreams for the rest of her life, and she -asked- for this job.

There are a lot of things Alaculus might be accused of, but one of them is not obliviousness. He does spy the Commander's cracking expression and likely would mirror that if, one of things he 'is' accused of weren't true. The man is cold, icy so, but not heartless. His hand comes up in a salute to Nabima and he turns on his heels, without a further word, without bringing up the haunting expression in her eyes, and the sadness that it represents. There is no judgement to him, no loss of respect for a woman who's classes he took at the Cardia Academy. Who's lectures on Ethics and Contemporary Moral Issues was amongst the ones that stand out most in his current discipline and stoic nature.

While it is true that the Kauti is, every bit, a Kuati, a great deal of who he is came from his training at the Academy. Of all of his instructors, the one who always stood out most was Commander Heltris. So when the chain snaps on her emotions, Alaculus Cortin Yal, does not judge her. He raises her a peg and finds 'more' respect. Though he does so quietly, as he rejoins with his squadron and motions for them to go checked out themself for chemical inhalation while the medics were still present on the Tarmac around the Truth and Reconciliation.

About the best thing you could do for her here, is to not acknowledge or notice her brief breakdown. It is just a moment, and she looks up to see the Lieutenant walking away. A nod is given, and she starts up the speeder to go report to her superiors.