Fifth Battle Of Coruscant

With almost a year of low activity in the war, and the severe unrest in the Galactic Empire, including the War of the Throne, the New Republic saw it as time to reclaim the galactic capital, Coruscant.

A massive fleet was built up over the course of two weeks in strategic positions up and down the Hydian Way and Corellian Trade Spine. Activities were routed through both Corellia and Chandrila, and at proper coordinated time, the weight of the fleet fell upon Coruscant.

The number of Imperial ships defending the planet is unknown, but eventually the Imperials were forced to retreat, giving up strategic Coruscant. Shortly after the battle, the New Republic moved its capital from Chandrila back to Coruscant. The battle was a major boost to Republic morale, and with the current conditions in the Empire, total victory was seemingly assured.