The Five Brothers

The Five Brothers or the Five Worlds were the five inhabited planets of the Corellian system. They included Corellia, Selonia, Drall, and the Twin Worlds Tralus and Talus. All five planets were believed to have been transported through hyperspace to their orbits by the Celestials, utilizing the ancient Centerpoint Station. Corellia, Selonia, and Drall orbited the system star Corell, while Talus and Tralus orbited the Centerpoint Station like moons, with Centerpoint Station orbiting the star.

Currently in game this is considered an Independent Faction with its small Fleet and own corner market. They have trade agreements with all other factions are reaping the benefits of staying neutral in the war and confrontations. Currently the High Justice is Cade Vaughan. He has left his Counselor in charge during his absence. The acting High Justice is A'estshy Nubiari.

This twi'lek's standing on current bounties is that of non-tolerance and Corellia has said so. Allowing safe haven for those who would otherwise be hunted elsewhere. Because of this, a deeper trade agreement with Bespin and its Baron Administrator, Axel Vichten has been formed. With Corellia pumping funds into the gas refineries, they are reaping the benefits.

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