Fourth Battle Of Coruscant

The Galactic Empire planned a trap for the New Republic at Coruscant, declaring martial law on the planet and proclaiming they had rounded up countless non-human sentients in death camps. This was a mere ruse, however, set up by General Vorn Paro, in an attempt to lure the Republic in. The Republic was roused by these events, as Paro predicted, and they planned for a quick strike into the Imperial-held Coruscant to rescue as many prisoners as possible.

The Imperial Navy over Coruscant, led by Admiral Danik Kreldin, was ordered to retreat as quickly as possible upon the arrival of the New Republic. Meanwhile, on the ground, the Imperial Army rigged the majority of Coruscant's starports to explode to draw the Republic ground forces to the few remaining starports and for the shields to be down to allow the Republic to land their initial ground forces.

The initial New Republic attack was ferocious, far heavier than the Empire predicted. The Empire lost the Subjugator during its "retreat," which was actually a strategic withdrawal towards Republic-held Bothawui. As the Republic landed its ground troops, the Empire detonated the explosives, funneling the Republic troops to several key starports which the Empire was already well-defending.

Meanwhile, the shields were turned back on, and the Imperial Navy arrived at Bothawui, thrashing the planet and the defense fleet. On Coruscant, Republic troops bitterly fought against entrenched Imperial stormtroopers and infantry, while the Navy desperately attempted to make a hole in the shields to reinforce and evacuate its men on the planet.

Republic troops finally managed to make it to the prison camps, only to find them empty. Realizing they were deceived, they planned their retreat. In space, the Republic Navy managed to make a hole in the shields and began to ferry in reinforcements and transports for the survivors.

Republic troops did manage to rescue citizens who were loyal to the Republic and fought their way back to the starport, where reinforcements were steadily arriving. Republic troops, battered and exhausted, began to evacuate as the Imperial Navy returned from its mission to Bothawui. After retrieving as many survivors as possible, the Republic Navy fought its way through the Imperial Navy and escaped to friendly territory.

The battle was a blow to the Republic, in many ways. Casualties were immense, Bothawui was damaged heavily, the damage done to the Republic Navy would take a long time to repair, and all for a mission that was doomed to failure to begin with. The Empire followed up to this victory with another strike at Bothawui, culminating in the less-successful Battle of Bothawui.