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Date: 12/April/2011
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Nabima, Alaculus
Bridge — Truth and Reconciliation

Several stations are situated in various parts of the bridge. On the starboard side reside the gunnery officers stations. Several monitor screens depicting the view from the gunnery wells as well as the status of the gunnery batteries are easily recognized. Several consoles showing the target status and position of the gun batteries can also be seen. Towards the port side, the communications station - with its myriad of consoles, terminals, and screens - monitors several incoming transmission at various frequencies, signal strengths as well scanning the area around and aboard the ship for any and all types of communications. Towards the fore of the bridge reside the navigational and helmsman stations. All around these posts are numerous consoles, filled with all sorts of equipment, indicators, and monitors. Prominently displayed at these stations is the current system with all known planets and spatial bodies; the ships current vector, locations, and speed; and the results of both a near and far range scan, illustrating the positions of vessels or celestial entities picked up by the scans.
At the center of the bridge, slightly elevated from the rest of the stations, is the Commanding Officers station. All about this station are monitors displaying the current status of all the major systems on the ship. Towards the aft section of the bridge, the engineering station can be seen. There, several monitors show the energy and power status of the engines and of various aspects of the ship.

Several days after Battle of Chandrila

And so, the Truth went to Chandrila where the battle had located the Reckless mercenaries. It took some swallowing of pride a bit, but the orders she was given were obeyed to the letter. The ship returns to Bastion after spending a bit of time in the outer system of Chandrila to give the ship's crew and fighter compliment time to run drills. Nabima has always been a big believer in live drills, not simulators and so she drove her men and women hard. Finally, the ship returns home after spending several hours in hyperspace.
"Helm, set a course in system." she says in a flat voice. She came to the bridge when she was alerted that they would be arriving home momentarily after all. "Comms, please prepare to receive the standard challenge, and reply to it immediately. Mister Exec.." she says to her second in command, who turns to face her then… "Inform the crew that we will begin rotating them down for twelve hour shore leave parties. Let them begin to expect -good- news from you… and discipline from me." That said, the ship accelerates in system towards the planet.

Prowler Squadron is on Shore rotation as well. All of them, except the newest Flight leader, who is just returning to respace from a trip to Hella VII to complete his own assigned task. Upon reverting, the pilot within takes control of his fighter and brings it into a slow approach vector with the Tormentor, which takes him near to the Truth. Within the vessels sensor range and comms. Glancing over the contact display laid out infront of him, Alac keeps his comsys to short wave and sends a hailing frequence to the bridge of the Marauder. "Truth and Reconciliation, this is Lieutenant Yal, flight zeta, Prowler Squadron."

"Comms here Commander. We're being hailed." says Tyler at comms. Nabima looks over that way and nods, "Acknowledge it and find out what we can do for them. It's obviously a friendly hail if it came through with the proper encryption and on the right channel, correct?" she asks as she turns and heads that way. Sensors pipes up… Lt JG Kendral. "Ma'am, the signal is coming from a TIE Avenger that has just reverted from Hyperspace. It's vector puts it on a least time course from Kalla…" And the Commander inclines her head, "I see, the pilot must be uncomfortable after having made such a trip in the confined quarters of a TIE. Perhaps you should offer the pilot a chance to stretch his legs aboard the Truth." she adds to Tyler. "Invite him aboard Ensign." she adds… and of course, the Communication officer on duty, Ensign Tyler nods and says into the comm-set. "Prowler One, Commander Heltris's compliments, and you are welcome to make use of our hangar if you have had enough of your cockpit for the time being."

"Copy that Truth." Alac replies into his helmets built in comms, adusting his course from the Tormentor to the Truth with a shift of the control yolk gripped loosely in his left hand, "My appreciation to Commander Heltris, Prowler one clear." Once the system blinks that the link nolonger connected, the TIE whistles as it dives down beneath the belly of the Maurader on approach. With the Hanger bay within sight, the thrusters are cut to minimal power, one hand guiding the craft as the other keys over to a vertical thrust to bring it within the open bay. Settling lightly onto the deck, he goes about shutting down the systems on his fighter, and unhooks his helmet's tubbing from the box in the center of his chest and pops the hatch at the top of the Advanger.
Once down on the deck, either by hopping from the top of his Fighter or by ladder when one of the tech crew slides it against the side, the pilot does stretch. Any length of time in the cramped quarters of a TIE fighter will leave an ache or two and even military discipline cannot work those muscles out. Still, the Lieutenant keeps his barings rigid and straight. Showing both a high level of professionalism, as well as a hint of his Kauti nobility.

The ship is run tightly, and the tech crew has a ladder on your fighter the moment you have the hatch opened. As you start down, they step back and stand at attention, "Sir, will you be requiring a recharge of the enviro systems or fuel?" asks the crew leader. There's an Ensign standing by in full naval uniform too… and once you've dealt with the tech crew, he steps forward. "I am Ensign Landrum. Welcome aboard the Truth. The Commander has assigned me to make sure that you get around the ship alright, and to see to it that any needs you have might be seen to. We have temporary quarters set up so that you can get out of that flight suit and use the 'fresher while we run the suit through the cleaning cycle." Of course, the kid's tossed a parade ground salute your way.

Alac returns the parade salute, then turns to evaluate the docking bay for a moment, "Yes, I would appreciate that. Let me grab my carry all and I would see to freshening up." Stepping over to the side of his fighter, one of the side compartments it pulled open to retrieve a long black bag which he carries down at his side, "Is there any chance that I might meet with the Commander before I return to the Tormentor?" Following along behind the Ensign with a very precise heel to toe step, structured ease and military grace.

"Absolutely." replies the Ensign as he turns to lead you off. "I was told to make sure that any reasonable request was granted. The Commander is in her ready room currently… she anticipated that you may wish to pay your respects." And the Ensign leads you to a place to freshen up, waits outside and even has an off duty ground uniform laid out for you when you get out of the shower. He's a pretty good judge of size and raided the ship's laundry for you. He's waiting outside the room though and when you are all done and primped and ready… and of course, come out, he salutes once more and says, "Anything else you would like? Or shall we go to the Commander now?"

Alac is quick about his preparations, and when he steps back out of the small temporary quarters it's in the black dress uniform of the Imperial SFC. One can only imagine how it is that he got it so pin straight, the secrets of an Officer, no doubt. Returning the salute with one black gloved hand, he shakes his head crisply. "No, thank you, Ensign. I do not wish to keep the Commander waiting long." Between his herritage on Kuat and his service int he Empire, the Lieutenant has a healthy understanding of formality and etiquette. Stepping off behind the guide and likely flanked by the ships guard detail, he walks with his attention focused forward and expression almost cold in it's stoicism. Even with the dark circles around his eyes, from fighting on Chandrila and the flight from that system to Halla and there to Bastion, he looks observant. Befitting his rank and assignment.

And the Ensign leads you to the ready room. There's no guard detail following you around. After all you're an officer yourself. If you can't be trusted, who can? Plus, credentials have been checked and doublechecked while you showered. However, standing outside the office door is a Navy Trooper in an immaculately pressed uniform.
Ensign Landrum stops when he gets within six feet of the trooper who turns his head towards the two of you to acknowledge your presence. "Lieutenant Yal to see the Commander, Corporal." says the Ensign with a nod. The trooper lifts his left hand without turning his eyes from you two and says into a wrist-com. "Commander, Lieutenant Yal to see you." And the reply comes through, "By all means, send him in."
That done, the Corporal activates the door whick opens to allow you entry. Lieutenant Commander Helstris is standing behind her new desk as you enter, and she gestures to one of the two seats before her desk as she offers, "Welcome aboard my new command Lieutenant. Would you care to have a seat? Or have you been in your pilot's seat too long?" Her face barely breaks into what might be just the beginning hint of a smile there at that, but she's not one who expresses emotions outwardly very often.

The formality of the whole preceeding actually refreshes the Lieutenant more so than the trip into the refresher. While the Ensign exchanges announcements with the Corperal, Alac stands with his feet together, back straight, and his hands behind them just above his belt. While he does glance around himself, it's rare, and does more observing in those turns than seven people who constantly keep their eyes in motion. "As you were Corporal, Ensign Landrum." Once the doors slide open the Officer steps through into the Commander's office and comes to a precise stop at the end of her table. Right hand comes up into a rigid arm salute of the Senior Officer. "Thank you for seeing me, Commander Helstris."
With the offer to sit, and once he's set to ease, he does infact slide down into one of the chairs. "No, Commander, I have grown accustomed to the long ours in my cockpit. My second skin, if you will. I would, however, like to applaud the professionalism aboard your Command." Like her, there's very little that crosses over the stoic Kuati's face. Brief cracks, as he is still quite young, but even at that tender age he seems to realize what any slip might mean. Good or ill. More heritage than training.

For her, it's more a lifelong habit from her command and teaching experience. Don't let the subordinates see any weakness in you, and always show confidence even when you yourself are scared out of your wits. But she gives a nod at the courtesy and the compliment. "I've only been aboard for three days now, and the crew has really warmed up to me.." she offers. Of course, the door has shut behind you, giving the two of you privacy for the most part. "Apparently, over half of them were in my particular class at the academy, so it's almost like a reunion of sorts. I hadn't expected that… but I didn't expect to be given a command of my own either. Now, would you like some refreshment?" she asks, hand hovering over the intercom button.

Alac, even when sitting, is straight backed and serious. If there's any relaxation within the young pilot, it certainly hasn't found a medium with which to express itself. "Indeed, however, we are at an advantage for having you." There is a momentary pause, lips pulling together in a thoughtful sort of expression as he gauges his next comment. "Also. I wished to express my personal condolences over the loss of the Defiler. The crew preformed exceptionally, even under fire. I was in the squadron sent to harrass the Republic vessel that targetted them." One hand comes up to drag along his jaw, then he falls silent, weighing what he's said against her reaction. "Water would be fine, Commander."
From afar, Viper waves

Just a moment's hestiation.. but Nabima closes her eyes for a second or two before pressing the intercom button. "Chief Nichos.." she remarks to her steward. "A cold water for the Lieutenant please." she says before letting go of the button and giving you a brief smile. "Thank you Lieutenant. On a personal level, your emotions are much appreciated." She shakes her head, "But that is in the past. We have work to do for the Empire, and there are those who would try to put a stop to that. We cannot allow it to happen now, can we?" she asks.

Alac does not push any further than the coolly delivered sympathies. There are misconceptions that Imperials are cold machines that lack any emotions, where the truth is rather the opposite. They are humans with a goal, who have learned to control those emotions for the good of achieving it. "That is correct, Commander." Quiet again for a short moment, "With the fighting ending within the week on Chandrila, I suspect we will have a great deal of work ahead of us properly reestablishing the infrastructure nessecary to defend the Planet. Have you had an opportunity to read the situational reports coming back to Bastion from the Five oh First?"

"I have skimmed the high points, but downloaded them for full reading when I have the time. At present I was a bit more focused on the duty I was ordered to handle. I will make time though. Unless you would like to fill me in on any details you think that I should be made aware of." offers Nabima as she leans back and lifts her hands to steeple her black gloved fingers before her face.

"I have only skimmed them as well. After my Squadron was rotated back to Bastion with the Tormentor, I jumped to Halla VII to conclude business there.. The Holo news outside Imperial space is rather sketchy, at best." There is the touch of a frown on the Pilots face, but one leg does come up to cross at the ankle over his knee, about as relaxed as he seems to get. "There are whispered reports that the Emperor may have been amongst the missing.. have you heard any confirmation on this speculation?"

"I pay no attention to rumors Lieutenant. We will hear the truth when we need to know it. The Admiralty will tell us what is necessary." Okay, so she believes in the Empire, isn't just going through the motions. "But the combat -was- fierce. I would somehow doubt that the Emperor himself would have been aboard a ship that was charging into the fight so recklessly." She shakes her head, "After all, the ship's commander would not have taken the risk had the Emperor been aboard, correct?"

Alac does not dispute her claims, "Indeed, I try not to pay much hommage to rumors. However, I did get at least two reports from my Flight on Bastion that the Moffs have come to deliberate on the matter." Like her, he truely believes in the Empire. Which likely explains why a Kuati, which is under the authority of the CSA, is in Service to the Imperial Navy. "I would hope that the Commander would opporate with disgression in such a situation. That would befit his training, certainly, and disgress his family if he acted so recklessly with the life of our Emperor."

"Indeed. I would like to think that we train our Naval Officers better than that." offers Nabima. And then her comm chimes. "A moment please." she says before pressing the stud on her desk. "Yes Corporal?" she asks. "Ma'am, the exec says that he needs you on the bridge." says the trooper's voice. And Nabima gives you a rather.. indulgant look, "I should go and make sure that the children aren't running rampant while the adult is away." She stands up and gives a nod, "Plus, we will be in orbit in moments. You are welcome to rest aboard until you must depart, or you can go now if you prefer."

Alac stands a moment after the Commander and straightens before her desk, "Indeed, Commander. Thank you for your letting me aboard. I believe I will rest while I have the opportunity." His hand snaps up into a tight parade salute, "Hail to the Empire." Once she's returned or dismissed him, he turns on his heels and heel toe steps from the office and moves briskly, with hands in his back, towards the small quarters provided him by the Truth's CO.