Iron Aegis
Iron Aegis
Iron Aegis
Name: Iron Aegis
Type: Political / Military
Parent Org: None Known
Leader: Ian Inrokana
Size: ~2000
Objectives: Liberation
Active Areas: Currently: Outter Rim
Allies: Unknown


Iron Aegis originally started as an idea Krieg Inrokana had for a better galaxy. At the time the Empire controlled the vast majority of known space and there wasn't any force that could compare to it. The New Republic was being beaten back into a corner and Krieg watched as world after world fell. It was his personal belief that order needed to be maintained in order to bring peace; in other words "Peace through strength." The Empire brought such order; for years he felt the New Republic wasn't strong enough to bring the order. Yet, through this, he saw more death and destruction wrought at the hands of the Emperor. Realizing the Empire was not the answer Krieg saw to the formation of the Order of the Phoenix in late 16 ABY, the first iteration of Iron Aegis. Choosing the most trusted officers, he started to meet with them in private bringing them together to work from within the Empire to end its days of terror. However, for their plan to work he had to be closer to the Empire and that meant moving up in the ranks - and being the one to ruthlessly pursue the Empire's goals.

To the maximum extent possible, his forces were ordered to use ion cannons to disable and capture as many New Republic vessels as possible. His justification was that prisoners made great tools for the ISB yet in reality, it was a way of keeping as many people alive as he could. In secret, he had begun to work with ISB agents as well, bringing them to the cause of the Order. Every action Krieg committed he used as a counter method to what the ISB did and in fact, he became trusted enough by Korynn Fleming, the ISB Director, that he had free access to everything in the ISB. Using techniques such as being the voice of restraint and helping the prisoners to give a counterpoint in interrogations Krieg secretly saw to helping them as best he could and gave them a fighting chance - a chance that so many others did not have.

What Krieg was doing was extremely dangerous; Grand Admiral Danik Kreldin had attempted such an uprising in 15 ABY but it was crushed so violently it took Krieg years to commit to any sort of action. Not only were the members involved exiled or killed, their families and even their associates were targeted as well. Being on the inside with the ISB Krieg was able to justify his operations as various ISB deceptions or other actions. It was using this guise that in 18 ABY he was able to build a secret base on Dantooine off all the books. Using the ISB resources he made sure that the Empire's records did not show anything on Dantooine but an old museum. Not even the ISB suspected his actions as he continued to setup the Iron Aegis in secret.

Upon being promoted to the command of the HIMS Sovereign, a star dreadnaught, and command of an entire fleet Krieg continued his work, but now along with one of his most trusted officers, Group Captain Taija Havilland – Inrokana's Fleet CAG. His charge to her within the Order was to help keep track of the members and making sure they had the resources they needed, but mainly served as the spokeswoman for the Order by relaying messages. During that time Krieg was out on a scouting mission when he was forced to make a combat hyperspace jump in the blind using nothing but his own senses to navigate him to a safe location. He was later discovered by Jessalyn Valios, a Jedi Master who discovered that he was force sensitive. In a major turning point in Krieg's life he started Jedi training. Various Sith and Dark Side Users had filled the ranks of the Empire for years and were a cancer. The only way the Order of the Phoenix had any hope would be for one of them to take the mantle of a force user upon themselves to combat it.

The road to the end of the Empire was quickly coming to a close; Krieg had his many associates that were out and about setting up safe houses in secret and storing away weapons caches in case they were not able to pull off a successful rebellion. Krieg himself was able to work a deal with Tormen of Kuat to secretly place a squadron of TIE Defenders on Dantooine, should they ever be needed. Working with the ISB Krieg was able to remove the "non-loyal" officers and crew from his force as best he could; in other words he reassigned all those not loyal to him or not in the Order. The stage was set, but it wasn't to come to fruition. Being ordered to the fight Krieg instead had his fleet stay away from the fight, giving the New Republic and advantage in combat. The destruction was great. However, his reason for doing so was from learning certain elements of the ISB had caught wind of his plan and had signed a death order for him and anyone around him - nearly his entire force. They had all be singled out forever and thus he had to make the toughest call of them all - fake his own death. His growing connection to the force made things even worse for him and those that knew him as it would bring in the Sith, another route he didn't want anyone under his command to deal with. Thus, in 19 ABY when the war came to an end Krieg ‘died’ in a staged accident.

With the Aegis believing that Krieg had been killed, command defaulted to Group Captain Havilland. There had been rumbles prior to his death about possible traitors within the group. The apparent bombing sealed it for her. There were supposed to be directions to the base on Dantooine but trust was suddenly in short supply. Some familiar faces, and some suspected traitors, began sewing panic in the hours and days following the commanding officer's death. Without any other options, there was only one way to save the lives of the remainder: She ordered the whole group to scatter to the wind. Dropping everything in place, they ran. Some found good fortune. Some fell into the hardest of times. Some were captured and executed. Nobody could return home and for the majority the next two years were a dark period.

In secret Krieg renamed himself to be Ian Inrokana as he completed his force training to become a Jedi Knight. During this time he was able to maintain the Iron Aegis base, but only using it as a quiet place to go. There were people from his command that were able to flee there after things fell apart and they were very capable at maintaining the equipment. As for Ian, keeping his true name a secret due to the nature of his crimes, he continued to become stronger in the force - a skill he would need to have to fight darksiders and the Sith. In 21 ABY Ian was finally able to reconnect with Taija Havilland to finally close the loop on those missing years. Reunited, the Order of the Phoenix was renamed the current name of Iron Aegis. Taija began recruiting once more to bring in old friends and trusted allies. New ships were purchased to include a Nebulon B Frigate, the funding coming from various organizations and factions wishing to support the cause of the Iron Aegis.

Now as a mercenary group out to fight evil, bring order, protect the weak, and hide from charges of treason the Iron Aegis is building its strength. The military branch of the organization is known as the Spectres, their experience coming from years of hardened Imperial training specializing in ‘crisis solutions via direct action’.

If you have a problem, if no one else can help, and if you can find them, maybe you can hire… The Iron Aegis.


The Spectres are the military arm of this otherwise political faction. More information on their involvement is available there.

Joining and OOC Information

Currently we are attempting to get this org off the ground and get organized so applications are closed for the moment - though invites have gone out already to a limited few. Our members are attempting to get settled into both the game and with characters. Those joining in the future will be expected to play in a highly fluid and cooperative group of mature players to cover serious topics. Expect to explore the darker side of the theme (not meaning The Force) through your character's interactions.

Iron Aegis is not 'Light' or 'Dark' side of the Force. These characters, almost without fail, are gray. EXTREMELY gray. They are a group of like-minded individuals that's overwhelming numbers came from the defection from the Imperial Fleet led by Ian and Taija. What this means is that given the fleet's human-centric view, most characters should be human. Non-human chars should be the special exception for now but as new characters are brought in this will become less the case.

As well, this means that characters should be extremely good at what they do because these people were hand-selected from the ranks of the Imperial Fleet for defection. They should be professional, skilled, and highly motivated. "Maverick" would have sat his happy self back on a fleet ship during the defection. If your character has been with the group from the start, concepts should be professional soldiers in the past with solid reputations and be team players. If your char is looking to be recruited, your concept may be approved to the grid but if they don't mesh with what the group is looking for ICly then it will not work and will not be hired. IC attitude goes a long way and will matter a lot.

Please see the Spectres page for information specific to joining the military arm of this organization.

Note: Anyone ICly or OOCly looking to 'take over' or become the focus of the group should seek applications else-org. We are a team, first and foremost.

Recent Logs


Brigadier Ian Inrokana
Colonel Taija 'Blackjack' Havilland
Commander Talisa 'Drone' Duval
1st Lieutenant Michel 'Away' Loncheval
1st Lieutenant Vernista Le'ani NPC
1st Lieutenant Robin Nellis NPC
Corporal Tyr'en Feem NPC
Agent Zebulon Rion Van
(Insert Rank Here) Tomas 'Chatterbox' Krik