Keye Brolan
Mr. Keye Brolan
Neal McDonough
Neal McDonough as Keye Brolan
Name: Keye Brolan
Alias: K, Brolie
Species: Human
Planet: Lorrd
Age: 43
Features: Platinum hair, startlingly blue eyes.
Rank: Mr.
Faction: Independent
Position: Pilot


Born on Lorrd, raised on just about every tramp freighter and cargo hauler to work the Outer Rim, Keye Brolin is a sailor's sailor. A pilot by inclination, he's worked every job aboard from ship's engineer to cargo hauler to negotiator. Nowadays, in the aftermath of the fall of the Empire, he makes his living as a freelance pilot, never happy to stay in one place for too long. Though whether it's because he's never lost his wanderlust, or because he's chasing down the runaway bride that left him at the altar is anyone's guess.

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