Kian Sharp
Lieutenant Kian Sharp
Ethan Hawke
Ethan Hawke as Kian Sharp
Name: Kian Sharp
Alias: The Edge
Species: Human
Planet: Corellia
Age: 33
Features: Sharp.
Rank: Lieutenant
Faction: Independent
Position: CorSec Agent


This character is an NPC created as part of the ongoing Corellia TP. Please contact Meridian or Rayya if you would like to get involved.

Lieutenant Kian Sharp is an officer in the Corellian Security Force, the primary law enforcement agency on the planet Corellia.

The bastard son of an influential merchant trader in Coronet City, Kian received an early introduction to Corellia's culture of political corruption in the form of his natural father, who through a series of well-targeted bribes managed to evade the paternity suits that would have forced him to pay out thousands in child support every month. Always rebellious as a child, Sharp soon found himself running with a gang of speeder thieves that preyed upon the fabulously wealthy residents of Coronet Beach.

For a time, business was good. Then, as teenage layabouts are wont to do, he got sloppy. Abandoned by his mates and arrested during a CorSec sting that resulted in the death of an officer, Kian was given two choices: ten years as an accessory to murder in pound-me-in-the-arse Corellian prison or immunity in return for flipping on his peers. Much to the surprise of the detective in charge of his case, the vengeful youth volunteered to go one better, wearing a wire to gather incriminating evidence on his erstwhile friends. The gang leaders got life without parole; Kian got the gratitude of an honest-to-goodness cop, who pulled some strings and secured a space for him at CorSec Academy.

Going straight has served Kian well. A rising star in the department, he's been involved with a number of high-profile cases since receiving his stripes eleven years ago, specializing in tracking down shipments of restricted drugs and banned weapons. Now, in light of the recent unrest, CorSec has charged him with investigating rumors that Corellia FIRST! is involved in the illegal arms trade.

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