Tomas "Chatterbox" Krik
Squadron Leader (Ret.) Tomas Krik
Jason Momoa
Jason Momoa as Tomas Krik
Name: Tomas Krik
Alias: Chatterbox, Jhon Dekes
Species: Near Human (Kiffar)
Planet: Kiffex
Age: 28
Features: Tall, masculine, facial tattoos
Rank: Squadron Leader (Ret.)
Faction: Independent
Position: Freelance Pilot


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In the Imperial Starfighter Corps, a Squadron Leader generally commanded a squadron. A typical squadron would consist of 12-24 ships, 20-50 officers, and 30-90 enlisted. They were addressed as commander. If a squadron had more than one Squadron Leader, one would be appointed Squadron Commander and the other Executive Officer. If appointed as a staff officer they would act as an assistant to a Wing Commander.

Drone's Executive Officer.

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