Mercenary Negotiations
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Date: 25/April/2011
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Alaculus, Lelath, Nabima
Briefing Room - Broadsword

The main feature of the Briefing Room is the long rectangular table in the center of the room. The table appears to be made of a dark marble. Its glossy, black finish is complemented by the slate gray chairs pushed underneath. The table is cut into two portions, allowing a small walkspace in between with the main holoprojector of the room in the center. Behind the table and the walkspace is a desk of the same material and finish as the table, with a chair of similar nature behind it. Despite the dark colors, the atmosphere of the room is still of a more easier and relaxed nature than the rest of the Bridge.

Several Days after Evac Battle over Chandrila

And so, Nabima received a personal message from one of the Reckless team and she sent a reply… a meeting was requested and so the Broadsword navigated the ebbs and flows of hyperspace to make said meeting. She had asked Alaculus to join her in welcoming the mercenary pilot aboard and so it is that the two of them plus a still healing Ensign Landrum who Lelath will remember from both of his previous visits to Nabima's older ship… are in the hangar as the light freighter is brought aboard by docking tractors. As the ship is set down, the racks full of TIE Defenders are readily visible and the welcoming party stands at attention, simply waiting.

At the front, but repsectfully a half step back, is Alaculus beside and to the left of Nabima. The Kuati Imperial stands with his posture almost unnessecarily straight, hands in the small of his back with his feet together in a stoic sort of quiet as they await the arrival of the representative from the Reckless crew. There is no assistance along with the TIE Pilot, but there are other pilots lined out with the welcoming party behind the Commander of the vessel. All quite straight and disciplined, as would be expected of an Imperial Vessel.

As the cargo bay door slowly opens, its well oiled suspension lowers the door with a smooth fluid motion, as Lelath slowly comes to view, standing and waiting to unboard the transport. The door soon forms to a ramp as Lelath makes his way down slowly, once again admiring the racks of TIEs as he walks at a relaxed pace towards the commander. A simple is nod is given once approaching the small group. "Commander.." Lelath gives a simple nod of his head as he is ready to start making negociations.

"Welcome aboard the Broadsword Commander Williams." offers Nabima. "Allow me to introduce my Starfighter Operations Commander.." she says as she gestures towards Alaculus and adds, "Lieutenant Commander Yal. I thought that perhaps we might want to have someone more versed in your area of expertise involved in any… discussions we might have." And then she nods to the Ensign who approaches the turbolift with just a mild limp and summons the car for his commanding officer's pleasure.

Alaculus dips his head in greeting to the representative from the Wreckless crew, "I have read the reports of your actions during Chandrila, I was quite impressed with the skill." As far as compliments go, this one is spoken rather quietly, in a voice that is bordering on dull with the level of calm that threads through it like a needle. With Nabima heading towards the Turbolift, the Pilot turns on his heels and follows along behind her, arms remain up in the small of his back with each of his clicking steps.

"A pleasure." He nods to Alaculus, "We are good at what we do, and worth every penny I assure you." Lelath follows behind the group as he makes small talk, "How goes the invasion of Chandrila?" Lelath ponders, as he checks his surrounding area for curiosity. He hadn't watched the news or kept up with times as his daily life was subjected to his duties as a merc commander.

"For the most part, it's done and over with. The Imperial war machine is efficient when it is used properly." offers Nabima as she walks towards the Turbolift. "Though I must admit to a curiosity where you are concerned. I had not thought I would hear from team Reckless again, after the last meeting went so… well." she offers. Her own diplomatic experience coming from her noble house based on Obulette and all. She steps into the lift car and waits for everyone to join her before adding, "Any details beyond that about Chandrila, are classified I'm afraid. But let us talk in my ready room closer to the bridge." she adds…

As they enter the briefing room, Lelath laughs and agrees, "Yes Lance can be a pain when it comes to human relations, I can only imagine how he would act towards other species." A playful smile is given as he continues, "He just likes to get down to business, collect his pay and leave, nothing personal of course." Lelath stands as he waits for the two to take a seat, "Lucky for you, he won't be involved for these talks, let alone for the upcoming war, that is if you see that as a blessing."

"The real question… " offers Nabima as she heads into the briefing room and sits behind her desk, gesturing for the two of you to make yourselves comfortable. "… is what role any of you will be playing. Has he left team Reckless then?" she asks.

Alaculus is rather quiet during the trip to the briefing room. The kind of individual from which few things are said, a silent sort of demeanor.. or at least one that is just dark enough to lend itself well to it. When they reach the large table, he weights behind a chair until Nabima motion to sit and does so, slipping around the front to slid down straight backed into it. One leg coming up to cross over the other and his hands pressing together at the finger tips. "Hopefully, since you are here with us now to negociate, it is safe to assume the Crew will not be siding with the Confederation?"

"He will not be participating in this war, for reasons I cannot disclose." Lelath pulls a chair out and slowly leans down to sit, "As of now, I am the acting Commander for Reckless, and I bring with me my XO and two pilots." Lelath grins as Alaculus mentions the confederation. "We simply not have sided with either faction yet, but the Confederation is very generous in their offer, and they have pleaded with us to join their cause. Their deal is quite lucrative and tempting, but I like to keep a open mind, and shop for the best deal." Lelath looks to Nabima and presses forward with the conversation, "If you can come close, with me knowing you keep your word on payment, perhaps you can gain two commanders and two elite pilots on the battlefield for the duration of this war."

"Well, the Empire is not in the habit of… negotiating with mercenaries. I suppose the best offer you will get is that if you stay out of the Confederation's side of things, then you and your pilots will have the continued opportunity to retain life a bit longer. I would hate to see anything.. untoward happen to you on the field of battle." Nabima says this and leans back, inclining her head. "You must understand, this is not a situation where I plan to be pressed into treating it like an auction or a sales proposal. I have always believed that mercenaries are anathema to what the Empire represents, and that we should dispense with their services altogether. I will however take any offer you wish to make to my Admiral and see what he has to say in the matter."

Alaculus considers what the representative says a bit more than does the Commander of the vessel, but then again that is likely the other reason Nabima has asked him her. Moving one of his hands back towards his mouth, he rubs a curled index finger beneath his bottom like thoughtfully, "To be fair, perhaps it would better if we were to know what offer had been made by the Confederation. In that way, we could present our findings before the Admiral, who I am certain will wish to retain your services, after such an admirable preformance at our last engagement." Always soft spoken, the Imperial Officer watches Lelath with a neutral sort of expression. "As I said, I was very impressed with my situational reports about your crew, I would hate for talented young pilots to be fielded by our enemies. It would be a waste of their services."

"Well I'm afraid it is a habit the empire will have to be accustomed to if they want to crush their enemies and clear their objectives." Lelath sighs as he leans back in his chair, "Twenty thousand credits per pilot per battle, our ships." Lelath makes no pause in his offer as he continues to lay the negociations down. "Seven thousand credits Per week for the acting commander, which would be me. Four thousand for my XO, and One thousand for my two pilots. The weekly pay will secure Reckless for the duration of the Empire/Republic war, whether the Confederation is still in the fight or not, thus securing us as if we are your pilots to keep, this fee includes involvement in training missions and command for your less experienced fighters if you feel you should put them under me during our skirmishes." Lelath ponders and thinks things over, "We could alter the price a bit"
Lelath looks over to Alaculus and nods, "I'm glad you asked. The confederation offered us Thirty six thousand credits per battle per pilot/ship combo, 6500 credits for the Commander, 4500 for his XO, and 2000 for his pilots on a weekly basis to secure our contract."

Silent as the other two talk, Nabima just shakes her head slowly. She takes a moment to gather her thoughts and her black gloved hands press together before her face as she rests her elbows on the tabletop. "Personally, I believe you are quite mistaken. It is not the Empire who will have to change. Those who oppose us will learn the error of their ways… provided they survive." She shakes her head though and adds, "your offer will be carried to my commanding officer and we shall see what he has to say on the matter." It's obvious she doesn't like treating war as a -business-. War is war, and military is military. "However, as Commander Yal has indicated, it would indeed be wasteful to let you and your people die in support of a cause that will get you all killed as well as fail in the long run." Boy, she has some confidence in that too!

Alaculus perks a brow slightly, "That was a very generous offer they have made for you." Stated quietly, perhaps genuinely, though it is difficult to tell with the uninflective tone of his voice. "This is the problem, as I see it. The System Confederation is linked directly to the Republic, which is the nature of this war we now find ourselves embroiled. It has nothing to do with aquisition or distruction, so much as the establishment of lines.. And infact, deals directly with the procurement of assistance from external sources, such as yourself, in the midst of a war." His fingers come back together, as he smoothly speaks. "Clearly, you see our delima."

"Well then, I pray for the sake of our lives, your Admiral will save us all and accept our offer, or at least present us with a reasonable one." Her confidence does not phase him as he knows how brainwashed Empire officers can be to their cause. Looking over to Alaculus, Lelath raises a brow, "Are you sure you work under Nabima? You speak otherwise as if a general or something of the like." He looks back at Nabima and smiles, "If you are not careful, this one will have your job in no time." Continuing, Lelath adds, "Well the Empire has been known for their numbers, so for them not to add an elite group of four fighter pilots to their ranks for the duration of the war would be beyond me."

Raising a single brow, Nabima doesn't bother explaining things. In fact, Alac doesn't work -for- her. They're totally seperate, starfighter ops, and naval ops. All she says is a response to that last part. "Mercearies cannot be counted on. They are unreliable at best. That is -my- issue, and yes.. the Systems Confederation are acting as mercenaries for the Republic, and you are asking us to hire you as mercenaries when our reason for going to war with the Confederation is -because- of their mercenary behavior. But.. the Ensign will see you to your ship." she offers with a dismissive gesture towards the exit and the Ensign standing by there.

Alaculus does not fluster, if it's possible for him to at all, when Lelath attempts to set him up against Nabima, "The Lieutenant Commander and I see eye to eye on a great many things, but make no mistake about it. She is every bit a tactical genius. A fact I truely hope you do not have the misfortunate of finding out on the wrong side of the battle line." This is sad genuinely, even as he's shifting his foot from off his knee and pushing to his feet as Ship's Commander is waving dismissively to the representative, "Before you make a final decision, give us time to discuss the possibilities with the Admiral. In the opening stages of the Engagement with the Confederation, I do not believe there will be much call for privateers on either side of the line, so I cannot imagine a need for your crew to rush into any decision." Instead of saluting, the Kuati offers his black gloved hand over the arm of the other chair in which Laleth sits. "A pleasure. Let us hope the next time we meet, it is under an Imperial Banner."

Lelath frowns having to hear the lecture from the woman about the usefulness of mercenaries. Nodding to Alaculus, he extends his hand and shakes with a firm grip, "I hope your admiral will see the usefulness of the Reckless squadron once again like he did with our decisive victory at Chandrila." Without another word, the pilot stands and makes his way out of the briefing room towards the turbolift, following the ensign back to his ship.

After Ensign Landrum exits with Lelath, Nabima shakes her head. "As if the victory over Chandrila had anything to do with their small portion of the engagement. The armada that showed up after the initial battle was what secured the system." She then turns towards Alaculus. "I do appreciate your comments of my skill. Do you honestly think that we should consider hiring these… mercenaries?" she asks, the word almost sounding like it is distasteful to her.

"I think that denying our enemy a resource is as effective in this engagement as securing one for ourselves." Alaculus states in his always calm voice, turning away from the door to the ready room a few moments after the representative has been escorted from their meeting. "Weither their requisition will 'win the war' for us? Doubtful, but it certainly might 'lose the war' for the Confederation." Once the pair are alone, he slides back down into his so resently abandoned seat and resumes his position. One leg crossed over the other, fingers pressed together infront of his mouth, dark eyes focused forward.

"We could just as easily deny the Confederation the use of the Reckless team by arresting or destroying them… and that might actually be good for our peoples' morale, to achieve a victory over mercs to prove our superiority to them." offers Nabima, "Not that I would want to start fighting them in the middle of a war on two fronts."

"And if we were not in the midst of a two front war, I would fully agree with that approach. I have mentioned many times that I have a strong aversion to fence sitters in a war that spans the Galaxy. Weither agreeing with our prenciples or that of the Republic, not choosing a side is testimont to having no opinion at all." Alac states, his calm tone taking on a decisively chilly touch, "Except for that of credits. Profiteers. But, tactically, it would be advantagous to use mercenaries in some of our skirmishes. If for no other reason than we can allow the Confederation to do the dirty work we ourselves may one day have to, and, protecting our on pilots and Crew."

Shaking her head, Nabima stands up and remarks, "It just disagrees with my ideals… using those who have not sworn loyalty … sworn an oath to serve the Empire. Anyone who operates in Imperial space without being Imperial military is technically breaking Imperial law." She smirks a bit and gestures forward as she herself stands and says, "But we should return to the duties and exercises we have ahead of us, yes?" she asks as she heads for the bridge