Michel "Away" Loncheval
1st Lieutenant Michel "Away" Loncheval
Denis "Piggy" D'Amour
Denis "Piggy" D'Amour as Michel "Away" Loncheval
Name: Michel "Away" Loncheval
Alias: Michel Langevin, Michael Lons, Mikael Larissin, Michtel Chevos
Species: Human
Planet: Tanaab
Age: 32
Features: Shaggy brown hair, blue eyes, light complexion
Rank: 1st Lieutenant
Faction: Iron Aegis / Spectres
Position: Pilot



Voivod, “Killing Technology”
Tears For Fears, “Power”
The Cult, “Rise”
Rage Against The Machine, “Bulls on Parade”
Peter Gabriel, “Party Man”

Service Record & Medals

Confirmed Kills: 187. Assists: 325
Silver Valor Medal (x2)
Medal of Conspicuous Gallantry
Star Cross With Cluster

Recent Logs