Murder Most Foul
Murder Most Foul
Summary: Three suspects have been arrested for the brutal murder of a Twi'lek entertainer.
Date: 09-04-2011
Bboard Post: +bbread 10/3

«A brass-heavy fanfare plays over some dextrous camera-work that ends up on the spray-tanned face of the anchor of IGN Local 44 News at Ten.»

"Good evening. I'm Skip Fizzix. Our top story this hour: CorSec authorities have announced the arrest of three men accused of the brutal murder of Koma Taa. A waitress at Ixin's Cantina, Taa was first reported missing ten days ago and discovered after a twenty-hour search. A post-mortem investigation revealed that she had been strangled and her 'lekku' sawed off."

«The picture shifts to the face of a Twi'lek female scarred by acid burns.»

"CorSec spokesdroid Tee-Eff-Eight refused to identify the identities of the suspects but did reveal that all of them were members of a political movement called Corellia FIRST!, which demands the repeal of the current government's "pro-alien" laws and the resignation of Acting High Justice A'estshy Nubiari. Its leader, former Rebellion pilot Pieter Zann, declined to be interviewed but did release the following statement: 'Our movement unequivocally condemns all instances of violence, no matter if Corellian citizens or alien refugees are the targets. But the sad fact remains that this horrific tragedy might have been prevented had our leaders listened to the people instead of imposing edicts from above. Blame for Taa's death must be shared between her assailants and the authoritarian government that won't allow its citizens' voices to be heard.'"

«The camera returns to focus on Fizzix's plastic smile and sparkling white teeth.»

"We'll keep our viewers updated with new developments as they come. And now in the great galaxy of sports, legendary Jawa featherweight Bubbs "The Burner" Bikk has been stripped of his championship belts after the discovery of genetically-modified … "