Lieutenant Commander Nabima Heltris
N/A as Nabima Heltris
Name: Nabima Heltris
Alias: LtCmdr
Species: Human
Planet: Oubliette
Age: 53
Features: N/A
Rank: Lieutenant Commander
Faction: Empire
Position: Commander: Truth and Reconciliation


Born on the planet of Oubliette in the Tapani Sector, Nabima's family is one of the noble lines that makes up House Mecetti. She matured quickly, and was quite lovely. Though she joined the Academy at the height of the Empire's power, her house supported the Emperor and even went so far as to build ships and such to help the Empire out. House Mecetti was favored by Palpatine as they were the most powerful house in the Sector after house Palagia was nearly destroyed due to their attempts to protect and hide Jedi during the purge. Nabima left and joined the Imperial Academy, graduating with honors and starting her career in the Imperial Navy. Soon after she met another man from a different family in House Mecetti named Jenner Heltris. He was also in the Navy and was quite an impressive specimen as well as connected to the right families. They were married while she was the Executive officer of the Carrack Cruiser: Hunter. Her husband and her announced they were expecting a child. They named their son Borta. Nabima took a desk job teaching tactics at the academy, so that she would not be in the same chain of command as her husband, and because she wanted to make sure that her child had a parent that would not be in the line of fire. When Borta was seven, Jenner was killed in combat with the New Republic, and Nabima focused on her child as being everything she had left in the universe other than her duty. She kept teaching and it was her most proud moment when her own son joined the Academy and passed her class. He graduated and went on to join the crew of the Star Destroyer Defiler, as an Ensign in the Sensor operations department. She got holomail from him quite often, and then six months after his assignement there, the Defiler joined the Tormenter in an attack on Chandrila…. Defiler was lost, and Borta did not make it out. Now she has lost her husband and her only child… one thing remains in her life… duty.

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