Robin Nellis
1st Lieutenant Robin Lewis Nellis
Michael Irby
Michael Irby as Robin Lewis Nellis
Name: Robin Lewis Nellis
Alias: Junk
Species: Human
Planet: Carida
Age: 37
Features: Short and Pissed. Off.
Rank: 1st Lieutenant
Faction: Spectre Marines
Position: Platoon Leader


This character is an NPC run by Taija. He is short, pissed-off, and essentially the embodiment of anger with a few quiet moments. He's more or less a swapped transplant of this character from a different MUSH. He drinks hard, fights harder, and will ultimately talk more game to someone's face than he really should - right before he kills. He was a Marine for the Empire for a lot of years until the defection. He lives for combat and thinks that a life spent sitting idle doing anything else is wasted. In his words: "How the frak are you supposed to prove you're worthy of living if the only thing you've ever fought for is how many creds you dropped on your fountain pen? Get a job and a haircut, then talk to me."


Recent Events

Whatever, whenever. Just call 1-800-Marines and he will show up.

Service Record & Medals

Golden Assbeater Award
Order of Fisticuffs
Emperor's Medallion of Knuckles

Recent Logs