Event: Public Outcry
Public Outcry
Summary: Because of Zorbo's bounties, Corellia is overflowing with refugees and the natives are restless.
Date: 20-03-2011
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Nebula Plaza - Corellia
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The bounties that Zorbo the Hutt had placed on the Twi'leks, Zeltrons, Togruta, and Hapans had had a profound effect on the galactic political arena. The actual number of beings captured through the bounties had been relatively small in number. But the panic that ensued has been nothing short of massive. On worlds where the local authorities don't care or are unable to adequately prevent kidnappings, Twi'leks and others have left in droves. Even on Thyferra those that could escape did. With deep fear in their hearts and little hope to cling to they have left worlds like Coruscant, Nar Shaddaa, and Thyferra behind and have headed to the worlds that said they would take them like Bespin and Corellia.

Though the government of Corellia has volunteered its planet as host to the dispondent, it is not something that the people of Corellia have taken to with the same vigour. Demonstrations have broken out throughout the system. Corellians carrying placards with such slogans as "Not in my back yard" are met by opposing rallies where Twi'leks and other refugee carry signs asking for the right to live somewhere in peace.

Standing near the foyer of Corona House is none other than Lord Venelav of Besh Gorgon. Publically the Confederation's involvement in the crisis seemed rather subdued, but behind the scenes Venelav sought to do what he could for the Twi'lek race. Naturally that brought him to Corellia with an appointment being made to see the Acting High Justice A'estshy Nubiari. Though he fears violence given what happened when he tried to visit Bespin, with little formal relationship between the Confederation and Corellia he has kept him weaponry light to point of feeling naked.

Kira is heading south coming from the Trader's Way to wherever this is, "What is this place called?" she asks her newly acquired guide in armour. She comes to an intersection and stops, looking this way and that, trying to figure out where the hotel would be located and then she blinks, "These streets all look the same to me," she particially grumbls and looks back to Kell then over to Vorshix. "Any idea where that hotel is?"

Loitering on a raised Landing pad, A certain Imperial Officer talks idly with a Corellian inhabitant. A cigerette hangs from his lip as he talks about the recent events, the unruley mob of refugees were starting to get most of the natives up in arms. "It's pathetic really." he mutters to his acquaintance, "Maybe these disgusting creatures should learn to defend themselves before running away from home to spread their waste elsewhere." he states, slightly frustrated that all these xenos have come to his home planet to find homes where they don't belong.

Wolf turns, leaning against the side of the landing pad, his eyes gazing down over the Plaza below him. He chuckles at those refugees holding signs, "Go home!" he shouts down at them, reaching down to grab a loose bit of debris to throw at them.
Vorshix looks just about as lost as Kira at this point. Draygo could be leading them into a trap for all he knows, the Ubese seems to only know how to think in the negative. He glances to the armored man for a moment before his gaze shifts to Kira, "I cannot tell either." He admits a bit unhappily but continues to follow along beside her.

As the trio arrives to the Nebula Plaza, Kell answers Kira's first question, "This is Nebula Plaza, sort of the center of Coronet, the Corona House is here too. It's also right next to the Financial District and yes, there are hotels located here. I haven't stayed in one though so I'm not sure which is one is better or what the differences are, I'm sure they provide a wide selection of accomodations." As he answers though, he continues to survey the surroundings, picking up a bad vide, worse than usual with the tension that has been thick in the atmosphere.

Its a center stage, that is what the plaza is, for any and all to catch a glimpse of what most of the Corellia's natives think of the open house policy to refugees. There is a crowd of non-protestors gathering amongst those yelling and screaming. IGN is there, taking stock of all of this and setting up more cameras to feed live to the galaxy.

Amongst the onlookers there is some talk and then some shouting as a small ebb breaks out in the crowd. The shoving grows and there is mutterings as people further away watch and get uncomfrotable. Sudden jeers rise up as more of the crowd seems to be siding with the protestors and those who are not quite so certain what to do begin to shrink back. A line starts to unconsciously form in the crowd. Separating the actives from the onlookers - though even then its somewhat muddled. There is a few fights that break loose suddenly, punches thrown but no actual weapons drawn yet as the tension in the plaza begins to grow, bodies bumping back and forth as more people stream in to see what is going on. CorSec is starting also to shuffle towards the fight to break it up before it escalates.

With the wandering of one utterly lost, a girl quite far from home makes her way into the busy plaza, only realizing the mistake of it as she is somewhat drawn along by the various flows of traffic. Kylie tries to press her way opposite the others, but finds herself suddenly no longer amongst random civilians, but protestors with signs and irritable expressions. "This is definitely not where I want to be…" she mutters to herself. From her vantage, she sees an equal amount of pro- and against- folks, and she turns to shoulder her way away from both. "Back to the spaceport," she winces. She raises a hand to push aside those who are passing her direction.

Having found himself alongside none other than Seifer Wolf - and looking little pleased about it - the fellow Corellian is clad in well-tailored black garb. Dark indigo orbs glare down upon the throngs of non-Corellians protesting their right to a planet which is not their own - something which Lance Corbet seems to agree with Wolf on, for a change.

"They're weak." states the man calmly, shaking his head slowly. As Wolf hurls the loose bit of debris, he grins, eyes sparkling as he drinks in the fear and anger brewing within the plaza. "They deserve to be taken if they cannot protect themselves. And this so-called 'High Justice' is a joke. Her very appointment spits in the face of Corellians everywhere."

She nods to Kell, "Thank you Kell, House Corona, I should see about meeting up with their head or his appointed spokesman," she muses, at ease with the presence of two men even without her normal entourage. Kira muses, "Well if this is the heart of Coronet then the best hotels will be located closer to House Corona, if it's set up like back home," the Tapani woman says, her accent pleasant.

She is about to say something when a loud jeer catches her attention and even the noblewoman cannot ignore the growing tension further. "Oh my… the civilians are not happy with the flow of xenos," she says quietly and steps back to be closer to Vorshix. "Corporal, Kell, where is the closest store?" she asks having seen riots play out on the news. "Do you know what CorSec's typical reaction is?" she inquires, so very thankful right now that she didn't bring her son with her. He's still safe on the Nightsinger's Envy with the rest of her mobile household.

"Exactly." Wolf agrees with Lance Corbet, both palms down on the side of the safety barrier, a smile curling around the burning cig in his mouth. "I mean, if they're all here.." he turns, thumbing toward the crowd of aliens, "Then their usual nests must be pretty empty." he half turns, one elbow moving to prop him up as he looks at Lance. "Maybe we should take this oportunity to snag a few of them for Zorbo. Make some extra cash on the side." he gives the man a toothy grin.

Out of nowhere, a small chunk of debris comes sailing passed Wolf's head. Eyes widen slightly as he turns to look at its origin, though there was no one person to accuse. "Orbital bombardment." he states bluntly.

Vorshix steps close to the noblewoman as things get more exciting. He keeps right by her side and turned slightly so that hopefully he can place himself in front of a threat should it appear. He doesn't speak, just lets her know how close he is by the sound of that filter with each breath he takes. A look around the area and all he can focus on is the powder cake of a place this is turning into, "We should remove ourselves from here." He says more to Kell then Kira at the moment.

"Well there goes another perfectly good meeting down the drain." Stepping away from Corona House Venelav mutters to himself as heads closer to the action. Spotting a familiar face Venelav veers off towards Draygo. As he approaches he says, "Fancy running into you here. You know it seems like whenever I try to meet with the leaders of the refugee accepting worlds I end up coming in the middle of riot season."

Uh oh, it looks like the boiling point is reached as the crowds begin to mix together, creating a rather volatile result. He sees that some skirmishes and blows are being exchanged and shoots both Kira and Vorshix a quick glance. Even before Kira's question about the store is asked, the Corellian is already looking around for possible quick exits or even cover before nodding towards the side where there are some onlookers but also some shops, "There is one… CorSec should be keeping the peace, that would be their focus but this. This might be a little too big for them to handle unless reinforcements are called in." He then focuses on the Ubese, "Looks like you'll be earning your pay today if I read the atmosphere correctly, this isn't just some simple protest today and collateral damage is most likely a given." He knows that being the bodyguard, Ubese is probably on pins and needles right now in a strange and hostile environment so atleast he tries to confirm the fact that he isn't here to makes things more complicated or difficult.

Before he could answer the Ubese guard though and agree on finding an exit vector, Kell hears Venelav and nods to the other man, "Lord Venelav, seems like a rather unlucky set of coincidence. It seems that Lady Katon is in a similar situation. A completely different matter seems to have brought her and her bodyguard into this as well."
CorSec is able to smother most of the hell that is starting to raise, little fires stamped out. It's their job. But as more and more begin to take part, its as if it were a sudden wildfire as non-humans, even natives begin to become targets. More fists and finally as the tension explodes, there is a growl and the sound of blaster fire. That is it, the wildfire rages and it spreads quickly.

Panic cuts through many and even some fo the protestors fall to the ground. People begin to push to get away and even those who wish to stay are starting to pull weapons to defend themselves - though most are unarmed. There is a blared alert from CorSec for a stand down but the real damage is not the weapons, but the fleeing masses!
Kira nods to Kell's words and puts a hand on Vorshix letting him know that she is aware that he's there. "So if we're expecting collaterial damage, then we will be facing broken store fronts. Where would be the best place to go to to wait this out?" she asks, "I am no good with a blaster, but I am good with melee weapons," she quickly volunteers, checking over her shoulder to make sure that no one is flinging dung from there. Her hands fall down to finger her light foil's hilt, it would be bad to draw that out.

When Venelav approaches she eyes him for a moment trying to place his face and trying to find his name but coming up short. Then Kell names him and she nods, nodding her head to him, "I wish it's a pleasure to be remeeting you, Lord Venelav," lord of what, she forgets but it's always good to be polite and play along. "Four have an easier time defending each other if it goes that far south," she speaks aloud looking for someplace to relocate to, but ground tactics are not apart of her training. "I think the reinforcements won't be coming too soon if it's already gotten this far-" she falls silent, "Oh frell! Blaster fire off of the starport bow," she announces to those with her, her violet eyes fixed upon the scene of people fleeing the blaster fire, but her tones are strangely calm, "Where do we move to?" she requests like she's inquiring about orders.

It seems like something has ignited the powder keg as Kell sees a sudden change in the crowd reaction. Before, everyone was just standing around in large groups with some small side antics but suddenly he spots a lot of civilians just turning and running, like a bunch of rats blindly fleeing just to get away as fast as they can. "Not good, looks like something is happening. I strongly advise we stay where we are for now and hold our ground. If we turn and run, we may get caught up in the stampede and worse, crushed under it." The Corellian isn't sporting his dual heavy blaster pistols since they are illegal on this planet but he does have his vibroblade which he keeps at his side but ready to draw just in case. "We should keep to the side of this building nearby so we can't be blind sided from behind." He suggests, preferring to stick to their current location.

The press of the crowd is just impossible to weave a good path, and Kylie eventually finds herself at the base of the raised landing platform. Despite the mindless will of the crowd's attempts to toss her about, she grips a support mechanism and pushes at people who collide too close with her. Casting eyes upwards, she spots two familiar faces side-by-side at the railing, Lance and Wolf, and she frowns.

Then suddenly a shift in the emotion draws her eyes back down to the crowds, her hands clutching tighter at the sound of blasters opening up. Deciding to at least have some semblance of self-defence, she carefully draws out her small blaster, holding it close.

Lord Venelav looks over Lady Kira for a moment, "Have we met?" He asks with almost puzzlement as he tries to recall memories of a generally unpleasent week. As the blastfire starts to be heard Venelav pulls out the 22T4 Hold-out Blaster he brought, a keepsake of a Blaster Marksmanship contest an unsatisfying blaster compared to what was in the armoury, but all he felt he would get away within if push game to shove. "Now I recall it was at some dreadful party on Byss was it not….these should at least be more entertaining circumstances….that is what the party on Byss was lacking a honest to goodness riot!"

The Lord of The Wheel then looks to Kell, he follows the instructions and moves himself closer to the group and the defence position advised by his subordinate, "It is your home world Captain Draygo, I think in this instance your practical wisdom will be of more use the Lords and Ladies in the party. Besides with these damn weapons laws, I feel less liked the Lord of The Wheel and more like a Chamberlain or Taxi Driver." Venelav checks his blaster, it is on stun for now.

Shying away from the flung piece of debris a little, Lance glances towards Wolf once more, shaking his head slowly. "Pitiful…" he comments, disgust clear in his tone. "Non-humans have their uses…" he begins, grinning as he considers this statement. Soon, his thoughts are dismissed however, and he chuckles as he looks down into the throng of people once more. "Perhaps we should commence bombardment." he comments idly, smirking wickedly as he looks through the crowd of foreigners. "Or, perhaps we should do as you suggest. I would like one or two of the more.. attractive females, however, for my own devices." he intones, smirking towards Wolf. "If that's acceptable, then perhaps we have an agreement…."

As the crowd surges, either fleeing or entering the fight that is only now erupting, Lance scowls. Pressing himself to the railing, he manages to avoid being swept under by the cowards fleeing from the scene. Shaking his head, the blond man again mutters, "Pathetic…" to Wolf alongside him, before the form of another appears nearby, drawing Lance's attention.

Peering down upon Kylie, he chuckles, shaking his head. A smirk appears on his lips, and he nods to the girl. "I'd suggest, if you want to make it through this, you stick with us, girl." he informs her, before he looks up, assessing the situation.

Vorshix reaches out to Kira trying to pull the noblewoman to him, "Please stay close to me Lady Katon." He tells her though it isn't so much a question as if she doesn't come to stand between him and where he thought the shots came from he will move there himself. Reaching up the cloak he pulls out blaster of his own and offers it a few curses in Ubese for not being his service arm. Holding it at the ready he looks to Kell, "She needs to be out of here." The other noble gets a glance but not much more as he isn't suppose to be protecting that man every last part of him is not trying to assess threats to Kira and Kira alone, his own safety not even high on his list. The Ubese glances toward the crowd again, trying to keep the jostling back and away from his charge but it is an impossible task.
"A true waste of good architechture." Wolf replies to Lance, gripping the barrier he's leant against as the running of the Aliens begins to effect them at their perch. "I have no objections." he replies to Lance, "Do what you want, but lets do /something/." he grins, reaching beneath his tunic to retrieve his blaster pistol.

"Girl?" he asks Lance, craning his head over the barrier to spot Kylie. "Oh." he says with slight suprise, "Fancy seeing you here!" he grins, turning to address immediate problems.

As more weapons are drawn, not only is CorSec now dealing with possible deaths, but getting caught in crossfire with their own men. They draw and set to stun, moving in on those that are exchanging fire as more screams start to rise and people continue to flee. Brushing past those who wish to stay the mass is just starting to break.

Stray blaster fire fans outward in an array of different colors, almost like a light show and as the alarms start to become a raising aria overtop, several veer towards some of the onlookers. Several fall in fleeing and are crushed in the successive rush outward. Wolf, Draygo, Venelav and Vorshix all are narrowly hit by the blaster fire that ensues.

She stumbles back a little as Vorshix takes her and pulls her back. But the woman doesn't complain, it is his place to move her to points of safety. "Yes Lord, it was. Dreadfully boring party without any scrap of entertainment. Lady Kira Katon, and if we get out of this we will have to sit down and talk perhaps," she half chuckles but is falling back to where Draygo suggested. She picks up what he's lord of, but whether she remembers later or not is hard to tell at present. Ground combat of this level isn't her thing. "I want to be in the seat of my ship," she mutters underbreath pulling out… her knife! "And something bigger than a rabbit skinner," but she takes a position and stance to be able to wield it professionally as she reminds herself that her primary blade will get her marked as a target to take out.

"I do not need to be out of here," the woman protests, "We are better off together and moving together and finding… cover," she squeeks as she ducks at the incoming blaster fire. Not good, not good, blaster fights are rare where she is from but she works to keep herself coherent and ready for orders that involve the entire group.
Again looking up to the perch where Lance and Wolf, Kylie glances about for the easiest access and dashes for it. Though the raised platform is certainly more open, it is at least a little safer from the lower crowds that flood both to escape and attack. After a moment of having disappeared from their sight, she grips the wall beside them. "Funny indeed…" she answers Wolf's earlier greeting. "This is nuts."

As blaster fire roars inwards towards the pair - now trio with the addition of Kylie - Lance frowns, watching the blaster bolt narrowly miss his fellow pilot. Glancing down at the DL-18 in his hand, Lance smirks faintly. "Don't suppose you've got a spare blaster, hmm?" he inquires of the man, drawing upon the Force in a defensive manner, and enwrapping himself in its folds. Ensuring he'll know if anyone is directing fire at him, Lance intakes a slow breath. "I don't particularly feel like lopping off limbs today, and drawing the ire of CorSec after my last visit home…" Shaking his head, the blond man smirks. "But if anyone deems me an easy target, I'll show them just how wrong they are." he grins wickedly.

To Kylie, Lance adds, "This is just getting started." Lips curl upwards, and dark indigo orbs flash towards the girl. "Can you not feel the anger permeating through the area?" he asks with a dark chuckle.

Vorshix utters a few soft words in Ubese quite thankful that Kira doesn't pick this moment to get stubborn as he guides her along toward the wall that Kell points out. As the noblewoman pulls a knife he lets out a sigh, "I have my snap baton if you want that instead of a knife." He tells her in a bit of a grumble really not wanting to have her in the fight at all but this isn't a place to argue. He does glances toward her, "Yes you should be out of here. We will be fine so long as you are safe." Perhaps speaking out of turn as the other two men have no doubt a very big stake in staying a live even if she was hurt. As the Ubese turns back her catches a flash from the corner of his visor and spins back covering Kira with his body as it slams into the wall beside him, "Are you alright Lady Katon?"

Teeth grit together as Wolf ducks blaster fire, his mouth stretching horizontally. Aliens are blasting everyone in sight, "It's merely panic." he says, looking at Lance. "This is my survival pistol, for the very unlikely chance I get shot down." he grins, "I only carry one." He slumps down against the barrier, raising his pistol at the moving crowds. One eye closes as he aims for a running, blaster wielding Twi'lek.

His finger squeezes the trigger.

Dodging a shot that nearly manages to scorch his designer gloves, the Lord of The Wheel frowns most seriously, "Well I don't think the Corellians are really going to have to worry about people taking advantage of their hospitality after this. I think everyone will know that they aren't really welcome." His expression shows deep frustration with temporarily is crusting over his normal sense of optimism. He might not always think the glass is half full mind you, but he knows full well he has more bottle from which to fill said glass than most." He looks from his blaster to Draygo to his blaster back to Draygo, "Let me guess it probably wouldn't help us stay below the radar if I fire this pea shooter will it?"

"Anger and fear," Kylie replies, flinching as the nearby shot fizzles past Wolf. "How can you not feel it?" She eyes Lance and the way he seems to calmly stand amidst the chaos. Wary of more fire being drawn their way now, now that Wolf has opened fire from the platform, the pilot presses her IR-5 into Lance's palm and crouches at the barrier, only just peeking over at the insanity below. "It's like… the anarchy is -tangible-," she mutters.

"Trust me, I want us out of here as soon as possible too but sometimes if you run without a plan, you'll run into more troule instead of away from it. Plus, running away in a crowd is not any safer, since you never know who is in the crowd." Kell answers the Ubese guard without looking at him as he is focused on the troubled area. Good thing since he spots blaster fire and one of them is headed in his direction which he ducks rather easily. Now that he is getting shot at, Kell draws his vibroblade but opts to turn the vibration off. He isn't in the mood to cut people… yet. "Once the crowd disperses more though, we will have much safer and easier lanes of escape." He smirks and shrugs a Venelav, "I don't think it would matter at this point, with all the chaos."

The chaos begins to spread further, those still in the radius are being taken up by more and more firefights, one in particular is Lance. As a hail of shots again streams outward, it has grown more numerous as people are fighting for their lives down there. A fleeing Nikto growls and shoots outward, looking to Lance as being human and Corellian, he aims and fires then bullrushes Lance specifically and another Nitko is not far behind, aiming for Wolf as they intend to use whatever ship is there.

On the ground, the group of four are drawn up together and as several aliens are taking note of them, two open fire and at Kell and one at Venelav before they seem to gather and mean to rush them. Kira is given a long look by one of the last members and he grins, moving in to try to grab for her. seems humans are open season now. Two actually turn to Venelav and move for him as Vorshix is attacked by one and Kell is rushed by a twi'lek, a punch thrown.

The twi'lek that is downed by Wolf is down, dead and several of those around him begin to flare outward away in surprise and fear.

When they are set upon by a gang of aliens, Kell groans and shakes his head, "Why couldn't they just move on." He mutters to no one in particular and watches as a Twi'lek is after him. Instead of defending himself, he tries to verbally warn his opponent, "You don't want to…" Before the Corellian could finish, he sees the punch coming and tries to turn away but not in time. The punch hits Kell in the jaw but no real damage is done as he rubs it with a hand while finishing his warning, "…that." With a non-plussed expression, he turns away for a second before turning back and throwing a punch at the Twi'lek jaw in return.

"Oh? I'll take your baton over this," Kira says eagerly, happy to swap weapons, "I'm familiar with their use," she assures her bodyguard. As he is upon her after that shot she looks up to Vorshix, "Ummm… I'm fine, but can you get off of me" she assures him, "And tactically, we're stronger together than I am by myself," she tells him, "So, corporal, we will stick it out with these men until things allow us to move on," Kira tells him finding her calm as the ESPO bodyguard reveals his greenness. As Draygo speaks, Kira nods to his words and then bites back another squeek as the blaster shots find their way over to her small portion of the planet. "Kell is from here and dresses and walks as one comfortable in battle," she tells Vorshix, "He has home turf as his advantage, it is best we stick together," she beseeches the Ubese and then there's incoming!

As her three companions are engaged Kira doesn't have the chance to aid them when the enemy is trying to grab her. She swears an old Tapani oath and brings up the rabbit skinner to bear allowing him to grab that as she pulls it harshly out of his hand, and thus saving her own arm. Her violet eyes flash in anger and the woman steps forward quickly drawing her knife to lay against her arm as she brings it about to jab towards his throat the blade already wearing his blood. "That snap baton will be nice, Vorshix," she tells her body guard in a growled tone not directed at him.
A grin has stretched across Wolfs features as he watches his target fall on their face. Those following him trip over the corpse, staggering as they continue on their way. The Nikto twin rush is sent at Lance and Wolf, the two xenos in a fit of rage as they spot the two corellians. Raising his blaster, Wolf attempts to shoot his attacker down, though is struck across the face. Turning back to look at his attacker, with little more then a slight colouring from the hit, Wolf spits at him, "Weak."

He steps forward, grabbing ahold of the Nikto's clothing, Wolf raises his blaster to point it at his face. His finger pulling on the trigger.

It is not more Mister Nice Lord anymore. Venelav had done all the right things, he had followed the draconian firearms statutes of this backwords Core World. He had given the crowds on both sides of the issue plus the security goons a pass on the crime of messing with his schedule, a serious offence if they had been in Confederation territory. Pointing his blaster at a Rutian Twi'lek who had shot at him, the Lord of The Wheel fires thrice, once with his wit, then with his blaster, and once again with is wit. "Do you know who I am? I am Venelav of Besh Gorgon, Lord of The Wheel. I frakkin changed my name to show support to my Twi'lek friends and allies. I formed a political union the Maffi/Zhao and this is the thanks I get from you?" He fires the blaster at the man but continues talking anyhow, "The Confederation works tirelessly to improve the plight of your people. Do you know how much money I have spent on aid to Twi'lek since this Bounty Crisis? Why don't you just go to Thyferra and give yourself to Zorbo the Hutt you ungrateful son of bitch." (speaking in Ryl)

Vorshix does not like it but he stops playing meat shield just as another bolt comes flying in and he dodges to the side so that it strike the wall behind him once more. His armed hand raises while the free one slips to the small of his back and comes back out with a stun baton from under the cloak. He holds it out to Kira while he watches his target, "Lady Katon." He calls the name out simply to let her know it is there before the pistol lines up on his target and he pulls the trigger, the sound of the blaster almost drown out by all the commotion in the area.

The blast from the charging Nikto makes Kylie flinch away from Lance, the intended target, and she scowls at the alien. Pushing up from the wall, she steps up and flexes the gloves that cover her fists, meeting the creature's charge toward Lance with an attack of her own - if nothing more than to throw it off balance for the Corellian. Her fist flies out to pelt at its ugly face!

IR-5 in hand, curtesy of Kylie, Lance looks at the puny weapon before he looks up, warned by the Force as to the approach of the Nikto. Spinning towards the rushing brute, Lance chuckles darkly, free arm rising to block the incoming fist even as he sidesteps out of the way of the rush with a bit of a hurried hop. "Perhaps you should be more wary of who you attack next time." states the blond man as he raises the IR-5, aiming it for the Nikto's head. It is only an instant before Lance depresses his finger upon the trigger, flaring the punitive blaster to life.

Kira's first hit had her opponent nearly doubling over and second guessing as he grabbed for his shoulder where her dagger had dug in. As she strikes once more, the twi'lek garbles and starts to sway before he collapses, blood seeping out towards the Lady's feet.

Vorshix is able to knock the blow away but his attempt to fire on his opponent is meant with a drop to the side before he comes back up, tail sweeping towards the Ubese' feet to knock him down. THe trandoshan hisses through his teeth.
Draygo is met with a rather tough twi'lek and as they exchange punches, neither does any sort of real damage. The next punch that comes is aimed for Dray's meaty gut.

Venelav gets off a strike on his opponent that sends the near human spinning to the ground with a growl. He grabs at his shoulder and is not getting up as he tries to.
Wolf's Nikto gets a face full of blaster as the gun flares he lets off a scream of agony, folding to the ground as he twitches a moment or two and then stills - smoking corpse is smoking.

Kylie's fist is a bug, a gnat to the second Nikto and as he turns a sharped tooth glare on the girl, he catches for her wrist and tries to pull her. That is when the blaster fire slams into him and he grunts, stumbling and gripping at a side rail and possibly dragging Kylie with.

The Lady, it appears is not skirmish around blood. Indeed her features seem to fall into a determined mask, "I will be seeing my son at dinner," she states without a hint of doubt. Then Vorshix is handing her his baton. The knife goes into her off hand to work as a means to defect and deter people from attacking her. With a flick of her wrist the snap baton is out. "Who's alright?" she asks as she turns her head, she spots the Doshan attacking Vorshix, "Oh no you don't," she growls determinedly, bringing that baton up and towards the base of the Doshan's neck to hopefully cause the most damage on the taller being.

"You just aren't going to learn are you?" Venelav enquires of the Twi'lek he is fighting, "I ought to set this to kill and put you down like the rabid animal you clearly. You are lucky I take my loyalty to your species more seriously than you take your own life." He fires again at the man and turns to check on the progress of the other three of his party, "You know I have seen more warmth from the girl who tried to rob me at the Bazaar the other day than I see out of any of those punks. Then again she was a youngling, and I did have a yummy piece of fruit in my hands>." (speaking in Ryl)

Wolf watches with derranged glee as his attacker's head foams outwards, blood escaping the hot searing of the blaster bolt splats on his face. The Niktos clothing slides through his fingers as Wolf drops him unrespectfully to the floor. "Pathetic." he mutters, looking up to catch Kylie and Lance putting down a second alien. "Kill it." he states, watching Kylie slide free, he steps forward to aim at the second Nikto's chest, pulling the trigger.

It's a punch in beautiful form, lined up for a strike to the Nikto's face… and it whiffs. The creature is shot and stumbles past, grabbing at her and pulling her off balance from her initial strike. Kylie falls off balance and stumbles back into the crouch against the wall that she had originally been in before. Maybe she should just stay there, this time. Looking up at Lance, she says, "Alright, so my gun sucks. Sue me…" without him even having to glance to her.

Vorshix lets out an irritated growl trough the amplifier when his shot flies off target. As the Trandoshan comes in at him though the Ubese deftly kicks out his leg to change the direction of the blow, glancing away from his much slighter frame. Then his charge is there defending him… he couldn't be more embarrassed at the moment. "I have the man, please." He calls out to her, a bit of desperation in his voice, much rather defending himself them trying to defend her. He blaster raises once more as he shifts so that the noblewoman wont be shot on accident and his blaster fires again.

Instead of a graceful engagement of martial arts, what Kell and the Twi'lek have fallen to is a ugly match of fistacuffs as they continue to exchange punches. The Corellian was about to side step the Twi'leks punch when a running civilian accidently bumps the man. Luckily, the bump helped him duck the swing and counter right away, going for an uppercut attack at his opponent's jaw.
The well-dressed Corellian is readying another shot, when Wolf steps in and fires at the Nikto's chest. It is at this point that the pilot looks about, surveying his surroundings and taking note of the small group defending themselves. Included is Kira, and Venelav, and Lance just chuckles. Glancing sidelong towards Wolf even as the blaster goes off. "By the way.." he intones calmly towards his one-time rival. "Kira Katon is looking for you. Wants her to contact you when you have time."

Raising his borrowed IR-5 to level it at another nearby alien, Lance pulls the trigger, firing at the poor creature before adding, "She's over there, by the way. Interested in saying hello?"
Both Nikto lie dead and the twi'lek that Venelav faces is down, twitching and smoking from the expert shot to the jugular. Draygo's opponent feels like his whole body is split by the sudden throw and he skids back a few feet, moaning and not getting back up. It is the Doshan that remains, turning his serpent eyes on Kira and growling as he is shot at and missed. He reaches for the Lady, taloned hands meaning to grab for him. Even as the time is short for them, Lance decides to lay waist to a Rodian who rolls with the Force of the blaster shot, stilling to a pause.

What little is left of the chaos is beginning to spread out even further, blood and bodies left behind in the wake of the disruption. CorSec is sweeping, gathering and picking up the live ones and if those who are still around do not leave. They will be taken to, no discrimination to species.
The blaster bolt scorches through the Nikto's chest, Wolfs lips curled up one side of his face as he ends another Alien life. He shakes his head, "I should've brought a squad with me." he mutters, turning around to listen to Lance. "Katon huh." he grins, turning his head as Lance directs him. "Lets get out of here." he says, turning to look at Kylie, a tilt of his head indicating for her to follow. Sliding his blaster back into his tunic, Wolf steps off with a fast pace.
"I'm assisting!" she snaps at Vorshix and brings her dagger up to bear as she deflects his attempt to grab her. "Do not touch me," she tells the opponent in a steely tone. "Voth will be displeased," she assures the Doshan as she brings her baton back up to bap him on the nose in a rapid movement. Her blood is bumping but if Vorshix or Kell want to grab her to get her out, given her lesser weight and muscle mass it may be an easy task.

On another day, on another battlefield Venelav might have cared to keep firing….but today he he was more content to skedaddle before the CorSec hurting came. The last thing the Confederation needed was a Magistrate accidently arrested, let alone Lord Venelav himself. Tucking away the peashooter he looks for the nearest exit, "Unless you have any further business that you want to conduct here in spite of this dreadful welcome, I suggest we get back to Mutanda Captain Draygo. Lady Kira, I'd be happy to to have that chat later….but not on this planet perhaps it is time to leave it for you two as well?"

Vorshix glances to the approaching men and lets out a sigh before grabbing her wrist and with a yank tugs her back toward him and away from the Trandoshan. Shifting he tries to push her along so he keeps the hostile between them, "You are not assisting in my job." He tells her, true enough, another shot fired back at the creature he can't do any worse then he has been. Plus the thing looks mad now. He glances to Kell, then to the Dosh before trying to get Kira out of there whether she wants to or not, "We leave. Now." He tells her, seems he can stand up for himself sometimes.

"Lord Venelav, you go with Lady Kotan and her guard, I'll cover the retreat. Make sure you guys keep going!" Kell says as he moves to put himself between the Doshan and the retreat group, last thing they need is one of them to get injured by an angry chasing Doshan so for now he'll keep the alien preoccupied for a few more seconds before pulling back. "Hey Lizard, I think the Lady wanted to make a handbag out of you, you ready for it?" He asks, taunting the Doshan so the lizard's attention is fixed on him. With a smirk, he throws a strong right hook at the Doshan, hoping for a one-hit KO so he doesn't have to tangle with CorSec longer than necessary.

The pilot drags herself back to her feet from falling back under the Nikto's annoyance. She boot-kicks the corpse laying at her feet and mutters something vulgar under her breath. Dusting off her jacket, she looks between Lance and Wolf. "You two getting out of here before CorSec comes? Or are you looking to tangle with them, too?" She smirks at them and backs away from the barrier. "Cause I don't think they're something I want to stick around for…" She glances at the advancing officers.

"Agreed." comments Lance, glancing again towards Katon and her group. Smirking at Venelav's retreating form, Lance looks towards Kylie. "Get going with Wolf." he tells the woman, before he begins moving across the plaza towards Kira, the idiot bodyguard, and the worthy Draygo. Tossing the IR-5 towards Kylie as he moves, the Corellian could look the madman, moving in towards the Doshan unarmed, but lips curl upwards as he draws forth a weapon, pulling out a cylindrical object as he does so.

Swiftly, he moves across, and as he comes up behind the Trandoshan, a telltale 'snap-HISS' erupts behind the being, and Lance grins past him towards Draygo. "Shall we end this one?" he inquires of the marine, before chuckling as he sweeps the dark green with silver flecked blade across, aimed at the tall being's waist.

CorSec is making fluid work along the right sweeping towards the spaceport. More than a few are being caught up and put into carts to be wheeled off to holding cells. The only blaster fire that remains now is that which is on stun.

The Doshan growls, pissed off first by the Lady and then by the blaster shot. But it is Drayo's punch that sends his muzzle high. Taking a step back he sways a moment and then the sound of the saber. He turns and it cuts in against his side. A scream of agony and he is down, thrashing as he holds it and trying to get away.

CorSec starts to close in on them and the march of boots through the Plaza sound.

"Put down your weapons! Surrender now." Shots are fired towards the two but miss as the officers are making good on their sweep.

She hits his snout! She is almost giddy. Turning her head, she now spots the approaching CorSec that is the source of Venelav's desire to depart, "Oh dear…" she murmers and then she's being dragged, turning thinking it's the Doshan or one of his buddies she almost stabs Vorshix, but stays her hand as her feet skitter to keep up with him. "I'm coming!" she calls out to the Ubese, "And I hit him twice," she protests as she scurries to keep up. Then Kell does the brave thing and her eyes widen as the unarmed man goes to fisty-cuffs with the big lizard man. And then the hisspop. "Kell, come on!" she calls to the man as the blond man cuts the Doshan, she continue to look behind her as she is pulled along by Vorshix.
Wolf motions for Kylie to follow him as he moves off, watching as Lance heads toward the Flailing Trandoshan. "I hope you have a ship with you." he says, turning to look at Kylie as he moves off in the same direction as Lance, though he hadn't planned on stopping. Moving straight passed the scuffle, Wolf heads after Kira.

"Yes you hit it, lets go." Vorshix doesn't even slow but glances back to the man who pops the Trandoshan in the snout and he nods, "See fine. Common." He assures the noblewoman as he continues to drag her along in what he hopes is a good direction. The Ubese glances about but never slowing as he makes decisions on the fly of where to go, namely away from the people who are trying to hurt his charge. He doesn't call back to Draygo though as he figures the man will be able to handle himself and he can only focus on one thing for the time being. "He will be fine. Think of your son." That will hopefully get her moving.

Catching the IR-5, Kylie stuffs it back into its holster and darts after Wolf, eyes following Lance as his lightsaber ignites and he takes to the Trandoshan abruptly. She winces and keeps up with the Imperial. "I do. It's at the spaceport," she replies. "Let's get the hell out of here…" This she mutters to herself. Casting her eyes over her shoulder, she looks at the carnage left by the madness of the crowd and scowls. "Such a waste of life…"

Feeling a solid hit land, Kell sees that he has the Doshan stunned and gets ready for a KO shot when he spies Lance approaching from behind. Hearing the snap-hiss as well, he merely takes a step back and watches it end. The cut was good enough and hearing the authorities arrive, the Corellian ducks to the side to evade the first volley.
"Wish I could stay and chat but I have prior engagements to attend to," he says, nodding in Kira's and Venelav's direction, "plus I don't think we are being invited to stay right now. Thanks for the assist." With a casual two-fingered salute to Lance, Kell turns and starts running after the group he was originally with. "Keep going! I'm right behind you guys!"

With the choice before him to go with an Imperial he still didn't fully like, and a woman who.. he was intrigued by - not to mention her presence with Venelav - Lance smirks towards Draygo, shaking his head. "No. I'm coming with." he states simply, after having to duck to the side and away from a blaster bolt. Considering the CorSec officers inbound, Lance just shakes his head. They were just doing their job, and they were Corellian afterall. The decision is made in a split second, and his lightsaber is unignited, tucked away, before the pilot runs after Draygo, soon catching up and matching his pace.

Vorshix keeps pushing the noblewoman along, "They will be fine, Just run, don't think about anything other then getting out of here." He tells her urgently as he spots a couple shots hit nearby. The Ubese looks back and seems one of the CorSec kneeling, following the aim he see's he isn't looking at him but the woman. The ESPO does what he does best, he gets in the way. The body guard making good on his promise to both the noblewoman, Direx and even Prex there is no way he is going to let her get hurt. There is that sting in his back before a short yelp and his moment carries him forward landing face first he slides a bit before slumping into a heap.
Kira keeps moving, turning to watch where her feet go as she follows Vorshix out, now keeping a breast with him. And then she's being moved infront of him and she can feel his hand on her back, pushing her forward. The woman flicks her knive before putting it away and then flicks her wrist to retract the baton and as she's slipping it into her belt, the hand comes off. She looks back to check on Vorshix having see the blaster shots that wizzed pass them. And it's a gasped, "No!" as she hits her heel down and starts to turn back for the fallen Ubese. The noblewoman wasn't going to leave the faithful servant behind!

"Ah, then we should go, they don't look too happy. Especially with how jacked up Coronet is right now…" Kell says as he runs after the group, slowly catching up with Lance. Seeing the stun bolt flash by towards in front of them, he watches as it hits Vorshix, the shot meant for Kira and he winces, "Damn! He's hit." Running to the downed Ubese guard, he dodges another blast from the authorities before reaching Vorshix. Leaning down, he quickly graps one of the Ubese's arms and hauls him up from under his arms, "Let's go!" He is either expecting to carry him or drag him, unless someone helps.

Shots slam into Vorshix and as he drops, they let a few more go to try to either to get the others to move on or drop. They are not willing to linger any longer than they half to and the sound of boots echo about as they draw closer yet. Cleanup and not always in a good way will have to happen.

"Drop your weapons and surrender now!" Comes the voice. There seems to be no other option if they don't flee now. As Draygo drags up the figure of Vorshix, they start to move a little faster, not wanting the group to get away, seeing as a few sentients are on the ground where they had been.
Kira looks thankfully towards Draygo and moves to assist him, "If we can get to someplace safe, I can patch him up," she volunteers as she starts to run, "Lance, you do that thing that the Sith do to the bolts, okay?" she shouts back to the man who used to be really ugly. And then with Vorshix in tow with Draygo carrying most of the weight, the young woman is running for it.
Most likely with battle adrenaline running through him, Kell has no problem carrying the downed Ubese, armor and all. He only pauses momentarily to adjust the grip so that the unconscious guard is now over his shoulder while speaking to Kira, "I got him, keep an eye out for either more CorSec or roving gangs, we need to avoid them until we get a little farther away." He doesn't want her helping since it'll make all three of them easier to hit though it seems like they have no problems leaving the area that is a complete mess.

The Ubese goes down, and Lance just sighs, shaking his head. "Typical…" he mutters, but as Draygo hefts him up as one might a sack of potatoes, he just chuckles. Soon, however, Lance is scowling towards Kira at her words. "I'll do one better." he states with a low growl, turning about to face off against the approaching CorSec. Lips curl wickedly upwards, and the blond man's eyes flash from dark indigo to crimson as he calls upon the Force, manipulating it to his will. A hand cups low, and as he raises it, he draws upon the Dark Side to begin a strong whirlwind about the approaching CorSec soldiers, meaning to fling them into the air and cover their retreat.

Should he manage, he turns and follows the others out. If not… he has to face down a mob of angry security forces.

{ Lance - Force Power - Declared Intent - Force Wind }----
This power allows the Sith to manipulate and channel air currents to form powerful and destructive tornadoes that can lift people into the air and fling them about. The cylcone does the Sith's alter code in damage to all within its range.

WARNING! This power grants an automatic Dark Side point.

Success is what he has and as the mysterious wind born of the darkside slams into them, there are startled cries and some lose hold of their blasters. As they are swept up and thrown back some, it gives the group time to scatter and flee. But this display also causes the CorSec officers to pause and take note. Lance will not be forgotten, that is for sure.