Rayya Siham
Miss Rayya Siham
Camilla Belle
Camilla Belle as Rayya Siham
Name: Rayya Siham
Alias: None
Species: Human
Planet: Corellia
Age: 22
Features: Short, slender, ponytail.
Rank: Miss
Faction: Independent
Position: Courier: Arrow Deliveries


From whence heroes?

Rayya was born in Coronet City, Corellia, the second child of Zuhayr and Samara Siham. He was a disgraced swoop racer who dreamed of making it big; she was a tired housewife whose life was devoured by her grim reality. Rayya hardly knew her. Samara died when she was eleven years old, leaving behind her burdens for her woeful husband to shoulder.

It was her older sister Rana who held the family together: who worked two jobs so Rayya could go to school, who kept her father out of his cups, who became as ruthless as she needed to become to survive in the face of grinding poverty. And most importantly of all, it was Rana who somehow managed to save enough credits to refurbish her father’s ancient swoop. Soon, she built a reputation as a reliable courier who'd transport packages without asking inconvenient questions - and Arrow Deliveries was born.

Small wonder, then, that Rayya holds her sister in such high esteem despite being everything Rana is not: quiet, unassuming, and a touch too naive for her own good. But the one trait she did inherit was surpassing skill behind the handlebars of that venerable Zephyr-J. Having honed her abilities skimming the winding alleys of her home, she sometimes can't help but think she's destined for more. For now, however, Rayya remains satisfied with her lot, content to toil away in relative comfort and obscurity - ignorant of why, in moments of weakness, she catches herself yearning for the stars.

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