Memoir: Rebels and Traitors
Rebels and Traitors
Summary: Taija visits the prisoner, Ona on board the Sovereign. She reveals to her the secret defection going to be happening.
Date: 04/03/2011
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Ona Taija 
Sovereign Holding Cells
17 ABY

The long corridors of prisoner cells aboard the Imperial Soveriegn are stark and white, almost medical in appearance. They might as well be, considering the approach of the head of ISB, Korynn Fleming. With one way glass to every window, a door is set smooth against the left side and once cleared for opening, it will whoosh to the side to allow who wishes. Offiers have clearance of course.

Korolov had paid the woman a visit, the Lieutenant Commander having felt the pain of the darkside that she finally broke down to. Now with a name and rank known, she was of some interest and had been moved to a blank cell with just a table and chair. She stands, stretching her fingers, or trying to. She looks frazzled, and once had been clean but several days neglect has caused the woman some distress. Dressed in barely a thing but her underwear, it obviously is a tactic and she paces, attempting to keep warm in the temperature which is just shy of cool. She hasn't eaten, or rather hasn't been given anything and the pain of waiting is almost worse than the lasting wounds left by her first session of torture.

Everyone is watchful. Even the CAG of a ship like this has to watch herself. Under the eye of the ISB one cannot simply show sympathy towards her. They can't even bat an eyelash. Itswith this in mind that the woman shows herself in the cells. "Everyone out. Now. We can't risk a spy with this one. Cameras off." The Group Captain has a small bag with her and she removes a small leather stick from the satchel. A Blackjack. Perhaps how she got her name. Given she carries the same rank as a ship's Captain, its hard to argue. Few would with her - especially if they were privy to what she knew. Once they are gone and they two are alone, she steps into the cell. "Lieutenant Commander Delamont." Its a simple statement of greeting before she glances to any camera to make sure they are off.

Ona is silent as everyone is ordered away and directives given. The Lieutenant Comannder lifts her chin, folding her arms over her chest to give her some bit of dignity in her scant covering. Her eye lowers to the leather stick and her brows furrow. "I remember you." She says faintly even before her name is voiced. But when it is, she snorts, "Get that from your sith?" She hisses in question. She knows well what they are, the Jedi as friends given an insight to many things. "Come to make good on other information you want?" her voice comes in soft question as she lifts her eyes then to look over the cameras offered. Her right eyes is brilliant, it actually glows a little and takes a moment to focus in and out on the other woman, like a lense.

Taija is silent as the woman speaks. Her own eyes watch those scatter from the cellblock and shut off the cameras. She holds the same defiant and arrogant look to her face until she seems content that they are gone. Doors sealed. Cameras off. She just steps backwards into the corner and reaches up. In a move she might have practiced, an arm slinks up to unscrew the cord from the camera and rip it from its mount. They are truly alone. Its not until then that the Imperial Officer speaks up. "I should hope you remember me, sir." Sir? "And I have come to make good on promises made, not information I want." She's quick about her movements. Taija goes to the table quickly and opens the satchel. The blackjack is reinserted when its opened. Out comes a long Imperial Officer's overcoat. "Dress if you like, Commander." Her glances up is as quick as her movements. The visitor seems as much in a hurry to bring comforts as speak. Out next comes a flask of water and..a bag of cookies. "I don't want to introduce myself for reasons you'll understand but please, take comfort." The woman almost seems like she might be subserviant. "What -do- you remember about me?" Her gaze is intent. Bated breaths match the frenetic look to her.

THe motions in and of themselves speak volumes, but Ona has reason to be wary. But as the cloth is produced she eyes it. It is when the food is brought out that she takes a step closer, barefeet brushing the metal floor. "Strange for such theatrics, but then I have heard stories of the ISB's tactics. Brutal at best." But the water is reached for, opened, smelled. It doesn't seem rancid and if it did have poison - probably better for her; worse would be truth serum or the like. She doesn't drink just yet but takes up the trench coat and begins to pull it on.

"But you are not ISB are you….I remember the pain..the haze. But I do remember two faces. Yours and a man's with blue eyes. I would like to think you were trying to help me. But when was there ever love between the Empire and Republic…I should know." Says the woman as arms are pulled in slowly and the front wrapped about her with a crossing of her arms. Warhmth. She shivers and sighs, relaxing some more with it and the modesty gives her more strenght despite the siren call of the cookies. She considers them a moment and then hazards a drink of the water - albeit a small sip to barely satiate the burning in her throat and dryness of her tongue. But its glorious nonetheless. "Speak up then." She says, noticing still the rushed look of the Taija.

"Believe what you want about the ISB but they are the lowliest pieces of shit I've ever met, sir." Taija is still fussing with her bag. Out comes another flask and a larger bag. Imperial Rations. She pulls a knife out of her pocket and cuts it open before returning the knife quickly. The contents are dumped on the table. There's nothing said immediately in reply. She keeps her eyes on the door. So far nobody has broken through. With each passing moment she seems to relax a little more. Whatever she's doing, it would be hard to hide the anxiety in her. She wears the rank of a Group Captain. One of the ranking officers aboard a Star Dreadnought. When seemingly sated her gaze finds the prisoner once more. "Yeah, you'd like to think that. There is a lot you don't know, Commander." Trepidation overflows from her eyes. She wants to explode what she knows. Its like a dam ready to burst. Its a reach to the otherside. She takes up that flask of water and sips at it before passing it back. The other, too. It has fresh juice in it. Its passed over also. "I'll try anything you want here, Commander. When we met, I was the one pulling you farther out of the burning sand. I kept your satchel, Commander. There is a reason the ISB had to interrogate you for your rank and name. I'm not about to give that up. I'm sorry for the pain its caused." Taija holds on helluva determined, stoic face. Imperial women are rare enough. This one seems to have had her time spent cut under combat and harsh circumstance.

The food being spilled out is given a very long raking glance - one of hunger. Reaching out her hand with a little less hesitation, Ona begins to draw on pieces, feasting to fill her gullet. Just the taste alone is welcome and whether they are rations or not, it is a blessing. This in turn means she drinks of the water more deeply. Perhaps Taija has passed the test. "Commander, I thank you for your choice to keep that. You could not have known what would happen…I expect the worse is yet to come, otherwise I wouldn't be alive." She observes.

Another piece of food is passed over her lips and the salt from it produces saliva. She sighs, eating past the next bite before continues. "I am sure there is much I do not know, even amongst my own people…there is always scheming going on but you appear as if you may very well die of what you keep to yourself at this moment. You do not need to keep it swallowed because by the looks of the food, and your other offerings, you have either meant to lead me astray to win my trust or you actually have something to give to me." She finds this amusing, but her eyes are worn, weary. At least the left one is. Her right focuses on Taija precisely. Miracle of miracles what medicine can do. What was once lost had been restored. Obviously paid for by the Marshall as well. "You are a strong sort, but I realize what time you have with me is limited. Feed me hope…or feed me lies. Either way I am being fed something." Perhaps she means the food as well.

The unidentified officer shakes her head. "No need to address me with any respect, Commander. I wouldn't front me any, either. Quite a few of us wear this uniform with disdain." Her eyes meet Ona's in a cold instant. There is no mistaking that expression. A person can fake the words but the eyes are the window to the soul. She leaves the satchel (and blackjack) on the table and moves to sit on it, leaving herself to face towards the door. The trust there is unmistakable. "Right. Spout your suppositions all you want, Commander. I'm not your friend but I'm sure as shit not your enemy." She steels herself, clenching her jaw. Taija still isn't looking at the prisoner until now. "Believe me or throw this away like the trash. But Commander? Take hope. People know what's happening to you. Your eye isn't some gracious gift meant to buy sympathy. Your cause has sympathy. And its not a simple few. How much more can you take? Commander I need to know just what kind of soul is back ther before I throw this down." Hard eyes meet Ona's. The weight of the galaxy seems to hang behind her words for all the earnest measures there."

The food is slowly sought now as the Commander is giving off her attention to Taija. The way she moves, acts, carries herself. Ona lifts her chin at the sound of hope, a brow raising in uncertainty before that level gaze is angled back at her. She drinks of the water, capping it and setting it aside. Oh for her uniform and not this coat. To feel some way in essence what her rank should be in appearance. But Ona is Ona, no matter her rank and the near human is very keen on what the other is asking for. Emerald eyes gather the woman in their hold, studying her. "I did not expect to live." She admits. "I did not expect a gift like this…but I did expect that pain that did follow. I realize there will be more to come and what you risk by offering me anything. I am prepared for what awaits me but I must say, the way you go on and the food. I had not expected this." She smirks a little as she thinks on the soul bit and she lowers her gaze. "Soul..a battered one. Bruised and war torn. I know many suffered in the years under Imperial rule and Rebellion…but..I was part of it since I could fly. Since I could man a shuttle and this is NOT my first time in custody..though it is so as someone of rank. Which means I get the special treatment. LEt it come I say. If it means I die as a Republic Officer, so be it. I was prepared to die the moment I hit the surface of Tatooine. I will die with what I know." She states evenly and that smirk fades. "I am me…that is all I ever will be and I am sorry if this short amount of time can't give you a clear enough picture of my soul. But that still remains enough for myself."

Taija keeps her narrowed gaze on the younger woman. She looks to be the sort who might be ISB with her undaunted confidence. But its a mask. A thin mask right now. Its obvious she's concerned about who might walk in. "You talk about the harships you've endured like you want my sympathy." Its almost angry. "You have no idea, Commander." Those are bitter words. "Nearly fifteen years put down having to wear this uniform, knowing what I've done. The cause I've supported. I bring you comfort but don't for a single minute try and give me some line about your bullshit hardships. I've spent my career having to hunt you all down and being damned good at it. Don't for a second think your pity party is something I'm about to cater to." Bloodthirsty anger like that? From a female Group Captain? She has to be Imperial Starfigher Corps. "Kill people you sympathize with to keep of a masquerade and then tell me about sacrifice." The Imperial Officer looks like she might explode in anger. This is years of resentment and repressed hostility to the Empire bubbling up. She takes a bullish breath and looks back towards the door. "You can do this? You can take things to your grave?" She only pauses a heartbeat. "You better believe your own lines darlin because if you don't, then you best think twice about sending a few million potential comrades to their graves. You got the stones to handle a massive defection or do I need just shoot you now, sir?" Taija's hard eyes look back at the Rebel Officer. Its not possible to fake that dedication. Its not possible. Any amount of empathy would read it. Taija would kill Ona in a heartbeat to protect what she knows and what it means.

There is something gleaned from this anger and the realization of it sparkles in her one responsive eye. Ona watches the other woman keenly, narrowing her gaze. "A defection." She breathes, almost understanding. But she then moves, hard and fast for the other woman in an attempt to take her to the floor, her own ire growing with the display offered by Taija. A hand lifts, meaning to take the woman hard by the throat, lift her right off the table as her other hand moves to her shoulder. There is a growl from the woman and a grunt as she then speaks to the other. "You think for a minute I want sympathy or a pity party from you?" She seethes, "NO!" She barks into the woman's face. "ANd I mean every one of those lines..come hell or high water there is nothing that will FRELLING leave my lips that will harm any of those I am loyal to. If you are the worst to come through that door, I will be blessed, but I suspect not. I suspect much worse." She releases, the coat parted with her movements as she breathes heavily. Surely someone will pass by and see the Group Commander down and being beaten. "And I will give you no sympathy either…you chose your role, you chose this place and no matter what you have planned…no matter what daring deed that will be done by your and yours…it will not matter. Keep your anger to yourself…for we all suffer in our own ways. Yours is self inflicted." She breathes. "So if you have come to involve, know this. Unless you plan to free me, I will have to take whatever you say with me as well. I see either interment in the mines of Kessel.." She smirks brilliantly, defiance in her eyes if but weary still. "Or death. So either speak your mind, or just shut your hole. And speaking your mind means not coating me with your venom that you have built up over the years in service. Welcome to the lines." She says and rises if she is allowed.

Taija's attention is on the door. There's a twitch response to the other woman attacking her. A simple movement to block but nothing serious. Likely just a learned maneuver she fails to complete. Taija goes down hard. She breathes hard but her eyes stay on the door for the first few lines - despite her listening. The Group Captain wants to make sure this is undisturbed. Thus far it seems to be. Those hard eyes look back up to Ona. She let's the woman rise up off her with a slowly turning snarl. Taija barely lifts herself from the floor and onto her elbows. "Good to see that you all don't lack for balls in person that you all saunter into combat with." Taj holds that gaze for just a second too long before rising. "You've got a lot worse coming to you. Eat your cookies while you've got time. Keep your blood sugar up. That juice is full of electrolytes. You'll need them." She takes a moment to catch up to her breathing, eyes still on the Rebel. Still, though, nobody charges through the door. "Just don't ever lecture me about lines. I know who I fight for as well as you do. Keep your luxuries, Commander. There's a sweet few million of us who don't have it." She gives a hard tug at her uniform to straighten it before sitting back on the table. Those eyes, dark and full of fire, are the same sort Ona might know from the mirror during times of strife and determined aggression. The eyes of a warrior who knows their time of perilous battle is near - but not quite yet. "Commander," she begins steadily. "The crew of this ship as well as many others are on the cusp of a massive defection away from the Empire. Not necessarily to the new Rebellion, but against the Empire as a whole. You can deny my words til I'm blue in the face but if you grant one second's pause to what I'm telling you, I want you to think on the implications and realize that I am asking absolutely nothing of you in return."

Letting her own anger and frustration, mostly at her situation bleed out, Ona pushes the coat closed again. At it seems that no further scuffle will continue, she eases back and rounds the table once more to put some distance between them. Perhaps for her own sake she does so. The Republic OFficer turns her head, casting a glance at the food, she refuses for the moment as if in defiance to the other womans direct suggestion. Taija is still on the scrutible list.

But it is then all starts to be revealed and her eyes narrow, arms folding before her. "You tell me this then why? I am in a containment celland probably about to see hours worth of torture soon and you TELL me this?" She seems surprised and then laughs, short and sweet. "Nothing in return." She just turns about, pacing a moment as her face shows surprise. "Why the FREL would share you this with me?" She states rather sharply. "Hope…is that it. Build me up before you break me down." But the near human calms, watching Taija's face against before she draws a breath and rubs her face. "Your leading officer of this mutiny should be shot for even thinking of doing this. YOu endanger everything you doing by saying this to me." She breathes outwardly and shakes her head, running her hand up through her dark hair. Pacing a moment again, Ona has become an officer speaking to an officer - not an enemy. Her gaze lifts and settles back on the pilot, lingering and studying. "But I said I would take everything with me. So be it. Just another secret they will have to look long and hard for."

Taija's gaze narrows further. "You're goddamned right I'm telling you this." Her words are cold and pointed. "You've barely given them anything. I've protected you as best I can. And so has a higher party." She rises off the table. "Fine don't eat. I can't make you nor am I going to force you to. If you're too damned stubborn to take what's offered as an olive branch, then don't. I'll eat the damned things if it makes you feel better and then I'll go fly a CAP." As if to prove a point she takes one of the cookies in a swipe from the table and chews it before tossing the remainder into the group. "I am coming to you with this because I may not have another chance. On my own. If they discover me, that's on your head. You claim you've got the gumption, then I'm trusting you. You ask about some form of cooperation between the Empire and the Rebels, hon, then you best stare this shit down in the eye and look at it for what it is. I'm coming to you right now because I need to know that when this happens if we can count on the support of the Rebels." Taija's stature is tall and confident. "It will happen. When it does, if we can get you out, we need to know if you'll bring your arsenals to bear. We have our people. All I need from you is the possibility of some cooperation."

"Food or otherwise, I am shocked." Ona states evenly, her voice becoming cold and crisp. She growls faintly and the Commander squares her shoulders, almost holding back another bark of laughter. "I will take it to the grave…which is where I am sure I will see you again." She intones with certainty. "As for will not be Rebels aiding the Empire, it will be the Republic aiding Imperial traitors. Keep that in mind, hon." The endearment comes off with some spike to it and the woman tilts her head, eyeing the food before she moves for it again. She takes it up, beginning to munch on it. "If you can get me out is the key word there. IF. I have a feeling the reason you are so paranoid right now, is that this little bit of our plan is all hinging on the fact that someone doesn't begin to question your orders and arrangement for a 'dark' meeting with the prisoner. ANd for all you know….someone could be right outside that glass that is showing our two smiling faces." Ona begins to take the coat off, sliding it free and pushing the food back at the moment. SHe tosses the coat at her. "Consider this motion of mine, acceptance to your proposal. Just get the frel out of here before you are spotted. Then I suspect my visit will be made longer so that I can rat out anyone you planning with. Because they will suppose I might know more. OH and if I do eat anymore, I suspect they wull know as there are not..refreshers here for my use." She motions about. "Get going..get going and let us both just hope that we might see eye to eye and shoot at the same enemy one day."

"I've got news for you, Commander." Taija keeps her eyes on Ona. "You know what a Rebel is? An Imperial Traitor. The only difference between you and I is that I learned my lessons too late and I'm stuck in this goddamn uniform for now. Careful how you throw invectives around like that lest you start insulting yourself." The Group Captain's words hold the same bite. "Nobody comes in here without my permission and the ISB children are off debating. We're safe. But if you don't want the strength?" Taija gives a cold shrug. She takes up everything left and stuffs it back into the satchel. Including the coat. She probably wasn't planning to leave it anyway. "We'll do our best to free you if we can. I'll try and get my trusted guards to slip you what we can, too. But you remember this face, Commander. I'll be frakked if you get left to die here. We will rise. We will fight to the death. We will try to take down this feckless group of shits that exploits sentients like so much chaff. I pray one day you and I will meet again under better cirsumstance. Until then?" Taija takes the satchel in her left hand. She straightens to attention and whips up a staunch salute. "Best to you, sir. Remember that even if you don't make it, we will carry on the fight from the inside." Of any words she's spoken, these are the most determined. The hardest. Its the confidence that only a seasoned and experience warrior takes into battle. "For justice, Commander."

A slow smile spreads further, "The Imperials were the rebels first dear, lest you forget." Ona states openly. "The Republic was proud and stood first." She draws a breath though, still her words as she watches the woman closely. Whatever bad taste is between them, there is some common ground and then the Commander shakes her head, "No strength, strength allows me to hang on longer - which means…I get to enjoy more." SHe supplies when appropriate. Now scantly clad once more, her arms fold on instinct to present herself more modestly. Though as the salute is offered, the Republic female draws her heels together and lifts a crisp on, her emerald eyes focusing. "For justice and freedom, from all oppressions, Commander. Even the one you silently suffer." Her hand lowers and she nods to the woman. Though they may have tested each others mettle, there is respect there as the officer shines through in the woman now awaiting what might be the most painful memories of her existence.

The salute drops crisply after Ona drops it. Its a deferrence, despite their equal ranks. Its a massive show of respect. A female Imperial Starfighter officer doesn't toss around this kind of respect unless its warranted. Especially to a Rebel. "We will not be silent much longer. The Empire will feel our wrath and anger, as they feel yours, soon enough. I fight for the billions who cannot. For them, Commander. For those who are not allowed to speak or lead themselves. I will not be controlled. None of us will." There's a different kind of anger there. "May we meet again, Commander. Show those sons of bitches the same shaken ass and middle finger they are used to seeing from you all. We're cheering you on. All of us." Taija gives the woman a stern nod before holding her gaze once more. She's remembering that face. Its one thing to see it one camera. Its another to capture the depth of the eyes. Its a long few seconds before she steps back and heads for the door.

"You can count on that…and I await that day. Even if I am not alive to see it…I will know of it. May the Force be with you." It is something known, something uttered in familiarity. She is not a drone, but it carries some meaning to the woman - even if she wasn't Jedi. She watches Taija go with a measure of understanding and wariness. Death awaited treason and if they were found it, it would follow like dominoes to all were swept clean. The ISB were direct in that measure. Brutal. Very brutal. There is a regret for not having eaten more, but she would be thankful later when she passed out sooner. It made them stop rather than the screaming, that she knew. Unconscious prisoners breed no information. Unfortunately, Ona had yet to meet Korynn Fleming - but she was about to.