Renbe F. Marhun
Colonel Renbe F. Marhun
Marcus Schenkenberg/Barry White(voice)
Marcus Schenkenberg/Barry White(voice) as Renbe F. Marhun
Name: Renbe F. Marhun
Alias: TK-1002
Species: Hapan(Near Human)
Planet: Relephon Moons, Hapes Cluster
Age: 28 (Born 4-19-5BBY)
Features: Hapan-perfect looks, tall, memorable voice, various disguises and costumes
Rank: Colonel
Faction: Empire
Position: Stormtrooper


Colonel Renbe Marhun is the commanding officer of the Stormtrooper complement stationed aboard Taskforce Tormentor. He is known for his flawless record, his good station among his family of the 501st, his manners and for his dodging of promotions. Whenever the Stormtroopers of the Imperial flagship are called in to fight, it is the tall figure of Colonel Marhun that is the calm, uncompromising heart of the battle. He commands his men, clones, women and aliens with a powerful voice that carries across the battlefield, his work a constant example to his peers. Likewise, he is one of the last to leave when an operation comes to an end.

IC Quotes
"Battlesiblings, this is TK-1002 speaking…"
"For the Empire!"

Recent Events

He was the commanding battle officer of the 501st and their assistant units during the invasion of Chandrila, with most of the generals giving advice from space.
He took a brief trip to Corellia shortly after the battle of Chandrila was over.

Service Record & Medals

Battles & Campaigns:
Nak Shimor

Commanding battle officer of the 501st's Veteran Cohort.
Served as commissionary Legion General of the 501st in three battles.
Imperial Service Medal for sacrificing every rookie to save the vast majority of the companies under his command during the final stage of Nak Shimor.
Golden vigilance ribbon for the coordination of the Toprawa Massacre.
Several Purple Heart equivalents.
Several excellence awards ranging across the spectrum, full enemy casualties chord, four of five knots on the intelligence chord.

This character, with his anagram name, preposterously perfect looks and the nod to Vader - a tall white man voiced by a black artist, was mostly a twodimensional bloke intended as an alternate character to bring to battles to entertain the good guys on the game and give back for what my main was likely to take at the time I made him in the grand total of a few minutes. This changed, however, and Renbe grew into an actual, playable character.
Please note that I did not choose the picture above. Ona did. ;P

Battle music: Audiomachine, Hell's Battalion & Army of Kings - Two Steps from Hell, Clash of Empires
Other: The Police, Shape of my heart - Simply Red, Your Eyes

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