Second Battle Of Kessel

The Second Battle of Kessel was an enagement between Imperial and New Republic forces on the prison world of Kessel in 6 ABY.

In the wake of the fragmentation of the Empire, Kessel became isolated and cut off from the rest of the Interim Ruling Council's territory, but the defense fleet around the prison world remained loyal to the Empire.

It did become hard for the Imperials to reach Kessel, as it was on the other side of the galaxy from Dreven, the Empire's current capital, and many Warlords attempted to steal away the planet for its massive resources of spice, and its potentially valuable New Republic prisoners.

Nevertheless, the Imperial defense fleet remained strong and beat back all attempts to capture the planet led by the various warlords. Eventually, however, the New Republic, with its successes at Coruscant and on many other fronts, prepared to capture Kessel and liberate all of its prisoners under Imperial oppression.

The New Republic strike force, led by the NRSC Deliverance, attacked and battled against the Imperial fleet while New Republic Marines attempted to break through the fleet and enter the prison.
The attack failed, however, and the New Republic Marines were all either captured or killed in their assault. The Republic fleet pulled off the attack and retreated, and the Empire dispatched reinforcements to continue to hold their presence in the region.