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Summary: Log Summary
Date: 10/April/2011
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Nabima, Lelath
Bridge — Truth and Reconciliation

Several stations are situated in various parts of the bridge. On the starboard side reside the gunnery officers stations. Several monitor screens depicting the view from the gunnery wells as well as the status of the gunnery batteries are easily recognized. Several consoles showing the target status and position of the gun batteries can also be seen. Towards the port side, the communications station - with its myriad of consoles, terminals, and screens - monitors several incoming transmission at various frequencies, signal strengths as well scanning the area around and aboard the ship for any and all types of communications. Towards the fore of the bridge reside the navigational and helmsman stations. All around these posts are numerous consoles, filled with all sorts of equipment, indicators, and monitors. Prominently displayed at these stations is the current system with all known planets and spatial bodies; the ships current vector, locations, and speed; and the results of both a near and far range scan, illustrating the positions of vessels or celestial entities picked up by the scans.
At the center of the bridge, slightly elevated from the rest of the stations, is the Commanding Officers station. All about this station are monitors displaying the current status of all the major systems on the ship. Towards the aft section of the bridge, the engineering station can be seen. There, several monitors show the energy and power status of the engines and of various aspects of the ship.

2 Days after the naval Assault of Chandrila

<SPACE CS-3588> The attack in space has been done for quite some time. A day or two with the fleet patrolling the orbitals and clashing with Republic forces now and then as they make dashes in to evacuate their personnel. In all of that, two Super Star Destroyers, Imperial Star Destroyers, it's difficult to notice ships like the Truth and Reconciliation. It's just a 180 meter Marauder that decelerates from hyperspace.
On the bridge, Lt.Cmdr Nabima Hestril stands with her hands clasped behind her back. "Comms." she remarks in a soft voice that carries. "See if you can raise any of the Reckless team. Helm, set a course in system. Sensors… see if you can locate any debris or beacons from the Defiler or any of its pods."
The sensor operator looks up and opens his mouth, when the tactical officer on duty looks over and gives her head a quick shake as if to advise the man about to speak that speaking would be most unwise right now. That done, McNeill on sensors just goes to his task, shaking his head at the impossibility of it as the Comms section transmits a message to the Corellian Banshee. "Team Reckless, this is the IMC Truth and Reconciliation. My commanding officer has informed me that she wishes a word with your commander." is the transmitted message.

<SPACE CS-10974> "Hmm.." Lelath slowly awakes from the voice as the dark lit room provides for a good place to take a nap. He had kept comms open in case the Empire needed to warn them of danger or if they had another job lined up for them. For now, pushing the comm button and responding was good enough for the pilot for now…"This is Captain Williams, I am acting commander while our head honcho is getting his beauty sleep else where, what can I do fer ya?" He releases the button and groans as he stretches out waiting for their response.

<SPACE CS-3588>
The comms officer cringes in his seat and Nabima raises one brow. She turns and heads to the comms station as she asks, "PRoblem Lieutenant?" And Lt Trannar just responds, "No ma'am. They're just a bit.. casual is all." And the middle aged woman in command just nods, "That is to be expected. After all, they are mercenaries and not disciplined imperial soldiers as we could hope they might be." She bends over the station and listens the the playback of the reply before smirking a bit.
"Ask this Captain Williams if he might join us for a moment." she offers. And the comms officer says, "This is Lieutenant Trannar, Commander Heltris's compliments, and would you be so kind as you join her in her office aboard the Truth and Reconciliation at your earliest convenience? We are pulling alongside your vessel momentarily."
That sent, Nabima says to her helmsman, "you heard the man. Let's make that happen shall we?" and indeed, the Marauder Corvette changes course to do just as stated.

<SPACE CS-10974> Lelath yawns and then keys in to speak, "Alright, give me a moment to get a ship ready and I'll be down there to dock." Lelath jumps out of his seat and runs out of the control room….

<SPACE CS-3588>
"Understood." is the simple reply as the Lt.Cmdr heads to her office where she issues the order. "See to it that this Captain Williams is escorted to my office with all courtesy and honors." before she sits down to wait. While there, she activates a holo on her desk of her son's graduation image… waiting patiently.


When you board, you are met by an Ensign who is so green he practically squeaks. The landing bay is sparse, a dozen TIE's in their racks up above, the airlock portal open and a green line on the deck just inside of it.

As Lelath boards, he allows the Ensign to lead him to her office while he checks out the scene around him. It was quite a marvel to see all these ties in one place, it reminded him of a bat cave. On the way to the office, there was much more to be seen, but Lelath focuses on waking up more than anything else, which by the time they reach her door, he is refreshed and ready to go..

A salute, and formal courtesies are in place. Almost ritualistic.. the Captain must run a tight ship. You're escorted almost to the bridge and then the trooper outside the office door glances over. "Captain Williams to see Commander Heltris." announces your Ensign escort. The trooper nods and presses the stud on the intercom in the wall and says, "Commander, Captain Williams to see you." all overly formal and such but hey.. that's how it's done here.
"Send him in please." comes a voice after a bit of hesitation. Maybe the crew knows that it's best to give her a moment to put away her memories and get back into Commander mode after all. But after all that, the door is opened by the trooper and a gesture sends you inside where you're greeted by Nabima who is on her feet, gloves on her hands, but her peaked cap is resting precisely on the corner of her neat and tidy desk. "Please, come in." she offers as she gives a nod of welcome, her formerly dark hair streaked with silver.

Lelath slowly approaches inside as he is greeted by the commander. A simple nod is given to the woman as stops a few feet from her desk, "Commander Heltris." He was still pondering what business she had with his organization, but now wasn't the time to wonder but to listen and find answers. "I hear the invasion on Chandrila was a success." He stands relaxed as he examines her office periodically returning his focus back to her for a moment. This is the part where she asks for more support, at least this is what he thought. "What can I do you commander?" His voice is crisp and to the point.

"A success… I suppose you could say that. A lot of Imperial servicemen and women gave their lives for that success. But they are honored to give their lives for the Empire, are they not?" she asks. She gestures to a seat before her desk and then sits down herself. "I had hoped to find your commander, the infamous Major Corbet. Admiral Delamont has ordered me to track him down and offer payment for services rednered. So, if he is sleeping, I would not wish him disturbed, as I can wait in system for him to become available. Somehow, I do not think he would wish to depart without the credits on the secured credstick in my ship's vault." she offers with just the hint of a smile.

Lelath nods and takes a seat before commenting, "I like your romantic way of thinking, I think I could do anything with a mind like yours." Lelath smiles as he looks over the desk at the commander. "By the way, I like the operation you run here, very smooth.." As the matter of credits comes up, the pilot smiles as he leans back casually in his chair, "I hope it coves my wrecked X-Wing, I need my baby flying in at least about two weeks.."

"It covers the pay that was promised. I was given the sum of sixty thousand credits. What you do with it is up to you. A mercenary group is expected to maintain and repair their equipment or they become less… desirable as mercensaries, yes?" Nabima gives a nod though, at the compliment about the way she runs her ship. "My people are of the Navy, and they are proud of that fact… and as their Commander, -I- am proud of them." But she leans back herself and asks, "If there is further negotiations to be done, or future business to be arranged, I am sure that we can come to some arrangement, yes?" she asks, black gloved fingers steepling before her face.

Lelath nods at the sum, it was alot but it wasn't for him to keep, at most he would see 2 percent of that for his role. "If my equipment goes back, then it's off doing magic shows for children until I can get my ship off the ground." Lelath chuckles as the conversation then transitions to her comment on future negociations, "Well, that is for Lance to decide, but from my personal view, I do not see anything in the way of future dealings.."

"Excellent. Then please extend my courtesies to the Major. I would very much like to see him at his earliest convenience." offers Nabima. Her face is a mask of serenity. There's more to her than that, but she keeps that mask in place whenever she's on duty and in the public eye. After all, if the commander of a ship isn't showing calm… then her men might feel that things aren't under control… right? Anyhow, she smiles just a little bit and adds, "That is a Sabaoth destroyer, is it not? I had heard that every one of those was custom built for the Sabaoth mercenaries… I would love to hear the tale of how one came to be in the possession of team Reckless."

"We have a very talented and diverse group of people, if anything we all pitch in to get things done, and we expect no less than for people to be able to work above their station if it is ever required." Lelath nods about the destroyer, "Yes, Lance will be the one to tell you that story, he somehow got it and invited me on it with a job proposition. That was a few years ago actually…" A chirping sound from his comm goes off as he frowns at the transmission coming in from his earpiece. "Apparantly not every member can operate above their station. I am sorry but I must cut this short commander."
-LOL- Lelath Needs to sleep!!!

"Absolutely Captain." offers Nabima as she stands up and extends her hand your way, "We will be on station until such time as Major Corbet comes to collect his pay. If there is any other way the Imperial Navy can be of help… by all means let me know. If you would follow the Ensign, he will escort you back to your ship. Please do not worry if you see us accelerating towards the outer system. My crew is scheduled for a series of drills."

Lelath nods to the woman, "Thank you for your understanding, and I will notify Corbet that you have his payment, and perhaps I'll ask him to give you a history lesson on how he got that ship.." With a wink Lelath turns as he follows the ensign outside of the commander's office.