Spectre Air Group

All information assumes a finished and assembled team with full allotments of aircraft.
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"Liberty or Death"
-Motto of the Spectre Air Group

Comprised of about 150 pilots (according to best estimates), the Spectre Air Group is probably a low strength Imperial Starfighter Corps Wing in terms of size, general make-up of former Imperial TIE Interceptor pilots, and military structure. In every other way it is likely to be very different. The current make-up of the Air Group and its size dictates that it operate functionally as a Wing with its own distinct squadrons, of which there are most likely five. Each squadron is a shade overstrength with a total of fifteen fighters or bombers per and brings the total number of aircraft to around seventy-five at any given moment.

Very little is known for pure fact about these sentients. The identities of these officers and enlisted are generally unknown though it is suspected that they come from a group of defectors that violently mutinied against the Empire three years ago. If this is true, they all carry treason charges on them. Considering their scope of operations, they are not particularly friendly to very many in the Empire so charges like those probably do not frighten them.

Fighter doctrine of the Imperial Starfighter Corps calls for the TIE frames to be used for harassment of enemy ships and to combat any other smaller, lighter frames like themselves. This group appears to have abandoned all strict adherence to this policy. Using guerrilla tactics, the Spectre Air Group picks their battles carefully and nearly always prevails where they stand. They are ruthless, uncompromising, and willing to do whatever it takes. However survivors of their strikes have given scattered and often quieted reports of their unequaled compassion to non-combatants.