Talisa "Drone" Duval
Commander Talisa Duval
Kelly Hu
Kelly Hu as Talisa Duval
Name: Talisa Duval
Alias: Drone
Species: Human
Planet: Corellia
Age: 36
Features: Black hair, almond eyes, exotic.
Rank: Commander
Faction: Iron Aegis / Spectres
Position: Squadron Leader


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Squadron Leader is a military rank usually given charge of a squadron. It is almost always associated with members of a starfighter corps, most notibly the Imperial Starfighter Corps. These are often seasoned officers with moderate resposibility.

In the Imperial Starfighter Corps, a Squadron Leader generally commanded a squadron. A typical squadron would consist of 12-24 ships, 20-50 officers, and 30-90 enlisted. They were addressed as commander.

Chatterbox's Squadron Leader and CO to his XO.

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