Third Battle Of Sullust

The Third Battle of Sullust was fought shortly after the Battle of Etti IV, and would last for several months.

The Interim Ruling Council, now under the command of Bacharan Valak, ordered the invasion of Sullust and initiated a blockade of the planet. The locals were imprisoned and put to intense work in slave camps, and treated very harshly.

On the planet at the time of the invasion was New Republic Senator Borsk Fey'lya, a prominent Bothan politician. Senator Fey'lya was trapped and forced to endure Imperial imprisonment. When word reached Republic Command of Fey'lya's situation, General Calhoun was tasked with seeing to the rescue of Fey'lya and the liberation of Sullust.
After several months of occupation, the planet was eventually liberated by a Republic counter-attack. Fey'lya was rescued and returned alive to the Republic, but the Republic discovered a ghastly sight: millions of Sullustans had been systematically murdered when the Empire realized they could not hold to the world, one of the worst incidents of genocide after the destruction of Alderaan and before the emergence of the third Death Star.