Dr. Sholian Toal
Doctor Sholian Toal
Oded Fehr
Oded Fehr as Sholian Toal
Name: Sholian Toal
Alias: n/a
Species: Mirialan
Planet: Miral
Age: 36
Features: olive-yellow skin, blue markings on face and hands
Rank: Doctor
Faction: Independent
Position: none


Sholian Toal, aka Dr. Sholian Toal, is a freelance medical doctor and research scientist. For approximately the last decade, he has operated for the highest bidder, participating in or overseeing independent research projects, or acting in the capacity as a physician. His medical techniques have received some criticism, mixing traditional Mirialan holistic therapies with modern techniques, and eschewing a dependence on medical droids and bacta. This, combined with a willingness to perform medicine and bio-research in interstellar space beyond core world jurisdiction, has resulted in his Galactic medical license being revoked in ABY 13.

Toal is a skilled Mirialan harpist, an instrument native to his home world, and has some limited acclaim as a classical performer. He is also a recognized playboy in some cosmopolitan circles, tossing around large handfuls of credits when he is not on contract.

Two years ago, he has been under permanent retainer by Zhao Systems. After a falling-out with the Twi'lek Dark Jedi known as Erah'lien, Sholian canceled his contract with Zhao and returned to Mirial. His current whereabouts are suspected to be Byss.

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