The Vermilion Claw
The Vermilion Claw
The Vermilion Claw
Name: The Vermilion Claw
Type: Criminal
Parent Org: Unknown
Leader: Boss Rakan
Size: Approx. 500 active
Objectives: More money, more problems.
Active Areas: Coronet City, Corellia
Allies: Unknown


This faction is involved with the ongoing Corellia TP. Please contact Meridian or Rayya if you would like to get involved.

The Vermilion Claw is a small-time criminal syndicate based in Coronet City, Corellia. Twenty months ago, it won a bloody turf war that led to the demise or marginalization of its rival gangs. Since then, under the continued leadership of Boss Rakan, the Claw has expanded its repertoire from run-of-the-mill extortion and protection rackets to vote buying, bid rigging, loan sharking, and the occasional murder for hire. Most businesses in the slums "gift" the Claw a "friendship fee" to keep its thugs off their backs, and those that refuse often find themselves suffering from a sudden and pronounced run of "bad luck," "workplace incidents," and "unlucky accidents" until their owners bite the bullet and pay up.

However powerful the Claw may be in Corellia's sprawling slums, it remains a small fish in a very large pond. To date, CorSec has generally ignored its activities as long as it makes sure to keep the unpleasantness out of the public eye, and with relatively few exceptions the Claw has held up its end of the bargain. But if the whispers are true, Boss Rakan is merely biding her time until she can afford to buy shares in one of the large smuggler cartels: shares that would guarantee her access to the intergalactic market and make her pet fish a whole frell of a lot bigger.

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