Sergeant Vorshix
Unknown as Vorshix
Name: Vorshix
Alias: Vor
Species: Yrak Pootzck Ubese
Planet: Homeworld: Ubertica
Age: 20
Features: The figure is always dressed head to toe in armor. What can been judged is the slighter frame under it all and a body built for dexterity instead of raw strength.
Rank: Sergeant
Faction: CSA
Position: ESPO


Recent Events

First assigned to the Direx Vaticus as body guard

Reassigned to the Lady Katon as body guard

Service Record & Medals

Graduated from the ESPO Academy
Promoted to Corporal for duties performed while on assignment from Direx Tahn
Promoted to Sergeant for duties performed while on and off assignment for Prex Lazure

Recent Logs