Pieter Zann
Lt. Commander (ret.) Pieter Zann
Corbin Bernsen
Corbin Bernsen as Pieter Zann
Name: Pieter Zann
Alias: Dart
Species: Human
Planet: Corellia
Age: 51
Features: Old.
Rank: Lt. Commander (ret.)
Faction: Civilian
Position: Leader of Corellia FIRST!


This character is an NPC created as part of the ongoing Corellia TP. Please contact Meridian or Rayya if you would like to get involved.

Pieter Zann is a decorated veteran of the Galactic Civil War who served the Rebel Alliance with distinction. He joined up a few weeks before the Battle of Yavin and witnessed the destruction of the Death Star first-hand, and was one of the fortunate X-wing pilots to escape Hoth after the Empire laid siege to the planet. Shot down during the Battle of Endor, he sustained severe injuries to his legs, injuries that have confined him to a wheelchair ever since.

After the fall of the Empire, he and his fellow veterans were given a ticker-tape parade on his native Corellia. But after a few heady months of the war hero treatment, the planet moved on to deal with the grim business of reconstruction. Zann was one of the many veterans who fell through the cracks. Shuffling from job to job because of his disability and unable to shell out for a set of expensive prosthetics, the disabled starfighter pilot found himself forced from his home and into the slums of Coronet City. Since then, he's become something of an institution in the city's seedier dives, living off charity and what few credits he can make as one of the worst barbers in town.

Always opinionated, Pieter has done his level best to stand apart from the hurly-burly of Corellian politics. But increasingly frustrated by the government's insensitivity to his circumstances and encouraged by his friends and supporters in the slums, he started to see its value. A year ago, he initiated a futile letter-writing campaign requesting better benefits for unemployed veterans, and six months ago, tried unsuccessfully to run for municipal office as a write-in candidate. The recent perceived "privileging" of alien refugees over Corellia's own people he saw as the last straw. He eagerly accepted an invitation to serve as the public face of Corellia FIRST!, an emergent resistance movement whose populist (and some would say xenophobic) agenda is quickly making it the most visible opponent of the government's policies.

Recent Events

Service Record & Medals

  • Alvace Star
  • Shield of Yavin
  • Talons of Hoth
  • Battle of Endor Hero's Medal
  • Corellian Cross (Bronze Cluster)

Recent Logs


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